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23 May 2017 @ 10:11 pm
My 'Ryan Raises His Little Brother' story is actually kinda coming along... sort of... the first bit of it is basically little snapshots of life after Jake being hospitalized thanks to Frank's abuse when Jake is 4 years old. There will be random bits and pieces of them ove the years until Jake is fourteen or so, when a longer story will pick up. And at the moment I'm leaning towards Ryan/Summer as the pairing because... yeah... my love for them is forever... lol...

And also because I recently found several fairly new (like within the last year) Ryan/Summer fanvids that were put up on Youtube! I hadn't searched in a while because it was frustrating to never see anything new... but I've found three 'new' ones so far, so... yay! lol

I also may write some other new Ryan/Summer... or do some art... or a fanmix... because I love them so much... lol... maybe I'll even try my hand at a R/S fanvid of my own? I do have some clips on my computer... actually I have ALL of The OC (years ago, before I bought the whole series on DVD, a friend of mine recorded the episodes and put them on disc for me... and I recently found those discs!) on disc, and I have some random eps of Southland, Gotham, and Hart of Dixie on my
computer, so I could make a vid with them as adults too... lol...

Song suggestions? Sentence Prompts? Random pic you think I should use as Ryan/Summer inspiration? Keep in mind I always love Ryan/Summer kid fic because omfg they would make some gorgeous kids... lol...
12 April 2017 @ 06:41 pm
Before I get into it: I'm fine. My mom's fine. A little extra achy because of tensing, but we're okay.

We were in a car accident.

We were driving along the highway in the city about an hour from us (Nearest place to do big shopping trips, plus mom needed to get her new glasses from her eye doctor there), and as we approached a light it turned orange. We were back far enough we could stop before the intersection, so mom braked.

The car behind us did not.

We stopped just before the crosswalk. When my mom realized last second that the car behind us WASN'T stopping, she pressed down on the brake fully so we wouldn't fly straight into the street at a busy intersection. The car behind us hit us, and pushed us a good 3-5 feet forward, so we were past the crosswalk and slightly sticking out into the intersection.

Mom gets out, pissed and commenting "Some people stop for red light," angrily. The driver behind us had the nerve to say "I thought you were going to run it, everyone does." To which my mom replied "I'd love to see you use that excuse to the police."

The guy volunteered his insurance info, but didn't ask for hers and when she offered he didn't take it. Our car has some cosmetic damage to the bumber (slight scrape and a crack in the outer fiberglass), but is otherwise fine. The car that hit us got broken headlights, a crumpled hood and front end. We suspect he has a lot of tickets or something, because he seemed to want to avoid the cops being called.

Like I said, we have some aches and pains, but honestly that could just be normal stuff that seems worse because we're stressed and worried. My mom already has a Doctor's appointment tomorrow for something else, so if she's still sore she'll get checked out then. In the morning, if I'm not feeling better (my back, which hurts regularly due to a childhood injury, is aching pretty bad) , I may go get checked out, too.

It was scary as hell, first car accident I've ever been in... we went to get some lunch right after because we wanted to just sit down and calm down... we were both shaking slightly afterwards.
04 April 2017 @ 09:26 pm
So, the recent terms of service update for LJ has me thinking that it really is time to pretty much fully move over to Dreamwidth. I have an account there, I've already transferred all my previous LJ entries over to there so I won't lose anything.

Except possibly all of you. I hope those who like my fics (as sporadically as they are posted nowadays) will still occasionally peek in on my Dreamwidth to see if I've posted. And for the time being at least, when I post a story over there, I'll post a link to it here so everyone can find it.

My dreamwidth is missmara13, pretty easy to remember I'd think. As I said, all my posts were transferred, along with any comments on them up to the day I copied them over (I love that Dreamwidth has that option!).

I'm also going to see about posting some of my fics on AO3, since I do have an account on there (with one story so far, a Criminal Minds fic written for Apocalyptathon several years back, when they had all the stories posted there) I won't post everything, since some of it I don't like that much anymore. But the ones that got me started in knowing all you wonderful people (The Broken Quartet, Another Day, Heavily Broken, etc), and some of my newer ones, as well as some of my older fics in older fandoms (I have and old fic in the "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" fandom that I still love to this day...)...

