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17 April 2009 @ 06:47 pm
Lyrically Tragic Songs And Comments  
18 songs, all downloadable! I uploaded to Mediafire, but if you need something uploaded elsewhere, let me know. I also provided a bonus link to a Youtube vid done to a different song by the same artist as one of my songs.

Since people seem to have liked this little experiment, I may do more of them... in different 'genres', though... like one of happy ficlets to happy/funny/romantic songs, one of Apocaficlets to songs like 'Does Me Up (End of The World News)' and 'Aim For The Head'... stuff like that...

1. maybe that's the way i should go... - Call Me - Shinedown
Orange Hill!Verse. In this universe, Lucas and Ryan are brothers (both the sons of Dan Scott), and they don't get along. Lucas often tries to make Ryan look bad, and it has led Ryan to beleive that his brother hates him entirely. But when Ryan is nearly killed in a car crash (see #10 of the ficlets), Lucas realizes how close he came to loosing his little brother, and while he lashed out at Ryan about Marissa's death, he does love Ryan, and he wants his brother to be okay. I imagine that following this ficlet, Lucas actually acts like a big brother and stand sup for Ryan, telling Peyton to back off on being a bitch, and even encouraging Brooke and Ryan to get together because he sees how much they like eachother. This also leads to him finally apologizing to her for cheating on her when they were dating, and they wind up friends.

2. it was only one hour ago, it was all so different then... - I Grieve - Peter Gabriel
No universe title, but it's heartbreaking and so Ryan. He breaks down that once, in Kirsten and Sandy's arms outside school, then after that he tries to be strong for them, because his loss is nothing compared to theirs, at least in his own mind. Of course, he's completely falling apart inside, but he's not gonna let them see that. So he runs, taking out his anger and pain by pounding his feet on the sand. But it's not enough, and he's gotta break sometime. I imagine that, after this filet, one of two things happen. He calms down, gets up, and calls Summer to come get him, and they wind up spending hours talking about Seth, both of them getting comfort from the stories and from eachothers presence. The other possibility is that he suffers a mental break and enters a fugue state, leading him to just walk off and not turn up again for months or even years, and further devastating the Cohens.

3. so let in the morning light and let the darkness fade away - Black Roses Red - Alana Grace
See, I imagine that in this universe, there's a really good spinal trauma specialist at the hospital in Tree Hill, and the Cohens had Ryan moved there as soon as it was safe in hopes something could be done. And Sandy flew back to Newport for Seth's court date (Seth was kept locked up as a flight risk awaiting trial, and this is still just a pre-trial hearing), while Kirsten stayed with Ryan in Tree Hill. But Kirsten was a nervous wreck, and Ryan always gets tired and falls asleep after physical therapy, so he convinced her to go back to the apartment she and Sandy rented to wait for Sandy to call about the hearing, and that's why he's alone when Brooke comes in. And Ryan/Brooke fall in love, and everyone is kind of shocked when they find out Brooke's new boyfriend is paralyzed, and Lucas is an ass and Peyton is a bitch, but Nathan and Haley both like Ryan and get why Brooke really likes him, and the four of them became really good friends...

4. when darkness turns to light, it ends tonight - It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects
Southland fic! Just a short little follow-up to the Pilot ep. All my speculation about Ben will probably be totally wrong, but... It fit the lyric I chose... lol

5. if i could go back in time, i'd say the sweet words - Shoulda - Hinder
Southland/The OC Crossover! Basically, erase Ben Sherman, insert Ryan Atwood. This would take place a couple years after Ryan and Cooper became partners (and if i ever write a longer The OC/Southland crossover I'll have to mention the Cooper-Connection thing... maybe have Cooper make a comment about how he had a cousin who lived in Newport, last time he saw Jimmy was at the guy's daughter's funeral... and of course he wouldn't have seen Ryan, because Ryan didn't go!)... nothing else to say really, except... I like this one...

6. pour me a glass of wine, talk deep into the night, who knows what we'll find - Born - Over The Rhine
Ryan and Brooke are at the same ski resort one winter... Brooke on Vacation, Ryan on a 'team building' trip for the architecture firm he got hired for... they meet by chance, and they start drinking... and I think fi you got enough booze into Ryan, he would open up. And Brooke would be able to tell that she needed to stop him from drowning his sorrows.

7. i feel the dream in me expire and there’s no one left to blame it on - Fine Again - Seether
This one... god...it was one of the hardest to write, because Ryan is so broken mentally. First he sees Marissa dead. Then he has to fight for his life. Then he gets blamed for everything and gets locked up for literally half his life and has god knows what happen to him inside. And even the Cohens didn't believe him! And now he finds himself wonderign if he was always meant to end up down the same path as his dad and Trey, and he's contemplating just giving in and being like them, drowning his grief and pain in booze until he passes out, then drinking some more. But he doesn't want to be like them, he doesn't want to just give up and be Chino Trash. He wants to try.

