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12 August 2009 @ 06:46 pm
Learning is bad and should make you angry!  
I swear... i'm this close to telling my bosses "Either move me to a different story so I don't have to work with J, or I'll give my 2 week's notice immediately."

This same girl, and I say Girl because she's like 17 or 18, gonna be a high school senior, is constantly copping an attitude like I'm an idiot when either

A)I wasn't THERE when the instructions of something were CHANGED from what we were taught in training, so how the fuck am I suppose to know about the change?

B) J did something the wrong way and I tried to explain.

I wa son my lunch break, so I missed the first part of this. Coworker K was asked by the BOSS to help J with somethign J hadn't done before. K discovered J had done it wrong and told her. Amdittedly, K can be a bit... brusque (sp?) sometimes. Maybe she WAS bitchy about it, but the point is she was RIGHT and J was WRONG. As I was wlaking bakc to work after eating and checking my email, I passed K, who warned me that J was pissed off at her and apologized if it caused me problems. I go back, I don't say anything to J. UNTIl I am RIGHT there while J tells another coworker, A, about what happened.

Her first mistake? She called K psycho. Uh-huh, no, not allowed. I can call K psycho because we've worked together for over a year, I know her well and she has TOLD me I cna call her psycho. Little Miss Bitch can't.

Then she continues, and I learn the full story. When J finishes, I try to, calm and politely, explain that K told her she was wrong because we were TRAINED to do it the CORRECT way and J had done it WRONG. ANd what does J do? She lets out this like growl thing and makes a face like I'm cussing her out or something, then puts her hands over her ears like a five year-old. I basically walked away, calling voer my shoulder "We were TRAINED on how to do it, so we KNOW how to do it."

I then avoided her for the next 15 minutes or so before asking my boss if I could help in the dishroom, making a point to say "Because I don't want to work anywhere near J right now," and she let me.

But there's been other times J has given me attitude like I don't know what I'm doing, and she keeps switching positions when she bitches... one day she bitches because I'm putting the sides in the containers and passing them along to her, and she's falling behind so I 'need to' help her put the entrees in. The next day, I try to help by putting in entrees, and she bitches at me that she's 'got it!'.

I swear to god, if this bullshit keeps up? I'm telliong my bosses "Either you give me a promise to move me somewhere else as soon as possible, or I'm giving you my two weeks notice immediately." I have a feeling they'll either move me or move her, because my one boss, the one I told i didn't want to work near J, has made a point of mentioning to me how much she appreciates that I come in and get right to work and stay working the whole day. She doesn't ahve to fuss at me to stop talking and start working. I pause to gulp down some of my drink, or to run tot he bathroom, and that's it, the rest of the time I am working my ass off to find something to do.

But because of J's bitchiness today, I made sure I wrote a post-it note requesting September 10th and 11th off, since I don't wanna risk dealing with that shit on my Birthday (the 10th), and after this bullshit today, I want a god damn mental health day the day after my b-day...