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25 December 2008 @ 11:49 am
24 Gifts Of 2008 - Unlocked For All! - Merry Chrismukkah & Happy Holidays!  
It's Christmas Day, so the gifts for this year get unlocked! 24 gifts consisting of fics, art, and fanmixes, posted these past 24 days for my Friends List and now made public for everyone else! Enjoy, and comment, please!

All fics are The OC, but many are crossovers, so here's a list of abbreviations:
SPN - Supernatural
SCC - Termintor: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
BTVS - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
TW - Torchwood
DW - Doctor Who
SGA - Stargate: Atlantis

December 1st:
Meeting You - Ryan/Isabella, Berkeley!Verse

December 2nd:
I'm Still Here Banner - Paralyzed!Ryan Unvierse Banner

December 3rd:
Ouch- Ryan as Hailey's Son Universe

December 4th:
The Way It Goes - The OC/Gossip Girl, Ryan/Blair

December 5th:
Bubbly - Ryan/Summer Fluff

December 6th:
Proving A Point - The OC/SPN/BTVS/SCC, 'After The Fall' Universe

December 7th:
One Wild Night (Fic & Banner) - Ryan/Isabella, Berkeley!Verse

December 8th:
Punchline- Gilmore Girls/The OC, part of the Ryan/Jess Slash Universe

December 9th:
Deathlands Art - The OC/SPN/SCC, art of the story 'Deathlands'.

December 10th:
So Hard - Ryan/Isabella, StrokeVerse

December 11th:
The3 Little Winchesters - The OC/SPN, part of the RyanWinchester!Verse

December 12th:
The Flying Time Travelling Blue Police Box - The OC/SGA/DW, part of the whole Eureka!Ryan Universe.

December 13th:
Desperately Wanting - Ryan/Isabella, Berkeley!Verse

December 14th:
Call- The OC/OTH, Ryan/Brooke

December 15th:
A$$holeBanner - The OC/Gossip Girl, Ryan and Chuck Friendship

December 16th:
Admissions- The OC/OTH, Ryan/Brooke, NYU!Verse

December 17th:
The Universe At His Feet Fanmix - The OC/Eureka/TW/DW/SGA, Eureka!Ryan Universe

December 18th:
With You I Am Home Fic + Banner - Ryan/Isabella, Superstar!Verse

December 19th:
Collection - Paralyzed!Ryan Universe

December 20th:
All About The Image - Ryan/Isabella, Superstar!Verse

December 21st:
Should Have Known Better - The OC/OTH/SPN, Ryan/Brooke, part of the RyanWinchester!Verse

December 22nd:
Fixing Ryan - 5 POVs following a viscious attack on Ryan that leaves him shattered.

December 23rd:
Best Friends - The OC/Gilmore Girls (kinda), Sophie Rose is SO Ryan's sister in this, part of the Ryan/Jess SlashUniverse

December 24th:
Christmas Morning - Ryan and Lily celebrate Christmas and Ryan plots Seth's death.
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