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05 August 2003 @ 03:51 pm
Fic: In Later Years (The OC/OTH/Heroes)  
Vaguely part of the 'A Time To...' universe, which is the The OC/OTH/Heroes crossover where Ryan healed Nathan Petrelli after Peter exploded at the end of Season 1. This was written originally one possible Apocalyptathon response (Instead I went with the prompt for 'Firefly') and I added a bit more and editted it today.

It's somewhat random, copmpletely avoiding mention of some characters while bringing back some that lately I've been thinking "Where the fuck are they?!" (Molly and Micah in particular).

Oh! And since I wrote this before Sylar's brief foray into non-evilness early this season, he's just an evil SOB in this universe. But I'm using some events from the last few episodes of the show as backstory, so... spoilers.

In Later Years

Peter flattened himself against the wall as another patrol went past, not seeing him thanks to Claude's power, but still able to hear his heavy breathing if he wasn't careful to control it.

"Hold, I though I heard something," one of the men said, stopping right in front of Peter.

Peter held his breath, waiting and expecting any minute to feel the taser that effectively disrupted abilities temporarily jab into him, or slam into the wall beside his head because they couldn't pin point him. He saw one of the other men pull out infrared headgear and immediately readied himself to get away under any means neccesary. It had been too long since he'd spent longer than two minutes with Hiro, so he couldn't teleport away or freeze the men in time, not without risking killing himself or them, he didn't trust his control of it enough, and he didn't want to use Andrea's death touch and kill these confused men who were really just following orders.

That only left fighting them off, and Peter wasn't sure, even with his most recent injuries healed thanks to Claire's power, that he had the energy to do that. As Peter inperciptably shifted his weight to ready himself to leap forward, there was a noise further down the alley and the man with the infrared gear snapped his goggles down.

"There! 10 feet ahead of us! He's just standing there!"

Peter slowly turned his head, and spotted Claude smirking and waving in mock cheerfulness to Peter, though the men thought it was to mock them. As Claude took off, the men in pursuit, Peter turned and went back the way he came, hoping to backtrack and get back to their Secret Sanctum, as Micah and Molly had taken to calling it once they hit their teens and got sarcastic.

It had only been 7 years since it had started. 7 years since Peter's dream of flying and his realization that it was Nathan who could fly, but he could copy that and a million other powers. 7 years since Sylar's reign of terror began and Molly lost her biological parents, only to find new ones in Mohinder and Matt. 7 years since Peter saved the cheerleader and found out she was family.

But in those 7 years, everything had gone to hell. He couldn't blame Micah and Molly for comparing their lives to comic books, considering the fact that the government might as well have enacted a Mutant Registration Act after Sylar's second attempt at a massive attack succeeded. Anyone with abilities was expected to 'turn themselves in', as though they were criminals who'd done something wrong, when all they'd done was exist. And those with more 'dangerous' powers, tended to disappear entirely.

Like the young man who had put himself in the spotlight, and in danger, to heal a busload of victims after one of Sylar's attacks. As he put his hands on the people, their wounds became his before fading away, and by the time he was done, he couldn't even stand, let alone run when the Police came for him. Peter had watched him get hauled away, barely putting up a fight because he was too weak, and when they'd shown Molly the video she'd only been able to tell them that the young man was alive, but there was something keeping her from finding him. It had been a nightmare for the Underground, but at the same time gave them hope as the people who had been healed, and millions across the country who'd watched the healings live on TV, started whispering about not all of those with Powers being evil, and wanting to know who the man was and where he'd been taken.

They didn't even know the man's name, but Peter hoped to find him someday, because the Underground could use someone who was willing to put themselves at risk like that to save lives, as opposed to all those who hid away, preferring to not be seen and avoid any danger.

As Peter slipped into the abandoned warehouse, he spotted the sleeping security guard and smiled. "Good one, Kaitlin," he said as he rounded a corner and slid back into visibility, nodding to the girl who sat in a chair around the corner, filing her nails. "Just don't get too distracted and let it slip," he added.

"I know better, Peter," Kaitlin replied with a nod. "Bennett's here," she added, making a face.

"Remember, he's a good guy now."

