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25 April 2009 @ 08:44 pm
Lyrical Endings Songs And Comments  
Mediafire FINALLY verified the uploaded songs, so I'm posting this now, complete with links to downlaod the inspiration songs.

01. with a loaded gun and a steady hand we just might live through this Aim For The Head - Creature Feature
Pretty much the bestest Zombie Song. Ever. This one was actually the easiest of all the fics to write because as I listened to the song, the whole scene played out in my head. Except for Seth being one of the attacking Zombies, it was only as I got to the 'Zombie in front fo the rover' moment JUST as the line "He used to be your friend, that was another life" came on that I knew the Zombie HAD to be Seth. It's an extension of the basic premise that wioll always be in my head, that Ryan will always be there for Kaitlin, no matter what. And you know how Ryan agrees about wanting Julie? It's because he trusts her at this point. He also kinda hopes she'll give hima hug and tell him it'll all be okay, because he really needs that right now.

02. i'm just a normal man i wouldn't hurt nothing at all but here we are This Is War - Smile Empty Soul
This one is a prequel to the Untitled The OC/SPN universe that began with a wounded Ryan in the woods and Dean finding him and getting him to abandoned farmhouse, where Dean proceeded to try and patch up Ryan's wounds. I never actually knew why Dean and Ryan were seperated when Ryan got hurt until I started writing this one, and then it hit me. They were on a mission, they were compromised, they split up. When Ryan never got to the rendevous point, Dean came back to find him, even though orders from base say not to go back. Dean's not gonna leave his 'brother' behind. The song is totally awesome, too! I first heard it in a fanvid for "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars", the most excellent miniseries that gave some closure after the sudden ending to Farscape (The blew people up into millions of crystals in the series finale!! But PK Wars made things right... lol) and I've loved the song ever since.

03. i'm being haunted by a vision it's like the morning never comes i feel the burden of confusion always searching... on the run Somebody help Me - Full Blown Rose
I have this mild obsession with Ryan being a Psychic, tortured by visions of things he doesn't know anything about, but still wants to stop. And when he sees something he can do something about, he does. Like the Serial Killer Trucker and his trapped victim. The kid is meant to be yet another version of 'Robbie', Ryan's son/adoptive son in many of my fics. The mental image of Ryan killing the man was disturbing, but it was one of thsoe things... Ryan ahd seen, in gruesome detail, what this man had done to his first 5 victims, and what he had already done to #6, plus what the guy was intending for both him and #6, so... he reacted to end it quickly with as little risk to himself as possible. And then he saved the kid. It's not clear in the fic, but the stars are disappearing ebcause there's basically so many demons of the human-possessing black-smoke-like variety filling the skies that the stars can't be seen. The Demons will be looked at population centers for hosts, not the middle of the woods. I sort of imagine that Ryan manages to make a protection pact with some non-human beings, he doesn't hunt them and helps them stay safe from any remaining Human hunters, they give him and Robbie warning if anything that's a threat to them comes close. The creatrues in the woods (Maybe some Werewovles that have learned through the generations to retain their humans minds while in wolf form, at least most of the time... I could actually use one original supporting character from 'In The Blood' universe as the leader of the pack... lol)... Ryan might want to help humans, but he's goign to focus on himself and Robbie first...

04. If tomorrow falls asleep can you hold me first Last Night On Earth - Delta Goodrem
Stargate:Atlantis crossover! Sicne Sheppard comes from a wealthy family, I had this idea that Caleb was friends with Sheppard's father, and of course the kids would have known eachother, so Sheppard was glad to help Kirsten and her family get passage to Atlantis, sicne the Pegasus glaaxy is safe from the catastrophe, at least for the foreseeable future. Maybe the Ori are coming and there's no chance to stop them. Or maybe a giant gamma ray burst is moving at impossible speed through the milky way, killing everything in it's path, but it'll disappate before it hits the Pegasus galaxy... Anyway, the idea is simple that when word came that the world was going to end on a specific date, Ryan decided to completely throw caution to the wind and when he met Brooke, he took a grand total of a week to decide he wanted to spend what little time he had left with her.

05. as the fuel goes down stops the car puts her feet outside in the rain Last Night On Earth - U2
Brooek Davis and Bobby Singer! Was there ever more awesome an odd couple? Ew... not in that way... ew... lol... I imagine that Bobby would actually like Brooke a great deal, like her fire and even kinda like how perky and exciteable she can be. And by the time Dean and Sam make their way to Bobby's, he's come to think of Brooke kinda like a daughter, and he warns Dean not to start getting ideas and Brooke overhears and starts messing with Dean by flirting with him whenever Bobby's not looking, and Sam totally catches on to the fact that she's messing with Dean and starts laughing his ass off... and when Dean figures it out he jsut grins and calls her a very evil girl, which Brooke grins about.

