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09 February 2009 @ 03:32 pm
Fic: In The Blood (The OC/BTVS/ATS/SPN/OTH)  
Playing with timelines slightly, namely moving the BTVS series finale forward 3 years, so it happened 2 days after Marissa died in Ryan's arms. ATS was moved forward the same amount to match everything up. SPN is moved back one year and takes places in an AU of the Season 2 finale, so Sam is dead courtesy of Jake the strong man, and Dean is emo about it. One Tree Hill is Season 2, when Brooke has to go see her parents in California and doesn't know if they'll let her go home to Tree Hill at the end of the summer. This first part is mostly The OC, though Slayers and Hunters are mentioned.

On May 20th, 2006, two days after the girl he'd thought would always be in his life died in his arms, Ryan Atwood saw her sister collapse in a heap, then slowly climb to her feet, looking for all the world like something terrifying but amazing had happened. Ryan recognized the look.


His father had long been of the opinion that Slayers were monsters that needed to be put down, same as one would Demons, Vampires, or Werewolves, and he wasn't content to let the Slayers and Vampires duke it out. He'd actually kidnapped a slayer once, a girl name Sarah, and slowly starved her to death, chained in the basement. Ryan had tried to help her, sneaking her food and finally giving her the key for the extra strong lock, but Frank ahd caught her escaping and killed her, then beaten Ryan until he couldn't move.

Ironically, it was the murder of Sarah that saved Ryan and Trey from further indoctrine into Frank's way of thinking. He had been caught dumping the body, and sent away from murder. Dawn had ranted for days about how she'd never make the mistake of falling in with a Hunter again, and instead she'd gone for guys like AJ who dabbled in the dark side of magics and black market voodoo. It had been a new and different, but still equal, kind of hell.

He'd learned a lot, though, from both sides of the coin. Frank had taught him fromt eh time he could walk about demons and the monsters that go bump in the night. AJ had taught him the power of blood magic, though he didn't think he'd ever use it unless it was his own blood being spilled. Another boyfriend, Mike, taught Ryan about protection spells, some of them as simple as salt lines and symbols, some more complicated but offering more protection, and those were what Ryan found himself using most often in Newport. He kept a container of salt under the bathroom sink and another stuck behind his pillows.

It had almost been a disaster when Rosa found the one behind his pillows, but she'd given him a knowing look and told him that she had placed protective talismans in the bushes all around the house in hopes of protecting the family, and it was nice to know there was someone else around who knew about 'those kind of things'.

But he hadn't expected Kaitlin to be a Slayer. And the moment he saw the look, he glanced around to make sure no one else was watching, then went to her side. "Whatever it is that just ran through your head, ignore it," he said in a hushed voice, hands on her shoulders like he was trying to comfort her.

"What was that?" Kaitlin asked.

"Something that could get you killed," Ryan said, hating that his voice cracked as he said it. "And your mom couldn't survive that, Kaitlin." He paused, and when he spoke again his voice was softer. "I couldn't survive that. That's been too much death already."

"But what was it?"

"Something you need to ignore," Ryan said firmly. "Please, Kaitlin."

"Only if you explain it," Kaitlin replied.

"Not tonight," Ryan said, even as he nodded. "Tomorrow night, meet me... meet me at her..."

Kaitlin nodded, giving him an out from having to say they should meet at Marissa's grave. "When?"

"Just before sundown," Ryan said.

He didn't want to do this, but he had to make her see what kind of danger she would get into if she pursued this. And he sure as hell wasn't going to let some idiot Watcher who didn't give a shit about her, only her 'destiny', train her if he couldn't talk her out of it.

To Be Continued...
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jujuberry136jujuberry136 on February 10th, 2009 03:16 am (UTC)
This has so much potential (pun intended)! I love the fact that Papa Atwood was a Hunter in the Gordon Walker vein (aka completely psycho) and that Ryan in full of things-that-go-bump-in-the-dark knowledge. I can't wait to see how you work in OTH and more SPN (Dean maybe? I can only hope).

Thanks for the new 'verse to play with. Can't wait to see what's next :D
Maramissmara on February 10th, 2009 04:01 am (UTC)
lol... Frank is so totally the Gordon Walker-type of Hunter, completely crazy and scary dangerous... and see, I figure that's why Ryan sucks at fights so much, because he knows how to fight for his LIFE against things bigger and stronger than him, so he pulls his punches in fights with other teenagers be3cause he's sacared of really hurting them if he doesn't...

Of COURSE Dean will appear! lol... he's Dean! And he totally needs to get in on the action when things go to hell, and trust me, they will.

I actually have the next part written... it's one long scene of Ryan introducing Kaitlin to the good fight... but I'll probably flash forward a bit after that... just a couple months until Kaitlin is at a point of being pretty well trained...
garnigalgarnigal on February 10th, 2009 04:30 pm (UTC)
Oh, I like this. Ryan's reaction to Kaitlin's activation is really awesome, and there will be so many sparks when they all meet up.

Fantastic introduction, Mara.