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18 January 2009 @ 08:15 pm
Parent Trap  
Just an amusing little thing that popped into my head.

Rose Davis is the daughter of former fashion mogul Brooke Davis.

Lily Atwood is the daughter of Rich and famous Architect Ryan Atwood.

Fate brings the two families together, and the girls plot to make their two families into one.

Lily - Jordan Hinson (Of course!)
Rose - Selena Gomez (She looks kinda like a mini-Brooke! lol)

Italics are Lily, Bold is Rose. Both is them saying something together. Imagine the two of them sitting in front of a camera or webcam saying this, like as the opening scene in a movie.

Editted slightly because I accidently called Brooke's mom 'Veronica' instead of 'Victoria'... which could be confusing since Veronica is the name of TAYLOR's mother... lol...

My mom has really lousy luck in love.

Not as bad as my dad.

How do you figure?

Have you met my mother?

Honey, that's not lousy luck, that's lousy taste.


Anyway, my dad totally walked out on us when mom was pregnant with me because he wanted to screw her best friend. FYI? Peyton and Lucas Scott? Totally suck.

And my mom liked screwing her french ex-husband more than she loved dad and me.

So, Like I was syaing before I got interrupted again, 14 years pass, I grow up, my mom becomes this famous designer, filthy stinkin' rich. We are living the good life. Then... the bitch steps in.

Bitches always suck.

Completely. But in this case, Bitch is my mom's mother, Victoria. She was actually kinda co-running the company, and when my mom made some decisions that Victoria didn't like? She got nasty. Like got the board of the company to expel mom from the company. So now, we've got nothing. And we sorta got stranded in California.

That's where me and my dad come in. Dad's an amazing Architect, really famous and really rich. Which is funny since he started life out as like a modern day Oliver Twist or something. But as good as he is at designing buildings and being a dad? He's not that good at the whole 'organized' thing. He tries, but his schedule is really chaotic.

And my mom may be a former party girl, but she can organize and schedule like a pro.

Dad hires Brooke to be our personal assistant, and she and Rose move into the guest house, and at first, we hate eachother.

Lily is way too into the whole acting thing she's started.

And Rose is way too much of a tomboy. She almsot broke my nose with a basketball.

It was an accident! Anyway, then we notice then when our parents are together? They're both happier. Like smiling real smiles and laughing real laughs.

And my dad is not funny, so if he made her mom laugh? I figured there was something there.

Her dad is so stoic, I mean he's nice, but so stoic. So if my mom makes him smile, he must like her.

That's when we hatched the plan.

See, if my mom marries her dad, I get a dad that doesn't suck and maybe would wanna play sports with me.

And I'll get a mom who doesn't ditch her kids and might help me run lines for the show.

It's win/win.

I doubt it'll go anywhere at all, it was just a silly idea I had, the two of them doing the bakc and forth and ending with the clue that they are plotting. Rose's dad is Lucas Scott, Lily's mom is Taylor Townsend.

And don't ask about the name 'Rose', it was the first thing that popped into my head for her... and the irony of the girls both having flower names... lol

I thought it would be highly amusing having the opposites. Brooke would be completely inept at dealing with a tomboy daughter who played sports, while Ryan would be so lost dealing with a budding starlet of a daughter.
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ocmissocmiss on January 19th, 2009 03:53 pm (UTC)
Loved it!!
I had some hard time following who was talking but it was really cool. I could easily imagine the scene in my head and everything. This universe sounds really fun, you should go for it (and for the Brothers and Sisters, and Nip tuck too !!) :)
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