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20 March 2009 @ 10:37 pm
More Untitled The OC/Stargates/Supernatural Fusion with Battlestar Galactica  
So... yeah... I'll probably write more of this in the coming weeks... especially since I sorta ordered a couple mroe things off amazon yesterday, including the BSG roleplaying game corebook (and for that matter the Farscape corebook, the Babylon 5 RPG Book, and a random SciFi RPG Book) so... yeah... inspiration will most likely abound... lol... and I LIKE this unvierse, damn it!

Supernatural joins the party in this one, with Dean making an appearance... lol...

The first section can be found HERE.

More Untitled The OC/Stargates/Supernatural Fusion with Battlestar Galactica

Ryan absently tugged on the sleeves of the shirt he'd received from the 'donations' that had been given to the former prisoners. It was too big for him, the sleeves covering his hands and still having several inches left over, but he liked that about it, it hid the scars that crisscrossed his arms,especially on the wrists, and it let him feel like he was hidden from the world, no matter how much everyone stared. He stepped into the mess hall, trying not to react to the sudden hush that fell over half the room. Instead, he followed Sheppard's advice, which had been echoed by the gruff admonishments of the flight chief, and held his head high as he walked through the room to show his newly issued meal card and get some food. After getting that tray, which held more food than he'd had in an entire day for most of his life, he turned and sought out a table, finding one right near a card game. As he ate, he half listened to the game, glancing over occasionally.

"The chance that you have a winning hand are a million to one," one of the players said to another.

Ryan glanced over, catching the cards that the target of the comment held. "More like 1 in 5," he muttered under his breath, freezing as he saw the player who had the cards react with just the slightest amount of extra tension that faded almost immediately.

The man shoved half his pile of credits into the center pile. "Call," he said.

When the other hands were revealed, the player grinned and pulled his winnings in. "Guess I am one in a million, huh Volchak?" he asked, amused.

"Asshole," the other guy said, growling as he got up and stormed out.

"Sore loser!" the winner called after him. As the rest of the table got up, scattering to other tables and out the door, the winner turned, eyeing Ryan, who was trying to pretend he didn't know anything about anything. "Thanks," he said. "I've been trying to knock Volchak off his high horse for the last few days."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Ryan said. "I'm just trying to eat some dinner."

The guy got up and turned one of the other chairs at Ryan's table around backwards before plopping down in it. "I'm Dean Winchester, call sign Suicide."

"That's reassuring," Ryan said, his tone dry.

"I was dared to do a run straight at a cliff, and I didn't pull up till the last possible second," Dean said. "Haven't shaken the name yet. How about you? What's the name?"

Ryan hesitated, then let out a small sigh. "Ryan Atwood."

"Which ship were you on?" Dean asked, reaching to snag food from Ryan's tray and freezing as the tray was yanked away and Ryan's expression went dark, dangerous. "Daedalus?" he asked as he slowly pulled his hand back.

"I'm a convicted murderer," Ryan said bluntly, trying to pretend he didn't care what anyone thought. "Killed a man 'in cold blood' when I got tired of being beaten, used, and sent back to work in the factories. Killed three fellow prisoners during the riots right after the guards trashed the ship and left us to die. I've got other cold blooded killers scared of me, so you might wanna take a hint, 'Suicide'," he concluded.

"I like to live dangerous," Dean said, shrugging. "Are you the engineer that McKay's been going batshit over?"

"McKay the loud asshole in bright orange?" Ryan asked.

"Sounds about right," Dean replied, grinning. "He's the chief, in charge of the flight deck techs. He's been going crazy trying to find a project that the new CAG, Sheppard, will approve of you doing. Don't really know what to think of Sheppard yet."

"There's 30 people alive because he stepped up and took control during the riot," Ryan said. "30 people that he then got to work together and fix a ship that had been delibrately trashed by the guards, including shooting up the engine, taking the medical supplies, the food, and even most of the water. Everyone was panicking, and Sheppard got us to shut the frak up and work. We may be criminals, Winchester, but we're not the bad guys. Most of us that are left? We did what we did because we had no choice, we were trapped, we were scared, we were alone, with no one to help us, no one who cared, and we acted the only way we saw available to us."

