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27 March 2009 @ 03:17 pm
The week from HELL is over! Welcome weekend of NOT HELL!

Monday was fine, everythign was good, except for feeling kinda blah in the not feeling well sense and also in the "I wish I was still on vacation" sense. Monday was the best day of the week.

Tuesday, the other person who works mornings, Mike, called in and said he couldn't get in because his car wouldn't start, but he'd get in as soon as he could. We had really cold overngiht temps and snow, so... okay, maybe true. Except he never shows at all. He seriously doesn't know ANYONE he could call for a jumpstart or a ride? Seriously? And he also couldn't be bothered to call back and say "Sorry, I can't get in after all"? Ass. This basically left me alone from 7:30 until 10 when three others came in, but they have to be checked on and reminded to work, not stand in back gossiping and they aren't that good on the register or making lattes, so... they're not much help. Later, in the afternoon, my boss comes in and gives us some news. My coworker Bau, who's like the best because he knows reguister and latter machine and he works his ass off like I do, won't be in the rest of the week. Because? He had to have surgery to remove his appendix Monday night! So, no Bau who works his ass off and is great to work with. Even when Karen threw her cellphone at his crotch (it was an accident, she gestured and it flew out of her hand... but it was funny as hell and we still joke about it...). So Tuesday was the first day of suck.

Wedsday wasn't too overly hellish, except of of the 3 that come in at 10? She came in at the start of her shift and quit. She's the 3rd person since we came back from Winter break to do that, and she KNOWS how bad it messes things up for the rest of us to suddenly be short handed. So yeah, that screwed up me getting off earlier on Wedsday because we were short BOTH Bau and Ankita.

Thursday was bakc to HELL. Mike called in AGAIN. This time when he was asked why, he said something like "I've got stuff going on". He KNOWS that without him there are Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm fucked because I'm ALONE for 2 and a half hours where people want tons of Lattes. Ass. Again. Luckily, one of Karen (student supervisor at work who ROCKS) had one of her classes get cancelled so she was able to come in earlier than usual (on Tuesdays and Thursdays Karen's in at 12:30, which is AFTER lunch rush, during which I'd be ALONE since my boss was gonna leave early because SHE was sick...) so that lessened the suck slightly, but it still sucked and I felt like gettign a drink after I was done, and guess what? I DON'T DRINK! I'm TERRIFIED of becoming an alchoholic because of family predisposition (on both my mom and my dad's sides there's alchohol problems) so I jsut plain don't drink, except for an occasional wine cooler or a bit of real wine mixed in with ginger ale (which is good and all sparkly pretty! lol) and that's like nowhere near enough to get drunk... but i wanted to get into the cabinet my mom has her good brandy and stuff in and just get bombed...

And today? Mike calls AGAIN. This time he's not sick, and it's not that his car won't start or he's got 'stuff going on'. No. He called to QUIT. Making him the FOURTH person since we came bakc from winter break. And he KNOWS how much it screws us over when someone quits without giving notice, and he KNOWS that he's basically completely fucked up MY sanity because now 3 days a week I'm all alone, and I basically CAN'T get sick on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays because NO ONE will be there until 10 on those days (We can't ask the gals in the kitchen to do it, and besides they don't know how to make the lattes, and my boss has her own work to do) so I HAVE to be there. And I'll ahve to be like desperately sick to call in one Mondays or Wedsdays because I don't wanna leave Bau all alone to deal with that place on those days.

tl;dr - Coworker Mike is an ASS and quit, which has basically made it so I CAN'T get sick because there will be NO ONE else there 3 days out of the week and it would leave the person who's there the other 2 days all alone and I don't wanna be that kind asshole. So yeah, I just can't get sick. Or if I do get sick, I have to suck it up and go in feeling completely bullshit crappy and put up with the bullshit of that place. I swear, one of these days I'm gonna go in sick and end up passing out or something because of it...
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