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18 January 2009 @ 08:41 am
A Nip/Tuck primer  
Just like my Brothers & Sisters Primer, This combines video and some text to give you a feel for the characters. In this case, I focus a lot on Christian since, duh, he's my favorite and a primary character in my new fic... lol So, behind the cut you will find clips and fanvids that illustrate Christian from my POV.

I'd like to warn in advance that there's some disturbing content in these. Discussion of sexual abuse/assault, there's violent attacks, there's bad language.

The spoilers for everything up to the opening scenes of S5 Ep15 (aka the premiere of the second half of Season 5) dealing with the aftermath of the attack at the end of S5 Ep14. Some scenes are Sean-Centric, but they are to illustrate The Carver, or because Christian does Awesome for Sean in them... lol

This is an early clip, from the first season, and it's part of why I can see Christian snapping in my NipTuck/The OC fic. While he doesn't think Sandy delibrately let Ryan get hurt (thus the reason he specifically told Ryan he could still see the Cohens if he wanted), he has a distrust of foster families, foster fathers in particular, because of his own experience.

This clip is Sean-Centric, but it very clearly explains what The Carver does and his reasoning behind it.

The Final Scenes of Season 2 as The Carver attacks Christian. When I saw it way back when it first aired, I freaked out because, since the Carver is very particularly about carving faces (see above when he attacks Sean), I was certain he'd slit Christian's throat instead. Seaosn 3 proved me right, but it was much worse than that.

The Season 3 opener. At the beginning of the clip they're talking about Christian having a dream about his funeral, which was the actualy first scene of the episode and had me going "Nononono" until it became clear it was a dream... lol... but later in the clip... right near the end... omfg... The whole scene illustrates who they are to eachother, with Sean being Christian's rock, his steadying presence and conscious at some points.... but Christian's admission about what happened to him at the hand sof The Carver... fuck... it still gets me now...

This scene was so heartbreaking. Momma Boone was a morbidly obese woman who ahd spent so long (years) on her couch, that she had little grown into it. He skin was fused into the couch material. And while Sean does the surgery to try and seperate her from it, Christian holds her hand and talks to her. It so perfectly shows his softer side when it comes to patients. He IS a good guy, no matter how much he tries to keep people from knowing it.

A vid about the whole The Carver arc. While it leave sout the finale reveal of who it was, it shows just how psychotic The Carver was/is.

From the end of Season 3, when The Carver's indentity was revealed and he was basically torturing Christian and Sean... the creepiness of his lines to Christian...

Adorable Christian and Sean moment from Season 4. They were SUCH a Bromance before the term even got popular! lol

Christian and Sean watch "Hearts & Scalpels", a primetime soap that actually Sean will later end up being in. The reason I'm including this scene is because of how Wilber is just totally zonked out leaning against Christian and Christian's just so sweet holding onto Wilber's hand.

A Christian Fanvid about how, despite his own assertations that he's never loved anyone, he actually has. It features both romantic love (Christian/Kimber, Christian/Michelle), Friend love (Christian & Sean, Christian & Liz) and Parental love (Christian & Wilber, Christian & Matt)

There's a coupel other Season 5 moments I would ahve liked to include that I think showed good examples, but the only versions on Youtube were ones where the poster disabled embedding... So here's text links to the vids:

Papparazzi Car Crash - Christian is driving Annie, Sean's daughter, somehwere (I'm pretty sure it was to see her mom), when they are surrounded by peopel wanting to get pictures of Annie. Sean had been appearing on "Hearts & Scalpels", and there was drama involving his ex-agent, Colleen Rose, so they wanted pictures of Annie. This clip shows both Pissed Christian (yelling at the paps) and sweet Christian (Talking to Annie and trying to reassure her)

Season 5 Finale - Or rather, the finale of the first half of Season Five. This clip has multiple scenes, starting with the Paparazzi Car crash that shows Christian being sweet and reassuring/pissed and angry/and then sweet again. Then is a scene between Matt and Emme who is actually his half sister, but they fell in love before they knew that (Both are biologically Christian's children, though Matt was raised thinking Sean was his father). Then it shows Christian and Sean at McNamara Troy and we see an injured Christian worried that Sean blames him for the crash and worrying about Annie. Then we see soem sweet Sean and Annie scenes, and Liz being awesome by reassuring Annie. And finally, Colleen attacking Sean.

Season 5 Part Two Opening Scenes - We see how Colleen got inside, and we see some mroe signs of Christian sweetness with a patient he's sittign and talking to, plus Christian and Liz working to save Annie (and Christian totally disregarding his own pain to save Annie), and then Christian going to find and save Sean. The "Stay with me, can you hear me?" followed by screaming for Liz... that just kills me... to me it's right up there with Ryan's 'Oh' when Marissa died on The OC...

Anyway... yes, Christian is most awesome... sure, he's a complete and total man whore, but he NEVER denies that he is! He loves his friends and his family and he is awesome!

At some point I'll either make a new post or edit this one to include still images that show the awesome that is Christian...
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