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06 January 2009 @ 06:21 pm
Ficlet - John is not John is John (SCC/Surprise Fandoms)  
Just a random idea that came to be to explain how John of SCC, who can be so whiny and annoying sometimes, could possibly be the heroic leader of the resistance.


Derek saw Cameron staring at a boy on the other side of the street, and tried to see what she did. "Who is he?" he asked warily.

"A hero," Cameron replied. "He saves the entire resistance with his sacrifice."

"How?" Derek asked.

Cameron turned to look at him. "You know how. Just look closer."

Derek looked back over at the boy, and immediately he realized who he was looking at. That boy, much younger than he was last time Derek had seen him, was the man he knew in the future as John Connor.

"How the hell is that possible?" Derek asked.

Cameron looked over, and for a moment seemed almost as though she was sad, grief stricken even. "The resistance needed John Connor, but the almost everyone who ever actually knew him was killed alongside him. So one of the survivors, the same age as John, came up with the plan to take John's identity and be John Connor, for the sake of the Resistance."

"How do you know that?"

"Because he told me. My mission isn't just to protect John now, but to protect him if Judgement Day comes, so that he," and she looked across the street again. "Won't have to become John."



"What are we going to do?" Dean said, pacing the small area they'd cleared to make camp. "A lot of people see him as invulnerable, a hero, and now he's dead? What the hell do we do now?"

"It's all going to fall apart," Faith said, shakign her head. "No John Connor, and... and the resistance loses hope."

"He was a whiny little jerk," Ryan put in, though his head was bowed with the same grief his friends felt. "It's the name that has power, not the person," he added. "People know his name, but not many have ever met him."

"So what?" Faith said. "You want us to find some random guy and get him to pretend to be John?"

"No," Ryan said, shaking his head.

Flashlight beams edged over the top of the rise, followed by a small squadron of resistance soldiers. "Where's Connor?" the lead man asked.

"He's..." Dean began.

"Right here," Ryan said, standing up.

"You're Connor?"

"Yeah," Ryan said.

"Lt. Collins, 3rd Division."

"Report," Ryan said. "What's the status of your op?"

"Successful. We took out a manufacturing plant, stole some good weapons."

"Good," Ryan said. "We need to get to a base, come up with our next op plan."

"Who are these two, sir?"

"Colonel Winchester and Colonel LeHane are with me," Ryan said. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Of course not, sir."

"Then's let's get moving before they track us down."

Dean caught Ryan's arm. "Ry..." he began.

"Ryan Atwood died during this operation, Colonel," Ryan said, his expression tight. "So that John Connor and the Resistance could live." He offered a broken smile. "It's all in the name, Dean. With you and Faith, we can keep the resistance alive."

Dean nodded, his own expression broken. "I'm gonna miss my brother," he said.

"We all will," Ryan agreed. Then, he stood and took his first steps as John Connor, savior of humanity, leaving Ryan Atwood behind in the dust.



"John dies," Derek whispered.

"And so does Ryan," Cameron replied. "But not if we can stop it."

"Then let's stop it," Derek agreed.

The End

It came to me suddenly today, while totally bored at work. What if, sometime after Judgement Day, after John becomes known for organizing the begins of the resistance (I'm ignoring anything related to Terminator: Salvation and going more along the lines of how John started it at the end of Terminator: Rise Of The Machines, contacting survivors from his new base at Crystal Peak), John is killed and someone took his place in order to preserve the morale of the Resistance, thereby sacrificing themselves. And Ryan is who came to me as willing to make that sacrifice.

This is NOT canon for my 'After The Fall' universe where Dean, Faith, and Ryan are a Unit of the resistance, I just wanted someone who knew Ryan and cared about him to be heartbroken by him doing this, but still going to be there to help him.

So... yeah... that's it... jsut my random mind...

Oh! I'm just about done with Part Two of 'Good Enough' (my The OC/Brothers & Sisters fic)... I'll probably post it a bit later tonight...
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jujuberry136jujuberry136 on January 7th, 2009 02:08 am (UTC)
Cool idea. I can totally see Ryan doing that (poor Dean! Losing another brother!)

I'm psyched to see you've got more of the OC/Brothers&Sisters fic brewing. Can't wait to read it :D
ocmissocmiss on January 7th, 2009 09:56 pm (UTC)
Nice... but Ryan doesnt die, he just changes his name right ? So why are they all upset ?

I'm sorry for always asking questions, but i like reading crossovers, even the ones i dont know...
Maramissmara on January 7th, 2009 10:22 pm (UTC)
Well, the intent is that basically he had to stop being Ryan entirely in order to pull this off. Ryan was a soldier in the resistance, he followed orders and did good. But now he has to be John Connor, the Savior of humanity, who is directly responsible for the lives of everyone under his command. So Ryan couldn't be Ryan anymore, not even in 'private' really because there wasn't that much in the way of privacy at this point and they couldn't risk someone overhearing and the whole plan going to hell. So while yeah, Ryan techncially lived, he couldn't BE Ryan anymore, he couldn't show any weakness at all, he couldn't look to Dean and Faith for guidance the way he would have often wanted to, because people expected 'John' to know what he was doing and not rely on others for instructions.

He ahd to push his own personality aside and become the whole persona of John, a larger-than-life leader, and that meant he couldn't show how much Dean and Faith meant to him, and they couldn't show that he meant more to them than just being their commanding officer. So, metaphorically, Ryan Atwood 'died' when Ryan made the decision to take on John's identity. He ceased to exist because there was no way Ryan could be both Ryan and John, not then when the whole plan was so fragile and could easily be broken if jsut one or two people doubted him.

Sure, later, Ryan was able to slowly become more himself, partially because he learned how to be a good leader, and people just saw it as 'John' adapting and changing as time went by, because people do that.

Wow... my explaination kinda got a little long there... lol

And no worries about the questions, it's kinda fun figuring out the best way to explain... especially in situations like this where I'm explaining my thought process because I find it fascinating to read how other authors came up with certain things, so it's fun to map out my own process... lol
dogsbody01 on October 22nd, 2009 12:22 am (UTC)
Well done.Never has deceit been used,so well in the name of good.