"So I guess I shouldn't have created guard dogs to snap and snarl at him?" Kaitlin asked with a half smile.

"As long as they didn't bite," Peter said, offering her one more smile before walking through the doorway that Kaitlin had disguised as a blank wall. They'd been lucky to find two different people capable of creating illusions that seemed real unless you knew better. Kaitlin's dogs and security guard were as solid as they needed to be, but the wall wasn't, as long as you kept reminding yourself it was fake. Anyone who didn't know might very well walk straight into a solid wall, although Peter hadn't yet figured out whether it was because they didn't believe it was an illusion, or because Kaitlin liked messing with new people.

Down the stairs and around several corners, Peter came to the strong steel door that sealed their 'Sanctum' in case anyone they didn't want to be there found their way down, and to keep out contagions. He tapped the control panel beside the door, rigged up by Micah, and made sure his face could clearly be seen on the screen.

"Password?" Micah Saunder's voice replied.

"Gambit," Peter said, rolling his eyes. Micah and Molly had questionable senses of humor, rotating the passwords among comic book references. But it was easy enough to remember, and unlikely the Police or anyone else would guess that the Underground would use names of comic book heroes as their passwords. The door swung open and Peter slipped in, closing and locking it again before stepping into one of the shower cubicles and stripping, careful to put a sealed container were it would be washed too, then held his arms out and turned to be sure the disinfectant shower spray hit him everywhere and washed away any remenants of the outside air from his skin and from the box, making him and it safe to enter the base. When the water finally stopped, Peter quickly grabbed fresh, dry, clothes from a cabinet and got dressed, then picked up the box and headed into the main base, pausing to stick his head into the small control room. "Can we have a normal password next time?" he asked, amused and knowing the answer.

"I'm thinking 'Phoenix' next," Micah replied, glancing up with a smile.

Peter nodded. "I like it," he said.

"Bennett's back in the meeting room," Micah said. "He wasn't particularly happy about Claire and West getting married last week."

"Bennett's never happy," Peter replied as he continued down the hall, nodding in greeting as he passed other members of the Underground, and pushed open the meeting room door to find Bennett in the middle of asking what Claire had been thinking. "She was thinking the world's going to hell, at least one good thing should happen a year," Peter said in his niece's defense.

"We were getting worried," Claire said, glaring.

Peter nodded. "Claude's alive," he said. "He showed up just in time to distract a patrol that almost spotted me."

"Claude?" Bennett asked, looking up. "That's... a surprise."

"Did you get what you were looking for?" West asked, stretching a leg out under the table to push a chair out for Peter, who sank into it gratefully.

"I got it," Peter said, placing the box on the table and opening it to reveal five computer discs. "We'll need Micah to get the decoding done, but his shift should be almost over and I'm sure he'll get these cracked in about 5 minutes."

"I think you're underestimating him again," Molly said as she came in, ahnding Peter a mug of coffee. "It's getting harder to get anything about our Healer friend," she added. "Matt can't even reach him anymore."

Peter grimaced, knowing how bad it must be then. Either Nathan's little band of commandos had some new tricks up their sleeves, or the healer was dying. "We'll find him," he said.


"It's surveillance," Micah said after he spent 3 minutes on the discs. "Video of test subjects. And I think they include our healer," he added, turning his computer around so they could see one particular bit of video.

There were two people there, one of them the young man who'd healed the busload of people, the other a little girl who looked about 5 or so. As they watched, the man... the boy they could tell in this video... struggled against the people restraining him, while the girl was shot point plank in the chest and fell to the ground. Immediately, the boy was released and he dropped down beside her, hands gliding over her chest wound and closing his eyes tightly as he pressed down on it.

Suddenly, the girl convulsed into life, coughing and jerking, while the boy fell over backwards, gasping for air and floundering for a moment like a fish on dry land as blood blossomed from his chest in the same spot the girl's wound had been. She moved to kneel beside his head, tiny fingers sliding through his hair, and after a moment he stopped jerking and just took several deep breaths before slowly sitting up and glancing over at her, as though wanting to make sure she was okay.

"They're psychotic," Claire said, arms tight around her mid section.