8. this one was the last one, i don't remember how, but I remember blood and rain - Made Of Scars - Stone Sour
I think this is almost worse than paralyzing Ryan. His frickin' leg was amputated, you guys! I cut off his leg! I have this image in my head that the paramedics wanted to take Kirsten to the hospital, but she refused to leave Ryan, she staye dwith him while they worked to free him from the rover, and she told him everything would be okay, and she panicked when his heart stopped after they freed him. And she signed the papers for the surgery that saved his life but took his leg. And Ryan get a prostetic, and he gets good at using it. He gets both an everyday oen and one that's designed for running, and he teaches himself how to set his pace just right so neither leg ends up going too fast or too slow... and he widns up volunteering at a rehab facility to help kids adjust to havign prostetics, and while there he meets a pretty nurse named Isabella and they fall in love... lol

9. you're just in sight, will you save my life again? - Underwater - Vertical Horizon
Same Universe as #1, Orange Hill, but this one shows the accident that killed Marissa. The way i see it is that Marissa got drunk at Nathan and Haley's wedding and left with some random older guy. Ryan didn't really WANT to go after her, but he did, and he kept the guy from hurting her, but as he's driving her back to the wedding so he can put her safely in Julie's hands, Marissa gets upset and grabs the wheel, causing him to crash into the bridge guardrail and into the water. Nathan and Haley were leaving for their honeymoon and witness the crash, and Lucas arrives moments later. When he realizes that the car that went off the bridge was Ryan's, he dives in, because despite past problems, they had actually called something of a truce recently, and even if they hadn't, that's his little brother!

10. i pretend to be everything they like, i've been here before, i've seen you before - These Walls - Trapt
Oooh... I have much love for this one. Ryan going cold and calculating, but it's all about getting justice for Sandy, even if it costs him his own freedom. Caleb killed Sandy and got away with it, and Ryan's not going to let that continue. And Ryan never once thinks of it being revenge for what he went through, to him it's all about what Caleb did to Sandy, the rest is trivial. I imagine that maybe discs that show that Caleb killed Sandy pop up after Ryan kills Caleb, and the Defense uses that to keep Ryan from getting either the Death penalty or life in prison. Ryan knew what he saw, and he was given drugs he didn't need to make him believe otherwise. But when he came face to face with Caleb again, the memories came back and he realized, and he had a mental break, which led to the murder. And Ryan is put under mental evaluation, which confirms that he is suffering from some severe mental problems, and everythign jsut piled up to cause him to turn to murder. It doesn't get him off the hook, he still goes to jail, but it's a much lighter sentence because he was found guilty of a lesser crime, and it's a miniumum security prison because he's not a flight risk and because he's enver denied what he did, and he actually gets some good mental help in prison, for once not having it make everything worse for him. And when eh gets out, he's able to still have a good lfie ahead of him.

11. there's a space kept in hell with your name on the seat, with a spike in the chair just to make it complete - Fuck You - Archive
This... oh man... I used to adore Blair so much, but the love has waned slightly... while my love for Chuck only grows. I just got this image of Blair getting pissed because Ryan rejected her, and maybe he called her out for being a bitch, and so she found out everything she could about him, and she used it to hurt him. She really didn't mean to drive him to a suicide attempt, she didn't realize that he was walking on a narrow ledge and she was giving him a hard shove in the wrong direction. But it happened, and she basically destroyed herself, with a little help from Chuck, Nate, Vanessa, and Jenny. And everyone else that Ryan had made friends with just by being Ryan. I imagine that Ryan has some brian damage, but he was so upset he didn't aim well, so the bullet didn't do as much damage as it could have. He'll recover physically, and he won't be a vegetable, but he'll need a lot of therapy, both physical and psychological, in order to really get better. And Chuck and Vanessa in particular rally around him, with Nate and Jenny there, too, andeventually Ryan IS okay.

12. i'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason - Pet - A Perfect Circle
This is loosely based on the idea for 'Descent', where Frank kidnaps and torments Ryan. The actual ordeal will end with an FBI raid on the house (Which actually is shown in the Prologue, so I'm not giving away a shockign ending... lol), so this isn't how it'll go in Descent, but... the base idea is the same. Again, Ryan will need a LOT of help to heal from this, but he has the Cohens, and they love him. I imagine that at first the locals have no idea who Ryan is, because Frank didn't say and Ryan's not talking, and they all sort of bond with the poor kid, taking care of him and it gets him tot he point where he tells them his name, which they punch into a missing persons database and up comes Ryan, and the Cohens come to town. I picture Kirsten beign VERY motherly with Ryan after all this, wanting him to feel safe and loved above all else. And they are all careful about loud voices or angry actions, and Ryan slowly gets better but he won't talk about what happened while he was with Frank, except in the very vague and more abtract ("It was bad." "He did a lot of bad stuff." "I thought he was gonna kill me." "He killed ma. He kileld those women." etc...), until a moment where Caleb comes in and gets in an arguement with Kirsten and raises his voice and slams his hadn ont eht able and Ryan snaps, because Frank had gotten pissed and banged his hand ont he table before several of the murders and Ryan's flashing back and Caleb sees just how broken Ryan is and regrets his outburst as he watches Kirsten frantically try to reassure Ryan that no one's going to get hurt or killed.

