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20 March 2009 @ 03:36 pm
'Proof' of my 'Scars' Theory (Gilmore Girls/Jess related... is this what they call 'Meta'? lol)  
So... I was watching Gilmore Girls this afternoon, and there was a quote of Jess' that actually made me think it could be taken as 'evidence' of my theory in my GG oneshot 'Scars' being true... so I went back looking at various things Jess said on the show, and it occured to that there's a lot of things that could also be taken as 'evidence'... lol... yes, insane, but...

I grabbed quotes from the Wikiquote page for GG, and also described a couple scenes I remember well enough or could find on Youtube...

First, the simple fact that he was always so much on the defense, like he wanted to keep anyone from seeing the real and actual Jess, so he buried that Jess beneath the sarcasm and defensiveness.

The loud music to sleep is another sign, to me, that hes used to loud yelling. Like Liz and her boyfriends would fight (or have REALLY loud sex) so he'd play his music really loud to drown it out...

Jess: Ok, well give him my best would ya...actually, I guess I could do that myself
Rory: Dean, Jess just came by to bring me some food
Jess: From Luke's
Rory: He wanted to make sure I ate
Jess: Luke did
Rory: Right, Luke did
Jess: Personally I could care less if she eats

~ 2.16 There's The Rub

Jess was very quick to change his tune to denying anything when he saw how pissed Dean looked. While, yes, it could just be him having a rare 'nice' moment, I see it as him getting concerned that Dean might hurt Rory because he was angry. And Dean really did look scary in that scene.

A side note on this ep? I LOVED Paris covering for Rory by saying she (Paris) had a crush on Jess and asked Rory to help her spend time with him, and that's why Jess was there... I can vaguely see myself side-shipping Jess/Paris because of the insanity of the idea... but at the very least I can picture them as being friends sometime in the future... lol

Jess: I'm never going to college, why waste the time in high school?
Rory: And why aren't you going to college?
Jess: Please.
Rory: What? Please what? Why is it so crazy?
Jess: Ask my mother, she could give you a couple reasons.

~ 2.19 Teach Me Tonight

This exchange indicates to me that Liz probably took her anger out on Jess verbally sometimes, at least by suggesting/out right saying he wouldn't amount to anything. He doesn't think college is an option because no one has ever told him he could/should go to college.

Jess: Yeah. You want a soda?
Rory: No, I'm fine.
Jess: Okay. You sure you don't want a soda?
Rory: Yeah, I'm sure.
Jess: Please let me get you a soda. I gotta do something other than stand here like a moron.
Rory: Take comfort in the fact that you are not doing it alone.
Jess: Okay, let's just regroup here.
Rory: Yeah, regroup.
Jess: First of all, we should try to get within, say, a foot of each other.
Rory: Okay. I think that's about a foot.
Jess: Huh, that school of yours is really paying off.
Rory: So, now what?
Jess: Now we should. . .
Rory: Well, I think we either need to get a little closer or need to warm up.
Jess: Okay. Hi.
Rory: Hi.

~ 3.08 Let The Games Begin

The awkwardness here, the uncertainty... for a guy so cocky and sarcastic, he was so vulnerable in this scene... waiting to make a move but being so hesitant about it... not evidence, per se, but it indicates to me that he might not have really had much actual experience with girls in reality.

Jess: What do you think is gonna happen?
Luke: You know what I think is gonna happen.
Jess: No, I don’t. Tell me. Tell me what I’m gonna do to her.

~ 3.08 Let The Games Begin

First he seems just kind of wondering and maybe sad that Luke seems to think he'd do something, but then the defensiveness kicks in when he realizes Luke is thinking he'd actually really do something, anything, to hurt Rory. He sees it as something impossible, he would never delibrately hurt anyone he loved.

Jess: Well, whatever else happens between us, at least we know that part works. (Rory looks away) What?
Rory: I have to go.
Jess: What? Did I do something or --
Rory: No, no. This was... you were -- are... it was wonderful, and I look forward to many similar occurrences in the future, but right now, I have to go. Understand?
Jess: Not at all.

~ 3.08 Let The Games Begin

It breaks my heart when he thinks he did something wrong, because he seems so extra vulnerable there. I think it connects back to Luke's little 'accusation' earlier in the ep, he worries that Rory thinks he'll do something, too... he just looks so sad when he's asking if he did something... Like he wonders if he actually IS one of 'those guys' who hurts people.

