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14 February 2009 @ 03:31 pm
Watched it last night, loved it, wanna write a fic...

Actually, I got this idea of Ryan being an Active. When he walks into the house in Chino at the end of the Pilot of The OC... his handler is waiting to take him for his 'treatment', leaving him the blank slate. Maybe Sandy sees Ryan walking back out of the house a few minutes later with his handlet, and gets suspiscious. Which leads him to a hunt to find out the truth, and of course he eventually discovers evidence Ryan living, however briefly, under not one, but dozens of different identities.

Since the names of Actives in Dollhouse seem to be based on the Phonetic Alphabet code of the military (we only know 2 names so far, but Echo and Sierra are both part of it), I'm thinking that within Dollhouse, Ryan's name is Charlie (Because It's my favorite of the male sounding ones... lol), but of course in text he's referred to simple as Ryan, iot's only in some dialogue that he's called 'Charlie' (like when talking to Dollhouse staff and other Actives).

I need to figure out who else to include as Actives and as Dollhouse Staff... Like Ryan's Handler... original character or someone from a fandom? I want them to either be like Echo's handler and conflicted about it, or be completely uncaring about Ryan's safety and wellbeing.

So... any ideas on who else you'd like to see in the fic? Any fandom you know I know (so any I've written before, any I have the DVDs of, any I've mentioned being fans of even if I haven't written the fandom before, etc...) is open for selection. I'm already thinking that I'll at least make passing mention of Echo (Eliza Dusku) and Ryan knowing her.

(Sorry for the fucked up cut... it's fixed now...)
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Kat: Manhandlingkatwoman76 on February 15th, 2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
Sandy would totally work together with Paul Ballard (I mean, why not keep Tahmoh's character, right?) to get Ryan out of it.
And you could make someone like Frank Ryan's handler, as in the person who forced Ryan into it against his will in the first place (basically selling him to the Dollhouse for the money) and staying in the organization himself, without really caring for Ryan. Or just the idea of Ryan being forced into it that way (poor Woobie after all) and having someone as his handler who would care, but I'm not sure how that person would end up doing a job like that, but you would have lots of fandom based characters for someone in this capacity.
And Julie could totally pull of the Adelle DeWitt character.
Rodney McKay instead of Topher Brink?
Brooke Davis instead of Sierra?
Maramissmara on February 15th, 2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
Of course Sandy will work with Ballard! I figure that Sandy starts looking, and either his search leads him to Ballard, or Ballard finds out about Sandy's search and goes to him and they compare what they each know.

Frank very much sold Ryan into I'm thinking that Frank did something really bad and knew he was going to get busted, and he knew someone connected with Dollhouse and went to them, offering up Ryan as a 'volunteer' in exchange for a huge amount of money, then Frank left the country. Maybe, when Dollhouse starts to fall apart thanks to Sandy and Ballard, Frank returns to either stop them, or at least make sure that Ryan disappears so it can't be traced to him.

Julie could certainly be associated with Dollhouse... maybe she's actually partially behind it's creation... she and Adelle were friends, julie married Jimmy to get access to money needed to fund Dollhouse, and THAT is the REAL reason the Coopers went broke... Julie totally stole money for Dollhouse!

McKay instead of Topher? That is an AMAZING idea! Because he'd totally do his job and pretend not to care, but he would care at least a little bit...

And Brooke would totally have a different Dollhouse ID, though... Mostly out of a kind of irony (because in an original webseries idea of mine I cast Sophia Bush as a character with this name) the ID name would be 'Juliet'... lol...

I'm actually thinking, since McKay is in the Topher role... Sheppard could be Ryan's Handler. Maybe he was actually one of the first Actives, but something happened to make him non-viable as an active... maybe he was injured enough to make it difficult, or he started having problems with the imprints holding steady, so they gave him one final imprint as a Handler, and he doesn't even know he used to be an Active.... hmmm...
Katkatwoman76 on February 15th, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
Hehe, and I don't even watch any of the Stargate-shows. Only ever heard about Rodney in your stories. :)