"We need to get them, and all the other prisoners, out," Peter said, jaw clenched.

"It's too dangerous," Matt said, shaking his head. "Once we got in, we wouldn't stand a chance."

"Not neccesarily," Micah said. "All cameras have blind spots, and if you could get me into their control room, I could really mess them up."

"You sure about that?" Peter asked. "Could be dangerous."

"These people are partially responsible for killing my parents," Micah said. "I'm not letting them get away with this."

"We need you to deliver copies of this to the media first," Peter said. "Put it out there, everywhere, so people can see what their government is doing."

"On it," Micah agreed, nodding as he turned his computer back and started typing rapidly, hijacking a secure network that led somewhere else in order to protect the Underground.

"So, me and Micah are givens, who else is in?" Peter asked.

"Me," Claire said. "I've gotten better at dealing with the pain, so I can take whatever they through at me."

"I'll go," West said. "Freak them the hell out to have a human ballistic missile coming down the hall after them."

"What about Bree?" Claire suggested. "Could be useful to have someone walk in, tell the guards to put down their guns, and have them actually do it."

"Can we trust her?" Bennet said. "Remember The Company used to have someone with the same power working for them, she wasn't a good guy."

"Yes, but we trust you, don't we?" West said. "And we trust Elle enough to rely on some of her intel."

"I'm not so sure about that, either," Bennet said.

"I am, that's what matters," Peter said coldly. "So Bree comes."


"I hate this," Bree muttered as they approached the doors.

"You can do this," Peter replied, putting his hand over the lock and efficiently melting it, then turning to let her be the first through.

Bree took a deep breath and shoved open the doors, smiling at the guards and their raised weapons. "Put them down, boys," she said in what Micah and Molly called 'The Voice', an odd echo added to her normal voice whenever she gave her orders. The guards put their guns on the floor, glancing at eachother in confusion. "Don't move," she continued as she approached one of them. "Tell me how to get to the control room."

"All the way at the end of a hall, door's on the right," the man said.

"And tell me how to get from there to the prisoner cells?"

"Elevator down 4 levels," the guard said.

"Good boy," Bree said. "Not keep still and quiet, tell no one we're here. After we go down the hall, you can pick up your guns and go back to work, but you will not mention any intrusion to anyone. Understand?"



"Let's go," Peter said, leading the way down the hall.

"Here's hoping I don't have to do that again," Bree said as she walked alongside Micah.

"Maybe after this you can go back to using it to get extra discounts at the mall," Micah joked.

"I'll use it to get you every game in existance," Bree agreed.

The control room was easy to get into, and Bree ordered the guards there to stand facing the wall while Micah got to work, tracking the security cameras and setting them to show a loop, as well as erasing evidence of their passage to the control room. "You're good," Micah said. "I'll stay here and monitor things."

"Let's go," Peter said, leading the others towards the elevator and starting down. "Micah? You're on." Peter said into the microphone attached to his collar.

"Go down to the intersection and hang a right," Micah replied through the earbuds they all wore.

It wasn't hard to find the room the healer was in, and Bree got the guards to open it with a few words. Inside, the healer sat on the floor rather than the bed, and barely lifted his head when they came in. He looked like he wanted to bolt but didn't have the strength. "We're here to get you out," Peter said, offering his hand. After a moment's hesitation, the healer took it, and Peter felt like something had passed through him, not hurting but definitely disorienting. "What the hell?" he asked.

"Side effect of the healing, I can also draw from others," he said, standing up. "It's like jumper cables, enough to get me moving and I'll keep moving."

"A warning would be nice," Peter suggested.

The healer smirked. "Then I wouldn't have known whether the desire to help was genuine or faked to trick me," he said. "I also get snapshots of emotions when I do it. Handy for finding out whether someone's a threat or not."

"That's new," Bree said from the doorway, and the healer looked confused until she walked over. "Remember."

The healer frowned, then jerked backwards, clutching at his head for a moment. When he lifted his head agin, he was glaring. "What the hell are you doing here, Brooke? You're suppose to be in hiding!" he snapped.

"When the Underground came calling for help kicking the asses of the people who took you? I said yes," Bree, or rather 'Brooke', replied. "Besides, they'd already signed up Kaitlin."

