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12 Gifts Of Ficmas will be back this year!

Originally, I was gonna try to go back to 24 Gifts for 2019, but I just... real life smacked me hard. In the last six months 2 of our pets have passed away (Elderly cat suffered a series of strokes that left her pretty much paralyzed and barely able to do lift her head, and our Pitbull had been sick off and on for over a year, lost a ton of weight and seemed to be bouncing back, but after getting bit by a snake over the summer, his health went rapidly down and he passed in his sleep a few weeks ago), and this along with Writer's Block so bad I didn't even attempt NaNoWriMo this year (first time in a decade I didn't participate... felt very strange not to, but I wasn't stressing so...)

Depression is a bitch, and it's kicking my ass but I am fighting back. I don't want anyone to think I'm a danger to myself, because I'm not. I could NEVER do that to my mom and brothers. I just sometimes don't want to get out of bed in the morning, but I make myself at least sit up and do something. I cuddle and play with our family's newest addition, a little mackerel tabby cat named Aldrin, who's about... 3 months old now, I think.

Anyway, so 24 Gifts just isn't happening, but I think I can manage 12. I have a few ficlets already written, and a few more in various stages of 'done'... so, new stuff from me soon.
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About 24 Gifts...

I don't have anything ready. The last month just went by so fast and I... I suck.

What I'm gonna shoot for instead, though, is basically a 12 Days Of Christmas thing, counting down from the with the first gift on the 13th and the last on the 24th. This gives me 12 days to get gifts ready. I can do that... lol...
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Still in a funk and feeling like I fail at life. I wrote 2500 words the first day of NaNo and nothing since... I just can't seem to focus on anything longer than a few pages. It's the viscous depression cycle:
I feel like I fail at life. Because of that, I have trouble writing. Because I have trouble writing, i feel even more like I fail, which makes it harder to focus and write, which makes me feel worse... bah

BUT! I'm trying to get through this by writing short stuff, like say... 24 Gifts of 2018? lol

I have several one shot ideas, and I'm thinking of doing a couple fanvids... new laptop came in so I'm slowly transferring over files, but I'm trying to keep things better organized this time... lol

So, any requests? For either fics or vids? I'm thinking I want to make a few vids that are basically tell stories, maybe something in Mercy!Verse (Ryan adopted by John Cooper, and eventually ends up working for NCIS in New Orleans), maybe something Ryan/Brooke and something Ryan/Summer... Maybe something with a whole bunch of seemingly random characters and by the end it's revealed how they all connect (like how the movie 'What's Cooking' did with the 4 families, or how the pilot episode of Modern Family didn't reveal until near the end that they were all one extended family)...

For vids, give me song suggestions (artist and title, please)! Or send me a link to a clip or two you want me to use! That last one I mentioned above, random characters being revealed to be connected? Send me an actor or actress (outside of The OC and One Tree Hill since of course ones from those would be included) and if I can find good clips that work with the rest, I will find a way to work it in... I kinda want to make a MASSIVE alternate universe crossover vid... lol

Depression is a bitch but I will fight back.
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Ugh... I've been in such a rut...

Haven't posted any fic since DECEMBER! I've written some (have a completely finished chapter of 'Never Again' to post but have been procrastinating... even though I love it and it FINALLY has Ryan proposing to Brooke...) but not much.

I'm in either a Ryan/Summer or Ryan/Brooke mood... something angsty because... yeah, that's what I write best... but with occasional light hearted moments...

I'm thinking of doing a Weekly Theme thing... Each week, there's a certain couple or otherwise story focus. For Example: Week 1 - Ryan/Brooke, Week 2 - Gen Cohens+1, Week 3 - Ryan and his siblings (Trey, Seth, Sophie Rose, Unnamed Frank/Julie son, AU siblings, etc), Week 4 - Ryan/Summer, Week 5 - Ryan Gets Emancipated, etc...

Each Monday I would make a 'Pick-A-Prompt' post, where I tell you how many prompts I have in that weeks inspiration folder, you pick a number in that range and I write something for it. Or if you want to write something for the Focus, tell me what and I will send you a link to your prompt. Then between then and the following Sunday, I write stuff for the prompts chosen for me, posting them by Sunday night at the latest.

I really like writing fics that are at least a little interact, at least in the initial conception, challenging myself to write whatever is picked... especially since everything in the folder would obviously inspire me anyway, it makes me HAVE to write one of the many ideas I have not just go "No, I can't." because I can tell myself people are expecting something.

Anyway, is there any interest? I don't know if anyone is even still reading The OC fics anymore, it seems like so much of the fandom has died... makes me sad...