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17 April 2009 @ 08:22 pm
The State Of The Mara Address...  
Real Life:

*I'm not jobless afterall! Today my boss' boss came in to talk to her because she'd called/emailed him about whether there was anything else in ResLife for me to do during the summer until/if we reopen in the fall. He told her and me this morning that he definitely can find a place for me somewhere, most likely either in the Student Union (CJ's, the little convenience store which I worked at under the other management last year) or at the little shop in the main Library (Book And Bean, which I'm not familiar with at all...) so... I'll have work!

*When i mentioned staying working on campus to one of the gals who I take the daily deposit to at the end of the day, she said good because she likes me, I'm a hard worker. That made me feel good.

*On the less good side... I think we may lose one of our cats soon. A.C.C (Short for 'A Classic Cat') is getting kinda old, and he's moving slower lately, he's stopped grooming himself as much as he used to, he's getting matts in his fur when he never used to, and he seems to have lost weight. All 3 cats go in for their annual chekc up on Monday, so ACC will get checked out then, but... I just have a feeling it won't be much longer now. And it kills me to think of loosing him because he's my ACC. When we moved up to Wyoming from texas, we had to give up the cats we had at the time (Flash, Tasha, Raccoon, and Casper), and it broke my heart. I was catless for a little over a year before I found ACC at my school bus stop and tucked him into my coat to take him home so he wouldn't freeze to death in the aftermath of a snow storm we'd had. I can still so clearly remember tucking him into my jacket and carrying him home, telling him that if nothing else, we'd get him some food and shelter him in the garage until we could take him to the animal shelter, but instead we kept him. I've had him since I was 12 years old and I'm nto reayd to lsoe him, but I think I'm gonna.


*apocalyptothon closes submissions tomorrow, and I can't wait to get my assignment... I also, of course, can't wait to find out which of my prompts gets written...

*I think my Next Lyrical grouping will be 'Lyrically Ending', aka Apocafics inspired/titled after lines from songs. I've got quite a few Apocalypse tinged songs, randing from vague ends of the world to Zombies...

That 'tis all for now...
Briinlikerain on April 19th, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
Glad you've still got a job, somewhere.

I hope your kitty's okay. :(

I have a new msn name if you still use it btw: your.afterglow@hotmail.com
Maramissmara on April 19th, 2009 08:52 pm (UTC)
We're slightly more hopeful about ACC today, even though the vet appointment isn't until tomorrow... we were trying to groom him (since the last time we took the cat brush to him, he got some matts under his front legs, lik the armpit area), and we noticed some red on his upper lip area... so mama got his mouth open and looked, and... long story short, he had a tooth in REALLY bad shape, like just barely hanging on, and she got it out with the tiniest of pulls, and while he was a little... shaky isn't the right word, but... off... for a couple minutes, now he's more alert, he's flicking his tail around, he's giving us dirty looks for teasing him, and he's not curling up in as small a ball as possible costantly like he ahs been the past week or so, he's stretching out to nap like he usually does... so we think maybe the tooth has been botheirng him, and the weight loss/lack of appetite has to do with that, as does his extra lethargy (although he's always been kinda lazy.... lol) and now he's seeming better, so... we're hoping with soem antibiotics from the vet and a little time he'll get better and we'll ahve him a while longer yet...

I'm pretty much on MSN as long as I'm home and awake... lol... so it's good to have the new name... my name is the same as it has been for a while missywyo*@*hotmail.com (minus the '*'s of course...)... I ahve aba habit of leaivng my status as set to offline though thanks to some trouble a while back with someone bugging me constantly... but I havne't had any trouble while set to 'available' the last couple of times, so... I'm gonna try to get back in the habit of having it set to 'available' as default... lol