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02 January 2009 @ 05:16 pm
I've been mulling these over since Weds. Night, and ironically the 1st one kinda relates to the fact that I mulled it over instead of just posting... lol...

1. I will stop writing things and never posting them because I think they are so insanely AU and Crack-Tastic that no one will care. Like the The OC/Stargates/OTH Fusion with Battlestar Galactica fic that I actually have this whole nice little thing written for and I have so much of the story figured out but I figure no one will give a shit about Sheppard being in charge of the Viper pilots and Ryan having been a prisoner when the Cylons attacked but he's a genuis at Mechanical stuff, and McKay is in charge of the Flight Deck Technitions, and O'Neill is the Commander of Battlestar Atlantis and there are some secret Cylons but even I don't know who yet... lol...

2. I need to get over my nerves about "Omg, people are gonna ahte this and no one will comment and I'll feel like shit because it means I suck and omg..." feeling I always get in my stomach no matter WHAT I write and wanna post, because I KNOW that's not the case... burt I'm a worrier by nature, and i'd rather worry about that than not be able to sleep because I have to keep getting up to make sure the doors are locked tight... I've had nights like that... not fun to have anxiety attacks at like 2 in the morning...

3. I will actually finish the 100Situations stories and the Crossover100 stories. Especially Runaway and Snapshots (respectively).

4. And related to #2? I need to try not to worry so much. I don't wanna get an ulcer at 25. Or any age for that matter. I ALWAYS lock the door tight before bed and when I go anywhere when no one else is home. I ALWAYS make sure the oven is turned off before leaving the house. I have nothing to get so worked up about and it needs to stop because it's kinda hard to deal with life when I'm ahvign an anxiety attack.

5. I need to try and be mroe careful about when/what I eat before bed so I don't keep waking up at 4 in the morning with acid reflux that is so painful I can barely move and makes me nauseas to the point where I hover over the toilet throwing up bile most of the time because my stomach is empty but the cramping continues... it doesn't happen all the time, no more than once every couple of months, but it's kind of terrifying to wake up with my chest feeling like it's on fire... at least throwing up usually helps, once I've done it and rested for a few minutes...

Anyway, those are my resolutions, mostly fandom related, but some general. The last one... I doubt I'll be able to do much about it. It happens so randomly, I can eat the exact same stuff at the exact same time and one day have it and the other day not
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fleetingfancy on January 3rd, 2009 07:40 pm (UTC)
Hope you don't mind my delurking and dropping in. You totally need to post the fic discussed in number one. lol. Now, I don't watch any of those other shows but Ryan having been a prisoner and is a genius at mechanical stuff is more than enough to peak my interest. lol. If there's plenty of Ryan in there, I'm on it. lol.

As for not worrying so much, I don't really have that problem most of the time. I'm pretty easy going but I do have moments where I freak out that I left the stove on. But that's because I have totally done that before while I was home. Keeping something warm on low and then forgetting to turn the burner off. Only realizing it an hour or two later when whatever was being kept warm is a shriveled mass of scary looking stuff. So I worry that I did that when I'm not home and come back and check. Also, with the locking doors thing, I always lock the door at night but then every once in a while, I'm almost asleep and then I think, "did I *really* lock the door or do I just think I did because I always do?". lol. So I get up and check and it's always locked.

Anyway, good resolutions. Mine are to drink,(start to) smoke and swear more. And to work on my sense of entitlement, as well as being more judgmental and take people for granted. Hee. Ok, so I don't really have any resolutions. But if I did it would be something like managing my time better and to stop procrastinating so much.

Maramissmara on January 3rd, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
I'll probably post it soon.. Last night, after thinking about how I SHOULD post it, I reread what I have and did some editing and rewriting so I really like it... I wanna get a little more written first...