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08 April 2009 @ 05:46 pm
apocalyptothon is coming around again! I'm pimping to try and help get more people to sign up! You supply like 3-5 prompts, then you list what fandoms you're willing to write, and list things you flat out refuse to write, and you'll be matched up with someone to write a fic for them and someone else will write a fic for you! They haven't selected the fandoms for this round, BUT, there's gonna be a second challenge after the first is completed to allow 'less popular' fandoms the chance to get fics written (There aren't too many details on how that will work yet...)

I LOVE this ficathon and I can't wait to write one again adn recieve on in return!

Previous rounds:
2007 -
I wrote Refuge for valderys, a Stargate: Altantis/Eureka crossover (Mild Sheppard/McKay slash... some McKay and Zoe snarky-ness...). I was a pinchhitter that year, so I didn't get anything written in return. It was fun though!

2008 -
I wrote Stars In His Eyes for karrenia_rune, a Post-Movie Firefly fic about the Serenity Crew leading refugees to Earth That Was following a Reaver Takeover, and interspersing it with a tale of an Earther heaidng towards the landing site. I really like what I did with this fic, and Mal/Inara is perfection, and I adore my River-Voice in this fic... nonsensical but in a way that makes sense... and the bits between Mal and River are awesome... lol

I recieved Rings Hollow from inveigler. It's Firefly fic with Zombies and River saying that Zombies want Jayne's brains but they want hers mroe because hers are bigger and it's perfect! Just what I wanted!

We'll see what I write/what I get this year... but... if you wanna write AND recieve Apocafic, go vote for a fandom before the end of Thursday (tomorrow!)! Voting for a Fandom does NOT equal promising to take part int he ficathon, so even if you DON'T wanna play, still! You can go vote! And then you stand a chance of having fics in fandoms you love get written! The specific 'Vote For A Fandom' post is here. There's been TONS of votes already, but the list owner deletes the comments as she tallys, so they aren't there anymore... lol...

To give you an idea of what kind of things get prompted, check out the submission post from last year: RIGHT HERE. My specific submission last eyar is here, if you're curious... lol