The point is this journal will become mostly a notice board, I think. Fics will be posted elsewhere and people told about them here. But if you have a Dreamwidth, just follow me over there. If you don't, bookmark that journal if you want to make sure you don't lose it.

I'm not deleting anything from here, and if this journal ever disappears, know I didn't delete it. I'll always keep a MissMara identity somewhere with a link to how to find my fic, even if I'm using a different username by then.
Just a short little random bit of a random 'verse where Tony Stark and Pepper Potts somehow became Ryan's foster parents, and Ryan is a frickin' genuis so Tony is kinda loving being his dad... lol

O Christmas TreeCollapse )

Merry Christmas everyone! My mom and I had our Christmas Dinner a couple hours after I got off work today, so yummy, so tomorrow we can pretty much do nothing except open presents and watch movies! lol
Okay! Actually caught up!

Ryan Bullit!verse, takes place shortly after the car accident fom Day 19's gift (which is about 5 years before the gifts where Ryan is taking Brooke home to meet the Bullits, and around 10 months after the gifts about when Ryan first went to Texas) and focuses mostly on Ryan's relationships with The Bullit and with John Ross Ewing, his best friend.

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Some more of the Mercy!Verse expansion with Ryan in New Orleans on the NCIS team there. This one only features Ryan and Sonya Percy, but... it's one of those stories I considered writing with Ryan part of the CSI:NY team, only to discard because in some ways it was too close to things CSI:NY had done (Mac and the post secret girl, Danny and Shane Casey)... so I shelved it, but now... I can torment my poor troubled Ryan!

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Okay! Three gifts back to back tonight to make up for the last few days! lol So here's the first of those three...

This is back to the point in the Ryan Bullit!Verse where Ryan is taking Brooke to Texas for Christmas. Brooke meets the Bullits!

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23 December 2016 @ 08:08 pm
I posted two gifts yesterday. But I guess I posted them just as the site was having issues because when I went to double check that I am all caught up except for tonight's gift, I found they weren't there. Unfortunately, I did spellchecking and such when I went to post, so my saved copies have tons of errors. I'm going to re-edit and post those, then post tonight's gift ASAP... this year may have gone better than the last two, but still, it's like one thing after another... lol
This one is Robbie!Verse and takes place a couple weeks after Dawn showed up at Ryan and Robbie's house, declaring she was engaged to marry a minister.

I still owe one more gift tonight so I'm caught up... it should be up in a little bit.

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I'm a day behind as of now, sorry about that... we got a late start decorating for Christmas, so the tree didn't get finished until yesterday and then I closed at work, so... but I'm gonna try to get today gifts up before I go to work tonight (closing again)... if not then I promise, two gifts tomorrow...

Anyway, this is Ryan Bullit!Verse, but takes place a while after 'Beginnings' does. Ryan has been in Dallas for a bit less than a year, he is officially and legally a Bullit (since The Bullit did everything he could to speed up the process), and things are going great. So of course one thing after another goes wrong... lol

All Falls DownCollapse )
So, I've had this sitting on my hard drive since forever, and I sorta love it even though it's short. Michael and Ben from Queer As Folk are living in southern California and wind up becoming foster dads to Ryan. Enjoy!

Finding HomeCollapse )
Another edition of Beginnings (Ryan Bullit!Verse) This one introduces Katie, Hanoi's girlfriend who is his wife in stories taking place later in the timeline. I picture her as Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead), because she can play both classy and lady like, as well as down and dirty kick ass.

