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07 March 2009 @ 04:44 pm
4 Of My Amazon orders Have Arrived!  
Well, 4 items, each order from someone different... lol...

A science Fiction novel I've been wanting for a while that ahs nothing to do with Fandom... lol...

Deadly Doses: A Writer's Guide To Poisons -It has some awesome info about specific poisons (like how symptoms and reaction times, case histories and other info), plus a section on street drugs and one on creating your own poison! And in back it has lists of poisons bymethods of administration, by form (liquid, powder, gas, etc), by symptoms, by reaction time, and by toxicity rating! And then a glossary of terms! I am so gonna find this useful... lol

The 4400: The Complete First Season - I am so looking forward to rewatching this, since it's been forever... I may have stopped watching later on, but the first season was made of awesome! And so many ideas... Ryan as one of the 4400... either disappeared fairly recently, like in the last few years, or... oooh... two different AU versions... one where Ryan lived in The Bronx before he was taken and he and Sandy were childhood friends, so Sandy takes him in when he comes back... or the other where Ryan is Kirsten's older brother who was taken when she was like 4 or 5 and he comes back and suddenly she's all grown up and it's so gut wrenching... maybe Ryan and Caleb ahd been fighting a lot, so Kirsten had always thought Ryan had runaway, but then when The 4400 incident happens, she catches a glimpse of him on the news and then she's contacted by NTAC when they are trying to identify everyone... yeah, I'll stop before I plot the whole thing out here... lol

Miracles: The Complete Series - Skeet Ulrich investigating Modern Day Miracles! WooHoo! After rewatching, I may be tempted to write Supernatural/Miracles crossovers where Dean and Sam run into Paul and his team... eee... so excited and happy! lol

Spring break will be a week of TV On DVD Marathons, I'm sure! lol
jujuberry136jujuberry136 on March 8th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
Re: 4400 bunnies, DO IT! Sounds like so much fun (both versions) :D

Or you could even do a version where Ryan was living with the Cohens and everyone thought he ran away but he was really taken, so everyone is feeling super guilty about trashing him when he was gone and Ryan's really upset by everyone's lack of faith in him.... or go with your AWESOME ideas!