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23 December 2016 @ 10:24 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Twenty Two - Every Breath (Mercy!Verse  
Some more of the Mercy!Verse expansion with Ryan in New Orleans on the NCIS team there. This one only features Ryan and Sonya Percy, but... it's one of those stories I considered writing with Ryan part of the CSI:NY team, only to discard because in some ways it was too close to things CSI:NY had done (Mac and the post secret girl, Danny and Shane Casey)... so I shelved it, but now... I can torment my poor troubled Ryan!

Every Breath

Ryan's phone rang again as he and Percy finished interviewing the neighbor of their victim, and he glanced at it, then rejected the call and shoved it in his pocket.

"Everything okay?" Percy asked, eyeing him. "Last time one of my coworkers had their phone blowing up like that, it was LaSalle's fake baby mama. You got something to tell us?"

Ryan rolled his eyes. "You're nosy, you know that?" he told her.

"Yup," Percy said with a grin before turning more serious. "Seriously. Everything okay?"

Ryan sighed. "It's a hook up," he said. "I... we messed around a couple times back in New York, before Sarah. She got clingy, and I ended it. Had to change my number because she was driving me crazy leaving voicemails about how much she loved me..."

"So you broke her heart than ghosted her?" Percy asked. "Sounds like you deserved the calls."

"Before Sarah, I hadn't had an actual relationship in almost a decade, since high school. I had decided relationships were for idiots because it always ends in pain. So, I just had... fun. Friends with benefits. And I was always up front with women. Angela was no exception. She knew exactly what getting involved with me meant. Sex, friendship, maybe going to a club or bar sometimes. Not romance, not a relationship. But in the voicemails... she kept talking like we were a couple. Not past tense, but present. She talked about what she was going to make us for dinner, and asked why I wasn't home yet, she'd been waiting outside for over an hour. This was weeks after I last saw her. I tried calling her back and telling her that we were over, I wasn't interested in a relationships, but... she kept calling. Honestly, when Sarah died... the Crime lab initially thought Angela might have done it. That's how crazy her voicemails were."

"And now she's got this number?" Percy asked, frowning. "That's kinda creepy. Who has this number?"

"You guys, friends from the crime lab, my dad and best friend Silver out in LA... Fornel, Abby... her and I's friend Penelope... that's it. My friends from the Crime Lab know about Angela, so they wouldn't give it to her. My dad is fiercely protective of my privacy, so's Silver, so they're out. I can't imagine how she'd manage to contact Fornel, or even know that he knew me, but I think he'd recognize the crazy. Abby wouldn't both out of respect for Sarah and because she knows I'm still grieving and wouldn't be interested..."

"What about this Penelope?"

"Technical analyst for the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit," Ryan said. "She knows crazy, she sees it everyday, and she does backgrounds checks on anyone her friends are dating, just to be safe. She wouldn't give my number to a random, and if she thought for a second that she might have slipped up somehow? She'd call me. She's seen the damage done by obsessed people, she wouldn't risk a friend."

Percy nodded. "Okay."

"And I doubt any of you guys are handing out my phone number," Ryan added for good measure. "So this..." he said, pulling his phone out as it rang once again, Angela's name appearing.

"Why is her number in your phone?" Percy asked.

"I imported the contacts from my old phone, so everything came along..."

"Why not block her?"

"And lose the evidence that she's harassing me?" Ryan said pointedly. "If anything happens, I want there to be proof that she was calling and I refused to pick up. I want those crazy voicemails saved so they're proof."

"You are way too rational sometimes," Percy said. "Do you listen to the voicemails she leaves now?"

Ryan shook his head. "A little too creeped out."

"Maybe you should, just to be safe. In case she knows where you are now, too."

Ryan shuddered at the thought. "Shit. I guess I should."

"I'll listen with you, give you some perspective?"

"Yeah, I'd appreciate that."

"But if it's too creepy, if it sounds like she followed you here? We're telling Pride."

"Deal," Ryan agreed.

The End

I just could not get the image of Percy calling Ryan out on how his 'friends with benefits' policy is kinda shady, but at the same time being protective when she finds out about the creepy ex-FWB calling him.

And yes, the Penelope mentioned is Garcia from Criminal Minds. I'm convinced Garcia and Abby are friends, and my head canon is that Ryan met both of them at the same computer forensics conference and the three of them wound up sitting in the back of the lecture hall talking shop after realizing there wasn't that much new information being shared in the lectures.

crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 24th, 2016 07:48 am (UTC)
I can really picture Percy listening to the voicemails with Ryan and maybe even saying something to his creepy stalker.

After mentioning Silver, I hope you do one where she visits Ryan in New Orleans.