Beginnings 3Collapse )
Inside Out/Upside Down! Ryan/Jess! Oh how I love them... this is a MUCH happy one than the earlier gift this year... there's smiles and hugs and teasing and Jess' book is mentioned again... lol

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So... I mentioned this before. Mercy!Verse Ryan (that's the one where he ended up being adopted by John Cooper from Southland and grew up to be a cop/CSI) leaving the CSI New York team and ending up joining the NCIS: New Orleans team. This is one way it could happen. Starts somewhere in season 2 of NCIS:NO (Percy has joined the team and Brody is still on the team... though if not for the fact that I would need to rewrite quite a bit of it, I'd set it later so that Tammy Gregorio was on the team instead of Brody... because I have come to adore Gregorio... lol)

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16 December 2016 @ 04:18 pm
So... yesterday afternoon I subbed my toe. I know, that sounds like no big deal, but I was jogging across the room when it happened, and the skin actually split open and bled and it is pure agony (not bad enough to be broken, but still really painful). And because of that, I forgot to post yesterday's gift. And at this point I am so tired (9 hour day at work, got yelled at for stupid stuff, ugh), that the idea of trying to edit and post two gifts is just... ugh. SO. Instead, I will have THREE gifts posted for you guys tomorrow. I'm gonna finish them up tonight, then do the editing and spellchecking and stuff tomorrow and post.

Sorry guys. I will try not to let this happen again.
So, this continues the 'Beginnings' of the Ryan Bullit!Verse, how he came to be a full fledged Bullit. It introduces two of the Bullit Boys (Hanoi and Lubbock), who since we know nothing about them I got to invent their personalities! lol

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So... I mentioned this a long while back and I'm finally posting it as a gift! In my Good Enough!Verse (The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover), the Walkers and Ryan don't find out about each other until Ryan is nineteen. This is how it might have gone if they had found out at earlier points in Ryan's life... I may at some point have some random one shots set in any of these AUs of an AU... lol

Four Times The Walkers Found Out About RyanCollapse )
Originally, there was suppose to be another part of this one a day or two ago, but after the last part, someone asked about the Cohens reaction and I realized that I had kinda glossed over it, just mentioning vaguely what their reaction was. So, I rearranged the gifts so I could get this written.

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11 December 2016 @ 07:15 pm
So yeah, I am sort of in love with my new Apocafic universe (so far called 'undying') and this is art for it!

Undying ArtCollapse )
No real intro... just some lovely Ryan Atwood/Fiona Gallagher... and Ryan being a badass to help protect the Gallagher kids from their father.

Ex-con With A BatCollapse )
At one point I posted a little prologue to my Ryan Bullit!Verse, but some parts of it kinda niggled at me, so I decided to do a slight rewrite. It's mostly the same, and it all works out to the same result of Ryan going to Texas, but I think it flows better and has less plot holes. There's also more coming as a later gift that has Ryan interacting with the Bullit Boys.

BeginningsCollapse )
So... this one is vaguely inspired by a combination of the show Z-Nation (Ryan is 10K... lol) and the book World War Z (in a very generalized way... there's no interviews, but some details are drawn from it, such as 'african rabies' and the infected on planes from China). It's dark and dreary but has all my favorites in it... oh, but a warning: The Cohens are all dead... or undead as the case may be...

Title is meant as a play on words. The Zombies are the Undead, but also the survivors refuse to just give up and die. Even Ryan, who has literally lost everything, refuses to die, he fights with everything he has to live.

UndyingCollapse )
Robbie Verse! That's the one where Ryan has a gfoster/adoptive son, Robbie, who has a screwed zup violent mother, and Dawn turned up claiming to be a changed woman and engaged to a preacher... Unlike the other stories so far in this 'verse, this one is pretty light hearted, just Robbie and Sophie Rose being awesome best friends, teasing each other. Just to establish it: Robbie is about year older than Sophie Rose (he's almost sixteen, she just barely turned fifteen), but she's a year ahead in school because she's just that smart... and he's smart, too, but missed a lot of school thansk to his mother, so he's lucky to be in the correct grade for his age.

Adorably PreparedCollapse )
Another part of the story that follows how Ryan and Summer's friendship grows and changes post-series. Not Seth friendly.

Evolution 2Collapse )
This is the universe where a 12 year-old Ryan has leukemia and it's discovered that he is the biological son of Dr. Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy. This is specifically the story of how everyone finds out.

Found OutCollapse )