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25 January 2009 @ 12:51 pm
Survivors: The Lost Multiverse Story Index  
Welcome to the Story Index for the 'Survivors: The Lost Multiverse' open universe.

What is an 'Open Universe'? Basically, I provided the basis for the universe with my original story 'Survivors', then I invited everyone and anyone to add to the universe, taking it in their own directions, and their stories are also considered 'Open' for spin offs, as long as they are credited.

The Fandoms (And Characters) Included So Far:
The OC (Ryan Atwood and Alex Kelly)
Stargate: Atlantis (John Sheppard)
One Tree Hill (Haley and Jamie Scott, Brooke Davis, mention of Nathan Scott)
Heroes (Peter Petrelli, mention of Nathan Petrelli)
Supernatural (Dean Winchester)

Feel free to add characters from other fandoms, and write your stories including as little or as much of the original canon as you'd like (Dean hunts Demons or maybe he's a cop... Sheppard's on leave from Atlantis or maybe he got booted from the Air Force after Afghanistan... Peter can mimic superpowers or maybe he's a regular guy). Writers can also use as little or as much of the story of 'Lost' as they want, so it can be a normal island with normal survivors, or there can be The Others/Dharma/Hatches/Smoke Monsters/etc.

A Note Regarding The Nathans:
For clarity, I'm recommending that authors who use them both or at least refer to them both, refer to Nathan Petrelli as 'Nathan', and Nathan Scott as 'Nate', so readers can tell easily which is which. If you're only using one, you can use whatever name you want to use, as long as at some point you make it clear which one it is (even if it's just in a note before the story).

Any Ratings from G to NC-17 are welcome. Hell, if you wanna write something that you think goes beyond NC-17? Feel free! But whatever the rating, please make a note of what it is before the story.

Gen, Het, and Slash are all welcome. Hell, write Threesome or Orgy fics if you want. But again, please make a note/warning before the story. You don't have to reveal what the exact pairing is, but at least note 'Het', 'Slash', 'Threesome', or whatever so people can avoid it if they want.

If you'd typically warn for it, you probably should here. So Sex, Violence, Language, Character Death etc... they should be warned of. You don't need to warn about Character Death if it's a general "Oh, they died in the crash" kind of death, but if someone dies IN the story (say by a small plane falling off a cliff with them in it, or being shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or drowning inside an underwater facility), then a warning is needed for it.

You can write as many different paths of stories as you want. So write a story where Ryan hooks up with Alex then dies tragically, then rewind and have him have hot sex with Peter and then they get rescued from the island. If you have multiple ideas for where it could go from a specific point, write them all and follow the different paths from there!

Providing Credit:
Please provide a link back to this story index in your story notes, and please comment here when you post a story set in the Multiverse so I can add it to the index. If you spin off your story from someone elses, because they had character developments you really like (for example, someone writes that Sheppard falls in a pit and breaks his leg, leading he and Lorelai to get together when she saves him, and you like that backstory, so you want to use it) then credit the person who you got the specific idea from and link to the story tou took it from.

It can be as simple as a little Backstory Elements Taken From [Story] by [Author]., just something to make sure credit is given where due.

The Most Important Rule:
Have fun with it! Go completely crazy with it if you want, and don't worry about it making sense (Lost itself doesn't make much sense most of the time!).

Survivors by missmara - In the aftermath of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the survivors band together to find a way to survive, a way to get help, and wonder about a small mystery.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
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