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22 July 2009 @ 06:33 pm
So, I'm watching Torchwood: Children Of Earth Day Two (Yes, I'm behind even for the BBC American airings... lol) and I got this urge to write a story set in the Eureka!Ryan universe taking place during Children of Earth...

I've read a detailed summary for COE, so I do know the big events coming in the next 3 days, so commenters don't need to worry about spoiling it for me... and that means I mention what's coming under the cut, so... if you don't know/don't wanna know, don't click... and the one specific thing I mention? Is a HUGE one... at leats as far as I'm concerned...

I also sort of got carried away and wrote out the whole entire first half of what the story would be while working it out, so... lol... be prepared for rambling...

My idea would go AU from partway through Day Two.

Jack's been captured and is regenerating. Gwen has been captured trying to save Jack and is scheduled for execution. Rhys managed to escape.

This is where things are when the IOA sends a group through the Stargate to Atlantis with simple orders: arrest Dr. Ryan Atwood and turn him over to the British government on charges of terrorism, which Torchwood is being accused of. Lorne, Sheppard, Weir, etc, are all in shock over the accusations, and refuse to believe it. While left alone in Weir's office with the men arresting him, Ryan is told that Jack is dead and about Gwen being captured and scheduled for execution.

Ryan lets himself get arrested and taken to the same facility as Jack and Gwen, playing the part of a scientist through and through, acting like he knows nothing about fighting. When he arrives, he acts, kicking some ass and managing to find Gwen, who he sets free. They set out to find Jack, and while gwen thinks she knows the way, using logic and reason about where they might put him, but Ryan trusts his instincts and goes the completely opposite direction. Gwen follows, thinking she's going to keep Ryan from getting hurt, but instead he manages to lead her right to Jack. And of course, despite being in the midst of a very dangerous situation, Ryan makes some sort of comment about how he really wishes he wouldn't have to see Jack naked anymore.

And that's when the fun begins. They get out of the facility, and they find were Rhys and Ianto are outside, trying to plot a rescue, and all 5 of them take off, trying to figure out a plan. Ryan tells them what he knows, about Torchwood being accused of terrorism, and that it's big enough that they got the IOA to go after Ryan in Atlantis. While Jack and Gwen go over what Gwen and Rhys had found out since the explosion at the Hub, Ianto fills Ryan in on what's been happening with the Children.

Gwen tells Jack about Ryan just knowing the way to find him (Jack) and Jack says that Ryan managed to find the way to him, to The Doctor, and to Rose several times during the couple of months the four of them were travelling the universe. none of them could ever figure out why, but Jack says that the Doctor had said Ryan was special, different, unique. but not in a 'he shouldn't exist' kinda way like Jack is. The Doctor said he thought Ryan needed to exist, he just didn't know why. Gwen wonders if that's why Ryan has an ego, and Jack takes offense on Ryan's behalf, insisting that Ryan doesn't have an ego, he's just not going to pretend he's not smart. Jack also tells her that Ryan doesn't know what The Doctor said, they had all agreed he couldn't handle the knowledge at the time, or possibly ever.

On the other side of the warehouse, Ryan is worrying about the kids in Eureka, and mentions McKay's niece offhand, then stops midsentence, thinking outloud that if they can get in touch with Jeannie Miller (McKay's sister), she might just be able to help...

And that's about as far as I've got.

The funny/sad/annoying thing? I don't know why Ryan is special or why he needs to exist... I ahve no idea... but it started with that one simple line in the ficlet where AR-5 ran into The Doctor and Rose, the line where The Doctor says something about the Tardis always running smoother when Ryan's on board, and how The Tardis and Alteran tech really like Ryan... and then there was the mention in the Companion!Ryan fanmix about Ryan feeling most at home on the Tardis, with Atlantis a close second... Ryan IS special in this universe, he's unique and neccesary, but it's all a big mystery, even to me... lol

Now, the biggest AU part, other than putting Ryan into it? No way in HELL am I gonna kill Ianto, which spoilers say is gonna happen... nuh-huh not gonna happen EVER. Ianto and Jack will live happily ever after and have lots of hot sex and they'll either figure out how to make Jack age and die or a way for Ianto to live forever and they'll be HAPPY damn it!
Kat: Torchwood Kiss IantoJackkatwoman76 on July 23rd, 2009 06:15 am (UTC)
I just wanted to add that request, when I read you last few sentences. Ianto needs to live, bonus-points, if they win this fight without sacrificing Stephen as well.
Hey, they have Ryan on their side now. He would find a way to send that signal without killing a kid while doing it.
Maramissmara on July 23rd, 2009 01:43 pm (UTC)
Yes. One million times yes. I know Jack has done some questionable things in the past, like the ep with the fairies that wanted to take the little girl and in the end he let them, but... at leats with the little girl she wasn't gonna DIE and she WANTED to go... I don't want Jack to kill his own grandson, no matter what the reason... I UNDERSTAND why he did it, nut... I don't like it at all...

And Ryan absolutely could/would/will find a different way...
Kat: Torchwood Kiss IantoJackkatwoman76 on July 23rd, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you - looks like TPTB of Torchwood are all Gwen fans. Or why would she be the only one to get the happily ever after with Rhys and a baby on the way while everyone is killed either literally or at least in spirits?
*glares at TPTB*
But hey, that's what fandom is for, right - to make it all better. :)