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12 April 2009 @ 01:29 am
A Couple Poll Questions...  
So, I'm working on Never Again, actually I was working on the soundtrack, and I got a couple ideas... but since these ideas depend a lot on several factors I can't quite decide on because all the different options could totally rock in different ways, I thought I'd ask you guys for your opinions on them...

Poll #1382109 In The Universe Of "Never Again"...

Peyton Sawyer Is...

An evil, selfish, bitch from hell.
A good friend to Brooke.
Not worth having appear.

When It Comes To The Cohens, Ryan Should...

Never speak to any of them again.
Give them another chance, he owes them that much.
Give Sandy a chance, since he seemed sincere.
Give them another chance because he still loves them.

Ryan Should Propose By...

Getting down on one knee.
Holding the ring so it's the first thing Brooke sees when she wakes up.
Writing a message on the bathroom mirror and waiting in the bedroom for her answer.
Suddenly ask during an arguement.
Suddenly ask during a sadder moment.

The Ryan/Brooke Baby Should Be...

A Boy.
A Girl.

Baby Names! (For A Boy)

Robert Nathan (Robbie for short, middle name after Nathan Scott)
Paul James (Named after Paulie, middle name after Haley James-Scott's maiden name)
Nathan Paul (Named after Nathan Scott and Paulie)
Other? (In Comments, Please!)

Baby Names! (For A Girl)

Lillian Haley (Lily for short, middle name after Haley James-Scott)
Lillian Beth (Lily for short, middle name after Haley James-Scott)
Emily Karen (Middle name after Karen Roe)
Other? (In Comments, Please!

Ryan And Brooke Should...

Stay in their apartment, just because they can afford something bigger doesn't mean they should.
Get a bigger apartment, they need more room.
Find a small house, even if it makes things a little tight.
Let someone (Cohens and/or Paulie and Beth) help them get a house.

Influence Me! Please! lol

As a side note, sicne I keep writing fics with pregnancy and babies, I think I'll have to actually buy some books on the topic soon... at the UW bookstore they actually have a copy of the latest edition of the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' book... it's a liuttle more expensive (like a couple bucks) more than I'd pay through amazon, but I'd have it in my hands immediately and I could pay in cash instead of wodneirng when it was gonna show up in my bank account... I'll decide by Monday afternoon, since that's the earleist I could get it from the UW Bookstore anyway... lol... I ALMOST bought it on Thursday when I saw it there... then changed my mind...
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shoesequallifeshoesequallife on April 12th, 2009 07:46 am (UTC)
I think Ryan should see the cohens one more time for closure for him...not for the cohens.

Boys name should have Paulie's and Neils name some how weaved in.
The girls name i think should have summer as maybe middle name.

finleefinlee on April 12th, 2009 06:00 pm (UTC)
I feel the need to comment on whether or not Ryan should give the Cohen's another chance which I chose for my answer.

What happened to him was horrible and he already went to them once. He did his part and no longer "owes" them anything. If they approach him again and let Ryan know they realize they failed him and apologize (and let him know Ryan was not to blame), then he could give them another chance. And he should not just accept them as family.

Love this story and I know what ever you chose to do will be enjoyable!
ocmissocmiss on April 12th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
Ok, so first Peyton is like a Marissa to me, she's really selfish and took everything from Brooke.
Then, Ryan shouldn't have to make a move to the Cohens, they should insist harder and earn Ryan's forgiveness, which he could give if they were sincere.
And finally, Ryan and brooke should totally have twins, it would create some more drama since money would be tighter but there would be more love. (twin boys!).

Can't wait for an update :)