"So you think all should be forgiven?" Dean asked, but not in a judging tone, just a curious one.

"I think we should be given a chance to prove our true characters, be it trustworthy or not," Ryan said. "Give Sheppard a chance, and he'll prove to you that he's a good leader."

"And what'll you prove?" Dean replied.

"That you can give me a box of parts and I'll build you a frakkin' fighter," Ryan replied.

"What about three rashed Vipers and a wrecked Raptor?" Dean asked. "What could you do with them?"

"Depends on how wrecked, how much is vaguely salvageable. But... I'd say at least one working craft," Ryan said, put down his utensils as he finished eating. "Why?"

"You done?" Dean asked. "Because I think I know what project McKay should put you on."


"I think I'm in love," Ryan said, running his hands across the shattered hull of the Raptor.

"Yeah, but what can you do with 'em?" Dean asked, leaning against one of the trashed Vipers, the one that his name was on.

"Don't know yet," Ryan said. "I'll have to get a good look at the nav systems, run some diagnostics... and the hulls are completely destroyed, so there's a lot of welding to do..."


"But I might be able to make something useful out of it," Ryan said.

"Tell that to the idiot new CAG!" McKay declared as he stormed over. "You want to work with this?"

"It's a challenge," Ryan said, eyes still on the wreckage. "I like challenges."

"And he works well with them," Sheppard said as he walked up. "They good for anything but parts?"

"No," McKay said. "And even then... it would be too much work to get anything useful in a reasonable amount of time, so I can't pull anyone off regular work."

"Ryan does this, and if he's needed to fix someone's fighter, he does that," Sheppard said. "Sound like a deal?"

"Yes, fine, as long as he's on my team."

Ryan turned, eyeing McKay. "You don't care about my conviction?"

"I reviewed your file," McKay said dismissively. "Seemed to me from the evidence that the son of a bitch deserved it."

"Damn straight," Sheppard said darkly.

"I'll be supervising pilot," Dean volunteered. "Since my baby's one of the wrecks, and we don't have a replacement..."

"You're on stand down after that wreck," McKay reminded him. "Slammed right into the wall at twice normal landing speed during the first battle."

"Details are trivial, Chief," Dean said with a grin. "A project like this needs a pilot on it to make sure it's pilot friendly."

"I'm sure I can make it simple enough for you to follow," Ryan said with a smirk as he crouched down to check out the cracks in the hull of the raptor near the floor. "I'll just try to remember I'm designing for someone with the mentality of a 5 year-old and we'll be fine."

"Well, he's got you pegged," McKay said.

Sheppard crouched down beside Ryan, catching the teenager's attention. "Your idea? Or do you think you have to?"

"Winchester thought it up, but..." Ryan began, looking at the wrecks again. "I can do this. Easy."

"Alright," Shepard agreed, clapping him on the shoulder. "Looks like there's a side project going on," he said to McKay as he stood. "Winchester, you're assigned to this, at least until you check out as flight ready."

"Sounds good to me," Dean agreed, crouching down beside Ryan. "Can you make her go fast?"

Ryan glanced up, a grin forming on his lips. "Almost fast enough to not need FTL," he replied.

"First you help me win a lot of credits, now this?" Dean said, grinning. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

End Of Snippet

Ryan's a little... cocky... when it comes to his engineering prowess, but that's because it's the one thing he has absolute confidence in his ability to do. He doesn't trust his ability to do anything else, but machines he knows. And it gives him a use, which to him means freedom, based on the deal Sheppard made in the first section about them all working in exchange for their freedom...
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jujuberry136jujuberry136 on March 21st, 2009 12:31 pm (UTC)
Yay! More of this 'verse! :D

Love the introduction of Dean (and interesting call sign) and the project Ryan has. Desperately needed in the fleet and will give Ryan a chance to start fitting in.