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21 January 2009 @ 09:12 pm
Ryan & Jess - The Early Years (Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano Slash)  
Part of the Inside Out/Upside Down universe, which means Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano SLASH.

The title is a play on Lorelai's comment to Luke in Season 3 of Gilmore girls about how a conversation between Rory and Jess that seemed very ordinary was actually 'Jess and Rory, the early years'... lol...

The first two sections are about right after they met, the last section is when they've been together a few weeks/months, long enough to be falling in love, but before Ryan introduced Jess to The Nana.

The night Jess met Ryan, he wasn't half as drunk as he let people think he'd been. Yeah, he'd had a couple beers at the party, but he hadn't been stumbling drunk, and he'd known exactly what he was doing when he'd invited Ryan back to his place.

He didn't let people think he was drunk because he was ashamed, because Jess Mariano didn't get ashamed of something as basic as who he had really good sex with. And the sex was definitely good with Ryan.

There'd been some initial awkwardness, some fumbling since both were used to girls, but when Ryan had closed his eyes and started laughing, Jess hadn't been able to help doing the same, as well as kissing him and pulling him towards the bed.

They'd wound up on the living room floor instead, Jess on top, and they'd laughed again.

"I'm usually a little more co-ordinated than this," Ryan said.

"Just a little?" Jess asked, amused.

"I usually get to at least 3rd base before I starting fucking up," Ryan said.

"You're not fucking up, you're just... eager..." Jess joked, waggling an eyebrow until Ryan laughed again.

"I think you were doing the pulling, and you should know the layout of your furniture," Ryan replied.

"Details are trivial," Jess said, grinning. After a moment, he leaned down and kissed Ryan, almost questioning.

He got his answer when Ryan's hands moved to his hips.


The last time Ryan had been with a guy... it wasn't exactly willingly. Not to say he'd been forced, but his girlfriend had wanted a threesome with her ex-husband, who apparently wanted a threesome with Ryan, and Ryan hadn't wanted to lose Taylor like he'd lost everyone else, so he'd gone along with it. At least until Henri-Michel had apparently lost interest in Taylor and focused it all on Ryan. Then he'd freaked out and gotten pissed at them, realizing he'd been set up and this was as much about Taylor keeping Henri-Michel as it was about Ryan keeping Taylor. She was just using him as a tool, a bribe, to keep her ex-husband, even though she knew he hadn't really wanted to. He didn't like guys, he didn't want to have sex with guys, he was straight.

Then he met Jess and found himself laying on the floor with Jess leaning over him, kissing him and touching him with hands that were both wanting and hesitant, like he wanted Ryan to be okay with this before he could really be okay with this. And that was the main thing that made it okay, the simple fact that even if this was just a half drunk one night stand, it wasn't a mindless fuck and Jess was a good enough guy to give a shit whether Ryan was okay with the whole thing.

Not to mention the fact that Jess didn't smell like some kind of funky cheese and way too much wine.


It was weird, Jess had never felt like he did when he was with Ryan. Yeah, he'd loved Rory, and they'd had a lot in common (in some ways more than he and Ryan did), but they had never quite... fit... the way Jess and Ryan did. When Jess said he didn't want to talk about something, Ryan would back off and bring up some other topic that was completely different. When Ryan was brooding, Jess was fine with sitting near him, letting him brood but not letting him sink into it.

The thing that really sinched it, though, was that Ryan had never even tried to ask about the scars that graced Jess' torso. He looked through the scars, like they weren't there, and he somehow managed to avoid touching them without seemingly like he was trying to. That was why Jess finally told him.

"My mom had some boyfriends that weren't such great guys," he said one night when Ryan's hand had gently brushed one of the scars. "Belts, cigarettes, whatever."

"Cigarettes are worse," Ryan replied softly. "You'd think the belt would be, since the marks are bigger, but it's the cigarettes, right?"

"Yeah," Jess said, turning towards Ryan. "Who?"

"Ma's boyfriends," Ryan said, offering a humorless laugh.

"My uncle saw them once, when I was 17," Jess said. "He completely freaked out, said he'd kill anyone who tried to hurt me when he was around."

"He's not the only one," Ryan said, kissing Jess' neck.

"Yeah, well, death is too good for anyone who messes with you," Jess replied. "I'm thinking lock 'em in a room with Taylor Doose."

"The guy who tried to run you out of town?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah," Jess said. "And before I locked them in, I'd tell Taylor that they think Punk music should be played from speakers in the townsquare."

Ryan laughed. "You are evil," he mocked.

"Damn straight," Jess said, pulling him into a kiss.

Ryan pressed his forehead against Jess'. "They just show that you're a survivor," he said softly. "You lived it, and lived through it."

"So did you," Jess said. "Even if your scars aren't on the surface."

"It's too early to get deep," Ryan said with a sigh. "I've got class in a couple hours."

"Then shut up and sleep," Jess replied.

"You're such a sweet talker," Ryan mumbled with amusement.

"Sleep, you can mock me in the morning, after coffee."

"I'm more creative with the insults before," Ryan said softly.

"Shut up," Jess repeated, laughing.

The End

On a quick reread before responding to comments, I realized I forgot to say something in my notes. This fic officially comfirms my decision that Scars takes place in this universe. That's the little Gilmore Girls ficlet where Luke walks into the apartment and sees Jess changing his shirt and sees scars and they talk a little about it.
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fifimom on January 22nd, 2009 08:35 am (UTC)
vert sweet.
vengeful_spoonvengeful_spoon on January 22nd, 2009 01:27 pm (UTC)
While I loved all three of these, the non-drunken fumblings of the first one was just perfect for me. Thanks xx
Maramissmara on January 22nd, 2009 10:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I love that part, too... that section was written a couple weeks ago, but jsut sat in limbo for the longest time because it didn't feel complete...