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26 November 2005 @ 07:59 pm
In The Blood Snippet  
Part of my Scavenger Hunt.

"Watchers can't be trusted," Ryan snapped as he glared at Giles and Buffy, wondering how Faith could have stood being around these two self righteous idiots. "They think they know best about everything, but they force their way in and they destroy! They break the minds of innocent children, for what? Justice? The one person who did something wrong in that house was paying for it already!"

"What are you talking about?" Giles asked.

"In 1998, a slayer named Sarah Corrino disappeared. 3 weeks later, a man was caught trying to dump her beaten and mutilated corpse off a bridge. He was arrested, tried, and convicted of murder, among other charges. 3 days after his arrest, a trio of Watchers arrived at his family's home and forced their way in. They had a psychic with them, a man, and they had him force his way into the mind of the murder's wife. They didn't like what he reported seeing, so next, he forced his way into the mind of the man's 12 year-old son. Something in that child's mind broke, shattered, because of that intrusion. He was never the same. And then, while the 12 year-old was still writhing on the floor in pain, they turned their attention to the 8 year-old son."

"Dear God," Giles whispered, going pale, while Buffy grabbed the back of a chair, the wood almost splintering under her grip.

"Do you know what that 8 year-old child's crime was, Mr. Giles?" Ryan asked, his voice low and dangerous. "He snuck Sarah food. He talked to her. He gave her the key to the chains so she could escape. And he cried for her when his father was done killing her. And they forced their way into his head, too."

"How do you..." Buffy began, but Giles stopped her with a hand on her wrist.

"You're an Atwood," the man said, no recimination in his voice, only a sadness.

"My brother was never the same after that pyschic broke him," Ryan said. "Trey never got back to who he was, all because of the God damn Watchers' Council and their beleif that they are the one and only truth and justice. Watchers are flawed, they believe too much in their books and to little in instincts, in beleif and faith and trust in their Slayers. That's why there's such a short survival time, because they don't give a damn, there's always a replacement waiting in the wings. Kaitlin is going to be replaced. She can't be replaced, and I will nto allow some Watcher to come walking in here and take ehr off somewhere to become replaceable!"

"I was kicked out of the Council for becoming to close with my Slayer," Giles said, glancing at Buffy. "I came to think of her as a daughter, and they refused to udnerstand that it made her stronger, as did her friends who fought alongside her." He took one step towards Ryan, who backed up a step, hand twitching towards his concealed knife. "No girl, no Slayer, is replaceable. They are all someone's daughter or sister. We're trying to keep the girls safe, to train them to do what they are meant to do."

"I'm not letting anyone take her," Ryan repeated. "So get the hell out of our town, and don't come back."

"You're Ryan, aren't you?" Giles asked, moving back again. "You're the little boy who tried to help Sarah Corrino." He grabbed Buffy's wrist again when she gasped, a clear signal for her to keep quiet.

"How do you know that?" Ryan asked.

"Everyone's heard about that disaster. About how an 8 year-old boy's mind was too strong for the strongest psychic the Council had under employment. You shattered his mind when he tried to gain entrance to yours."

"It wasn't on purpose," Ryan replied.

"That's what terrified them," Giles said. "And everytime they tried to send a Watcher to infiltrate, to get close to you and find out how you did what you did, the Watcher would return, terrified. Except... well, except for Michael Ericson..."

"Mike?" Ryan asked. "He's the one that taught me about sigils and salt lines."

"I always thought that's why he didn't come back," Giles said. "Michael thought it would be better to get you on our side than make you an enemy, but... no one listened."

"He was a Watcher?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, one of the few that I consider to be a good one," Giles replied. "The Council died close to a year ago, Mr. Atwood. They were killed by a demon called 'The First'. I'm trying to rebuild the Council into something that I, and those like me, will be proud to be a part of."

"So, what? I'm suppose to just trust that?"

"No," Giles said. "But, perhaps we can be allies? Hmm? You and Kaitlin stay here, keep fighting, but know you can call on us and our Slayers for assistance. It would be a good idea to have Operatives in California, it is something of a hot spot. Even without the Sunnydale Hellmouth." He paused, attempting to gauge Ryan's reaction to his words. "And maybe, we could send some Slayers here for you to train. It's always helpful to know different styles of fighting. And I suspect you have knowledge the Council never did, considering the fact that I don't recognize that tattoo on your wrist, but I suspect it's something important."

"It promotes healing, helpful when training a girl half my size and twice my strength," Ryan said. "I learned it from a woman named Missouri when I was a kid."

"Faith's got one like that," Buffy pointed out.

"Faith Lehane?" Ryan said, his eyes lighting up. "You said she's 'got one', present tense. She's alive? She's okay?"

"You know Faith?" Giles said.

"Yeah, I know here," Ryan said. "She's okay?"

"As okay as she ever is," Buffy grumbled.

"The girls don't always get alone," Giles said.

"You're 'B'," Ryan guessed. "She's really okay?"

"Yes, of course," Giles said.

"Good," Ryan said. "Now I can kill her for telling me she was in Sunnydale, then not calling me after it imploded to let me know she was alive!"

End Of Snippet
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Kat: CageFightkatwoman76 on February 15th, 2009 07:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks for you help with the hint.
I really enjoy these snippets.