Clara: Is Jess your real name?
Jess: Yes.
Clara: Do you like it?
Jess: It's fine.
Clara: Would you rather be named Bill?
Jess: No.
Clara: Frank?
Jess: No.
Clara: Mike?
Jess: No.
Clara: Bob?
Jess: No.
Clara: Ed?
Jess: Does this belong to you?
Dean: Clara, you want a snowcone?
Clara: Yes, will you get me a snowcone?
Jess: Absolutely. Go stand in the middle of the street and wait for me, I'll be right back.

~ 3.10 That'll Do Pig

Yes, he sounds irritated, but notice how he puts up with Clara being irritating, despite hating Dean so much. And later when she keeps up while making him play carnival games, he's STILL PUTTING UP WITH HER! Yeah, he sounds highly annoyed, but still, he could have walked away, he could have told Dean to kep Clara the hell away from him. He could have told her to get lost and been REALLY mean to her instead of just calling her annoying... like he doesn't want anyone to know, but he's actually got a soft spot for kids (I'm quite sure he's great with his baby sibling). Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this...

Luke: (He pulls Jess into the storage room) Look, you're my responsibility, you're exhibiting signs of violent behavior and I don't care how much you don't wanna talk about it, you're not leaving until you tell me. Now tell me, where'd you get the black eye?
Jess: You wouldn't believe it anyway.
Luke: Try me tough guy.
Jess: (Shifts uneasy and embrassed) A swan.
Luke: Excuse me?
Jess: I was attacked by a swan. Okay? You happy? A stupid swan.
Luke: (clears his throat) Now how about the real story.
Jess: That is the real story! It hangs out by Larson's Dock, I was just walking by and the thing came out of nowhere and bam, beaked me, right in the eye.
Luke: It 'beaked' you?
Jess: You still don't believe me.
Luke: I've just never heard anyone use the word 'beaked' as a verb before.
Jess: No, no, this isn't funny! That stupid bird attacked me! (Luke chuckles) He could have blinded me! It's a vicious, vicious bird! And (Luke gives him a look) Fine, forget it. (Jess storms out)

~ 3.14 - Swan Song

I included this because Jess seemed so hurt that Luke thought he was 'exhibiting signs of violent behavior' which jsut makes me think again that Jess is scared he's like his mother's boyfriends. And he was so upset that Luke didn't believe him. Plus it's a funny ass scene (and this episode is where the bit in my 'Inside Out/Upside Down' universe about how Jess tells Sophie Rose stories about evil Swans comes from... lol...)

There's others, too, namely the conversation in 'Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels' where Luke and Jess are talking about TJ and Jess says something about know all about Liz's loser boyfriends and I just very much get the impression that he got overlooked in favor of boyfriends a lot, and that's why he acted out, so Liz would be forced to notice him for once... but I can't find the clip on YouTube or the scene written out, so I can't put it here... but it's the scene that made me go looking for quotes...

Another scene is from back in Season 2, when Jess was cleaning Lorelai's gutters and she invited him in for lunch and they actually had a conversation... but his first reaction to her calling his name to be to apologize and ask if it was too loud, was nice of him... and his "If you sure you have enough" comment after the offer, like he doesn't want to be a bother... and for god's sake, a teenage boy who WANTS to wash his hands before eating... and his reaction to Lorelai asking if he played any sports... it makes me think that even if he wanted to, he wouldn't, and that is such 'evidence' for my 'Scars' story because he'd be worried about people seeing the scars... and he actually seemed relieved when Lorelai said he was doing okay at the small talk thing... and I think he kinda secretly vaguely enjoyed the moment of Lorelai being nice to him because he doesn't get a nice mom-type person talking to him... his little bashful smile after she asked if the egg roll was bad and she chuckled when he said 'oh yeah'... like he liked that he made her chuckle...

Again, I may be reading WAY too much into these scenes, but... I think it's officially part of my personal canon: Jess was defintiely emotionally neglected/abused by Liz and her boyfriends (though Liz as portrayed on the show in Season 4 and later wouldn't have done so on purpose), and may very well have been physically abused by the boyfriends to some degree.

EDITTED: Oops... I messed up the cut... sorry...
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