13. i sleep all night right by your side, i love to hear your breathin', the morning light, opens my eyes, it's nearly time for leavin' - The Hardest Thing - Tose Proeski
And finally, one where the Cohens are Vilians of a sort. They know Ryan is miserable. They know that Marissa is screwing aorund and flaunting it. They know that one of her lovers attacked Ryan. And all they care about is themselves. But Brooke loves Ryan, and she'll give up everything to get him somewhere safe, to make him happy. I imagine them ending up in Tree Hill, and takes a job bartending at Tric, and there's funny moments of him impressing a bunch of drunks by pulling off a seemingly difficult but actually simple little thing involving balancing things because he knows he's physics and engineering... and even though he makes like a tenth of what he did before, he's happier than he has been in pretty much ever...

14. swallowed up in the sound of my screaming, cannot cease for the fear of silent nights. - Imaginary - Evanescence
This song was already on the 'additional songs' part of the playlist, and when Ben told his backstory, it hit me how perfect it was. No matter how bad or not bad it really was, he was 10 and would have been traumatized, would have had nightmares. And then it hit me how perfect it would be to have Ben's little brother, Ryan, have been kidnapped that night and Ben ahd the added fear of not knowing what happened to him.

15. she says i'm okay; i'm alright, though you have gone from my life - If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly
I love Flogging Molly, let's jsut say that up front. They are an Irish-American Celtic Punk band from LA. I highly recommend both this song and 'Drunken Lullabies'. Anyone, the ficlet... I see this in a universe similiar to 'Completely' but more angsty where the guy who attacked Brooke/held Sam captive gets out on bail and he goes after Brooke and Sam, breaking into their house and Sam's home alone when he does and he was pretty clearly gonna rape her. Ryan got home, found the guy standing over a scared Sam, and the guy had dropped his gun whiel struggling with Sam, and Ryan grabbed the gun and shot him. So Ryan is awaiting trial on murder charges, but he'll be released because it becomes very clear during testimony that he was scared for Sam's life, and reacted to protect her from home, and therefore it qualifies as self defense. Or something like that. But he gets released and he, Brooke, and Sam are a family...

16. never gonna let you take my world from me - All These Lives - Daughtry
Ben always remembered the man who destroyed his family, and there was never any doubt in his mind that he'd find the man some day and get answers about Ryan. And when the son of a bitch actually mocked him, Ben was seriously ready to give up everything he'd worked for to make him pay. And I loved the idea that Ben was convinced Ryan would freak out, and instead his brothe rnot only recognized him, but his eyes lit up.

17. cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to do, i wouldn't know just how capable i am to pull through - Fighter - Christina Aguilera
He hurt Brooke, and that made her mad. Then he hurt her kid, and Brooke got ready to fight. But X's actions actually brought Brooke and Sam closer together. It showed Brooke that she wasn't just 'that woman who took Sam in', she was Sam's mom, damn it, and no one's hurting her kid. Brooke has always been strong, but I don't think she ever realized HOW strong she was, and when she was fighting to protect her daughter, she knew. I like this ficlet because I can just sort of see Brooke not wanting to let Sam out of her sight, and Sam not really wanting to be out of Brooke's sight, and both of them wanting to hang on to eachother as reassurance.

18. 'cause there are these nights when i sing myself to sleep and i'm hopin' my dreams bring you close to me - Hear Me - Kelly Clarkson
Ah, the reunion between the Sherman brothers 16 years later. Ryan's joy mixed with his disbelief that his brother is there, that Ben actually found him. Not because he didn't think it was possible, but because he didn't expect anyone to still be looking. And the reason Ryan didn't look for them is revealed, he was so little when it happened, that he couldn't remeber his own alst name or his mom's first name (if he ever even knew the latter). But his brother came. Ben came. I certainly imagine they have a good talk over lunch, and later the other cops interrogate Ben about it, and they find out that Ryan's criminal record is more a series of mistakes and other people screwing him over than anything else... and at some point Ben has to meet the Cohens and the Coopers (and I almost HAVE to have something where John Cooper of Southland is cousins or something with Jimmy Cooper of The OC... lol...) and Ryan will of course meet the other cops at some point...
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