06. i lay dying and i'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal Tourniquet - Evanescence
This one... There's an apocalypse back during Angel Season 1. Angel breaks Faith out fo Jail again ebcause they need all the help they can get. While out on patrol, Faith found a severely injured Ryan about to get killed by an UberVamp (Let's say The First rose earlier in this universe, and Buffy and the gang didn't stop it...) and saved him, then tok him back to Angel's underground lair, which everyone calls their base of operations. They got Ryan stitched up and Willow did some healing mojo that helped stabilize Ryan long enough for him to start healing on his own. Obviously the grene skin with red horns guy is Lorne, aka 'The Host', although it broke my heart when I wrote that then remembered that Andy hallet, the actor who played Lorne, died a few weeks ago of heart failure... I see Ryan as basically shrugging the weirdness off, because hey, he's alreayd seen first hand that vampires are real.

07. what ever happened to the young man's heart, swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart .45 - Shinedown
Sequel to #1 in this batch. Ryan's trying so hard to keep it together and keep himself and Kaitlin, but mostly kaitlin, safe and alive. He's dying inside everytime he has to kill somethign that used to be a person, but he knows he has to.

08. watch it as the stars disappear to nothing, the day the world is over, we'll be lying in bed When The World Ends - Dave Matthews Band
December 20th, 2012 is suppossedly when the Mayan Calendar runs out there's gonna be an apocalypse... although actually the Mayan Calendar running out only indicates the end of a CYCLE, not of the WORLD. But people misinterpret it ALL the time... lol... What? I know my obscure weird apocalypse info! lol... Anyway, I imagien that the temperatures have dropped world wide once the sun went out, and people basically started livign communal, crowding in together for warmth, especially when sleeping. Ryan and Brooke met and started fucking because they like eachother and eachother's bodies and it's a good way to both warm up and get some exercise... the second one being Brooke's extra excuse... who needs the stationary bikes when she can ride Ryan? But now Ryan's sick, been running a fever for weeks, got the shakes, overall weakness... he's dying, same symptoms as a LOT of others, beleived to be from the lack of sunlight and the constant cold, and she'll do anything she can to raise his chances of survival... The Atlantis Project is an evacuation play to the Pegasus Galaxy, same as in #4. They want to try and evacuate as many peopl as possible, and families with kids are at the top of the list.

09. looking at my own reflection, when suddenly it changes, violently it changes Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
I saw 'Mirrors' with keifer Sutherland last weekend... creepy as all hell, and there's some stuff in it that was kinda lame, but interesting... between it and watching episodes of 'A Haunting' and some other recent ghost-related horror movie viewing I have this interesting idea for an original horror story... anyway... the quoted lyric is the one that really prompted the story... one moment brooke's reflection si fine, the next it changes, attacking her by attacking itself... and I lvoed the concept of the broken mirror causing multiple verwsions of Ryan and Brooke to all be doing very bad things that the 'real' Ryan and Brooke feel the effects of... and then the idea that it's everywhere in the building, that nowhere is safe if there's anythign reflective around... and think of how many things in your home are reflective? Right now, I can see my reflection in no fewer than 4 things (the bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi sitting on the computer desk, the side of our black phone, the white cover of a book on a nearby table, and off to one side the dark tv screen). I turn off the computer monitor, and there's another reflection... Maybe there's no logic to saftey in the dark like in this, but... since when does horror of this type need logic? lol

10. hear the trumpets, hear the pipers, one hundred million angels singin' The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
I like the idea of Ryan being a Fallen Angel, and I randomly chose 'Gabriel' to be the Angel Ryan is, planning on changing it when I went bakc to edit. Then, when I looked in a book we have called 'A Dictionary Of Angels' to try and pick a different angel, I discovered that some stories say Gabriel once 'fell into disgrace' for a time because he didn't follow an order exactly as given. Gabriel is considered to be one of the highest ranking angels, second only to Michael, and is the Angle of 'annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death, revelation'. He's also, in Longfellow's The Golden Legend, the 'angel of the moon who brings man the gift of hope'. I also found it interesting that there is a Fallen Angel named 'Usiel', and in some works Usiel replaces Uriel, which could be interpreted (for the sake of interesting fanfic at least) as a mistake on the part of translators and indeed they are one and the same... In one of the few sources that lists Usiel as being a good angel, he was one of Grabriel's lieutenants in the fighting during the time of Satan's defection. Which makes me think that tht's how Uriel became so high ranking in the SPN universe, he was one of Gabriel's lieutenants and he made Gabriel appear to be a traitor, causing the other Angel to be cast out and fall to Earth to be born as a human... I could go so many different directions borrowing from actual lore about angels and demons... lol

11. when you dig my grave, could you make it shallow so that i can feel the rain Gravedigger - Dave Matthews
If the world was plunged into a drought, and you brought back the rain moments before dying, wouldn't you want to be buried shallow so you could feel it? Dean, Faith, and Ryan are like my OTT (One True Team) when it comes to crossover fics, and I veyr much imagien Ryana dn Faith would not only follow Dean's wishes, but they'd make sure he actually did get to feel the rain before he died. Trhe hands on his neck... firs tinsticnt is always to take someone's hand, or press a hand to their chest, but Dean's neck is broken, he's not gonna feel that. He can feel their hands resting on his neck, though, and it lets him know they really are there with him as he dies.

