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25 April 2009 @ 07:01 pm
The State Of The Mara Address... Part Duex...  
I'm... not completely sinking. I felt like the first day after ACC died. I had him since I was twelve, almost 14 years now, and losing him came just a month short of the 4 year anniversary of my beloved Meja dog dying. It hit me really hard, and even now as I type this, I'm trying not to cry.

But I'm not sinking. I'm okay.

I have the 'explainations' for the 'Lyrical Endings' post written, but when I tried to upload the sings last night, mediafire was giving me trouble... it would upload, then it wasn't verifying the files... I'm gonna try again in a little bit... mayb upload elsewhere instead since it seems now mediafire is having other problems...

I've been putting a lot of focus and work into my original webseries ideas... I WAS gonna do a complete reboot of my first webseries, Heaven Falls, but... that kinda boxes me in in terms of stories, unless I totally change tons of stuff... so instead I'm taking characters I planned on introducing into HF, and some plans I had for a series called 'Hood Point', and putting them in a new series...

Years ago, I told you guys a bit about Hood Point (You can find that post here) and some of that still stands... more info on the new series behind the cut.

The story focuses primarily on a core group of 12 or so people who all seem to connect into eachother.

Greg Richards owns a restraunt, the Tambien, and is known as something of a curmudgeon, but he's still well liked in town. One night, a teenage boy, Christian, attempts to steal food from the Tambien, and instead of calling the cops, Greg gets him to sit down to a real meal. A few nights later, Christian returns, badly beaten and scared. Greg winds up taking him in, surprising many people, including his daughter, Cassie.

Cassie is a nurse and single mom to a young son, Ben, who was the product of an affair Cassie had with a married man, Jonathan Grant. Cassie isn't sure what to make of Christian, or in her father's new found philanthropic spirit, but she's got bigger problems. Her ex-lover's wife has yet to give him a son and heir, and now he's sniffing around Ben. Not to mention the attention she's getting from good guy Cameron Rousseau.

Cameron is a cop and a single dad to a teenager, Lizzie, who's mom left them years ago. The Rousseaus are hiding a big secret from everyone, including Cassie, who he's trying to romance. Cam's sister, Dr. Penn Rousseau also lives in town.

Penn is enagged to marry Dr. Julian Corrino, a good guy doctor who grew up the town golden boy. Julian has a younger half-brother, Jace Corrino, who's still in high school and resents Julian for not beleving him about his (Jace's) father being abusive. In fact, the only person who beleives Jace is Lane Marcus, a new arrival in town.

Lane's family moved because her dad got a new job, and she's not sure what to think about her new small town home. But she finds a close group of friends that include Jace, Christian, Lizzie, and Juliet Thomasino, who is also new in town.

The final few cast members are Anna Thomasino, Jules' mom, who is struggling to figure out what to do since her divorce went through and Jules decided to quit acting, and Grace Thomasino, Jules fraternal twin sister/rival. Nell Grant, Jonathan's wealthy mother who keeps marrying the bad guys, until she meets the much young Leo Riley who genuinely cares about her more than her money. Charlie Baxter, the chief of police and Cameron's boss, and Detective Ian Harding, Cameron's partner on the force.

So I guess it's more 18 'main' characters, though Charlie, Ian, Anna, and Grace are like second tier, they aren't the focus of any big stories. Even Lizzie, is kinda second tier, playing a part in her dad's story and in the teen stories, but not as a lead. So I guess that makes it 13 primary leads, 5 secondary leads, and then there's of course some supporting characters of all ages.

I think there's basically 4 main storylines... 3 of them romances (Lane/Jace, Cameron/Cassie, Nell/Leo), and one of them is about family (Greg taking in Christian). Of course each of these stories has it's own twist...

Lane/Jace: Jace being abused by his dad is a big part of things, and Lane finds herself doing just about anything to help him, though there are times it could wind up causing more harm than good.

Cameron/Cassie: Very much a fairytale romance, as Cam sweeps Cassie off her feet. But the problem is, he's keeping a pretty big secret from everyone, and it could be a make or break thing for Cassie.

Nell/Leo: When I say Older/Younger, I mean MUCH Older/MUCH Younger... Nell is in her late-50's, Leo is in his mid-20's. Leo's also technically a giggolo, but...

Greg and Christian: Greg himself isn't sure why he decides to help Christian instead of just calling the cops, but he has a soft spot for the kid. And they end up being good for eachother. Greg feels younger having a kid around, and Christian has someone who gives a damn about him.

Okay, yeah.

Don't worry if you don't care about my original stuff, but like my fanfic, I will still write fanfic plenty, I always need to bounce between writing projects because if I focus too much on one thing, I get completely burned out on it and stall out.

Watching Southland now... I kept forgetting to watch online, but it's reairing on NBC now, so... I'm watching. Taylor Handley's on again! I kinda like in a hate kinda way his character... lol
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