The healer frowned, then his eyes scanned the room, and he shoved past the group, his hand sliding over Matt's wrist and healing the papercuts there even as the boy closed his eyes, concentrating. "Down here," he said, purposefully picking a direction.

"Where are we going?" Peter asked, following. "Micah, you got us?"

"Where's he taking you?" Micah replied.

"Where are we going?" Peter asked again.

"Ryan, don't make me..." Brooke began.

"You do and you'll wish you'd never givne me bakc my memory, Brooke," Ryan snapped, not turning. He stopped outside of a door and placed his hand against it, eyes closed.

Matt heard the faint echo in his head of a name Soph?

Ryan! came the reply in the voice of a little girl.

Ryan st3pped back, eyes looking over the door. "Fuck," he muttered.

"Micah, can you open the door in front of us?" Peter asked.

"On it," Micah replied.

A moment later, the lock opened and Ryan was in the room before the others could move, exiting again after just a moment with the little girl from the video in his arms.

"Who is this?" Peter asked.

"My sister," Ryan replied. "Close your eyes, Soph, we'll be out of here soon."

"Okay, Ry," the little girl said, closing her eyes and turning her face into his neck and shoulder.

"Let's go," Peter said, heading back the way they'd come.

End Of Snippet

In case it was hard to tell... Nathan still instituted his program to round up those with powers, but it's a public program thanks to Sylar launching attacks on people. One of those atttacks included releasing the Shanti Virus, but it was a different strain and didn't cause quite as much death. It's still dangerous, though, so unless you have immunities or a healing power, you're at risk. Most of the Underground has immunities/antibodies thanks to Mohinder's work to create them. Sylar continues to attack, though, wanting to destroy everyone.

Oh, but I wrote most of this LONG before the chang ein peter's powers so he can only hold onto one at a time. In this, he still has them all, but they start to fade after a while and be less reliable. He was able to reliably stay invisible because he practices that one constantly, keeping it fresh. There's also a handful of other powers he practices to keep them strong, like Claire's and Matt's.

The Powers:
Ryan Atwood - Can heal others, but temporarily takes on their injuries himself, which can be very dangerous for him. But as a side effect, he can 'jumpstart' his own body by drawing from others, which disorients them but doesn't harm them. He can also grab snapshots of their thoughts, allowing him to figure out whether he can trust them or not. And he's also learned how to pull threads of abilities out of those he heals, allowing him to briefly have them. They don't last long, a few hours at the most, but because he gets the thoughts, he also knows how to use the powers.

Bree/Brooke Davis - She can shift her voice into what everyone refers to as 'The Voice' and give orders that others are compelled to follow. When Ryan was injrued and she had to leave him to be captured, Ryan convinced her to order him to forget his own identity, as well as hers, and to forget anything specific that he was asked by his captors. So if they asked "Where were you born?" he'd instantly 'forget' it, though all the knowledge stayed in his head, just locked away where no one, not even him, could get to it.

Kaitlin Cooper - She can create illusions that are as real as she wants them to be. Most of the time, they are just visual, but sometimes she likes to mess with people by making her 'illusions' be completely solid. Usually those are people she doesn't like, Noah Bennet for example.

I've also envisioned growth in abilities. Matt can sense others from long distances apart if he focuses on them, sometimes he can even communicate with them if he knows them well enough (like he and Peter would never need phones, they can talk back and forth in their heads from opposites sides of the world). Claire has learned to take bullets and other damage without slowly down much if at all. West has enough control to make sudden right angle turns or even U-turns without hitting the walls.

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ocmissocmiss on February 14th, 2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
Nice !!!!! I loved it (eventhough i stopped watching Heroes after S 1) but i wasn't even lost ;p

I really like this game lol.
Maramissmara on February 14th, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
I tried to keep things relatively simple and uncomplicated, at leats in terms of being understandable to people who don't know the latest stuff going on... or much of anything, really... lol

I'm enjoying coming up with stories and clues! lol
Kat: Ryan & Sophiekatwoman76 on February 15th, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
The so called test with them shooting Sophie before Ryan's eyes was so cruel. I'm glad they got them both out of there.