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25 February 2009 @ 02:26 pm
So... I'm pissed.  
See, it's Wedsday. I'm suppose to get off at 1 on Wedsdays. Well, one of our people, Teddy, decided that it was okay to suddenly leave, without mentioning anything to any of us, ahalf hour/45 minutes early. Which fucked everything up because we had once less person to get things done during that time, which in turn made it so I couldn't get off at 1 and had to stay until 2 to get everything done.

WHY does this piss me off so much? Well, Wedsdays are the ONE day a week when I get to go home early and take a nice, long hot bath and soak and relax. I call my mom (she's on her lunch break at 1) when I get off work and she comes to run me home before she goes back to work. Today, she was alreayd back at work so I have to spend 3 hours stuck here, and no relaxing bath, just a quick shower where I have to STAND which SUCKS because my leg is KILLING me for some reason. And knowing my luck, I'll get screwed out of getting off early on Friday (every other Friday I get off early, so far I've only gotten off early 2 of my 3 Fridays, one of which was only a LITTLE early and only because I said I HAD to be out of there by 2:15 at the latest) and then I'll be pissed and miserable AGAIN and AARRRGGGHHHH!!!

What the fuck is wrong with people? If you are scheduled to work until 1pm, you DO NOT leave at 12:15/12:30 without talking to your SUPERVISOR and clearing it! He fucked up my plans because he was being an ass. And I've gotten yelled at because of him before when he was suppose to vaccuum and did a really shitty job of it and I was basically supervising that day so I got yelled out the next working day because there was food on the carpet still... but I DO have things to do other than follow them around and if I HAD followed him around making sure he did it right, I would have gotten in trouble for being there so late... it's like I'm suppose to do everyone else's job, plus my own, all in the time it takes to do my own job!

And now I'm sitting here, and I'm having stomach cramps that feel like someone is pokign me in the stomach/chest just below the breastbone and sjut pressing in... and I don't know WHY because I don't usually get hungry again until evening and in fact I HAVE eaten (I bought a brownie for comfort food to cheer myself up... it didn't) and it doesn't feel liek hunger anyway, it feels like a less severe/burning version of the acid reflux thing I get sometimes during the night if I don't eat something late enough in the afternoon/evening... so... yeah, bad fucking mood and I wanna throttle Teddy because OMFG that is so fucking inconsiderate to do to everyone else!

Today was the ONE day I get to go home and relax... I SPECIFICALLY CHOSE Wedsdays for the whole 'halfway through the week' thing, so I could chill out and take a hot bath to soothe muscles at the halfway point, and now I can't and it pisses me off...
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