12. so let mercy come and wash away what I've done What I've Done - Linkin Park
I had this image, as I listened to this song, of Ryan feeling the guilt weighing on him because he'd done something absolutely horrible, even though it was somehting that had to be done. I didn't even remember until after I'd written it that the day I posted it was Hitler's birthday... and that the next day was Holocaust Rememberence Day... and omfg I felt like a creepy for haivng my HERO of the story burning people to death on those days... but... I swear it wasn't intended, I completely forgot what those days were!

13. it's something sacred, something so beautiful something quiet to ease my mind when the pressure's taking me over and over Still Standing - The Rasmus
The OC/Terminator Universe Crossover. Ryan was an average soldier, but after the destruction of the base he'd been at, he took charge to get survivors to safety, and John Connor gave him a promotion to lead a resistance cell that ahs grown to a couple dozen people, including many families. Except he sent a lot of the families to meet up with Connor's group and they disappeared, leaving him with a hell of a lot of guilt... I don't really know what happened to them when they disappeared, btu i do know that when Ryana rrives and sees brooke,s he freaks out, pulling a gun ebcause she thinks he's one of the Human-looking Terminators. She thought Ryan was dead... and Lily is alive to, but she's a teenager now and barely remembers her dad...

14. disenchanted lets go down together with the fatal wound The Fatal Wound - Switchfoot
In The Blood Universe! Mianly because of two original characters mentioned and the tiny little one line crossover with a fandom I decided to add into the ITB universe because of the loveliness of the character mentioned... that extra crossover fandom would be Josef Konstin from 'Moonlight'... the two original characters mentioend are basically scoobies tot eh Slayers Ryan, Dean, and Faith start teaching. Gaby is a Werewolf of the type that has some control of herself in wolf form, to the degree that she can pick targets instead of attacking anyone and everyone. She's still learning control, her family was killed when she was really young, before her first change (her 'species' of werewolf, for lack of a better term, don't start changing until they're at least 10), and she wound up being held captive by someoen who wanted to use her like a pretty little guard dog, but she's saved by our heroes and joins up... the other original character mentioend is Nico, who was homeless before joining up, but he's a natural with all things electronic, not like 'Micah from Heroes' kinda natural, but... pretty close. He considers himself somewhat useless in battle, but he's got a quick mind for seeing patterns and directing attacks, which really is useful. He and Gaby make a good team, with her as the muscle and him as the brains. And of coruse Kaitlin actually got help! She's not the type to cut and run, leaving her 'brother' to fight and die!

15. there'll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
Sadness. I just have this constant idea that Sam will turn evil and though Dean will always hope to brign his Sammy back, he'll fail and Samuel will die evil. Actually, the image of Ryan and Dean, with a ahndful of other good guy survivors, standing in a bloodstained field comes directly from this mental image I had when I was first tryign to design the world of 'Black Friday', completely with Dean's useless arm and Ryan's injured leg...

16. these wounds they will not heal, fear is how I fall, confusing what is real Crawling - Linkin Park
The one and only of these that is basically Ryan dying, though it's not shown. It's said clearly though that he IS dying and he intends to go out fighting. This one is also loosely based on some dieas for ITB... namely a demon goddess of darkness named Nyx (I can't remember what culture she belongs to, but she's part of a real mythology...) who brings about an 'eternal night'... or at least tries to... she's the 'Big Bad' of the 'first season' of ITB... lol...

17. you're sitting down to dress, and you're a mess, you look in the mirror Holocaust - Placebo
This one broke my heart to write, more becaus eof the final lines, about Ryan's futile but symbolic and appreciated protective arm over Brooke and Sam. They're a family, even fit eh world is fucked up, they ahve eachother.

18. on the ground i lay, motionless in pain, i can see my life flashing before my eyes Time Of Dying - Three Days Grace
Alex is totally a Hunter or something. And poor Ryan jsut got dragged into the world of Vampires and other monsters... poor guy...

19. these clouds we're seeing, they're explosions in the sky Sleeping With Ghost - Placebo
This one... the mindfuck one... my impression is this... one world came to an end. Brooke and Lily were killed, Ryan was left alive by some miracle. Something, either Brooke's spirit of something else, guided Ryan to the cause of the end, and when he touched it, he traded places with an alternate version of himself, one that had become something of a jerk. So the good guy Ryan who lost everything he lvoed got a second chance, while the jerk Ryan who didn't appreciate everything he had lost it and got what he saw as his own personal hell. And Good Guy Ryan lived happily ever after with the Other Brooke and Their Lily, even though he always missed His Brooke and The First Lily.

I'm working on the playlist for the Third in the Lyrical series, which I plan on having be Lyrical Love, which will almost certainly be MUCH lighter in tone. There may be some angst and sadness, but it's couched in stories about Love of all sorts, ranging from Parental, to siblinglar, to Friendship, to Romantic.
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