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29 April 2009 @ 06:04 pm
The whole Swine Flu thing has me worried a bit, but... not like panicked. I think this could quite likely become a pandemic and kill a lot of people. There's a reason me and my mom have a small stock of nonperishable food (we hae probably at lesast 2 weeks worth of food in the house at any given time, not like 2 weeks of 3 full meals a day, but enough to survive 2 weeks without going hungry if we couldn't go out to shop). We're not paranoid survivalist types, but... we like to be prepared.

There's no cases (as far as is being reported/as far as I know) in Colorado or Wyoming, but still, we believe in being prepared. We'll probably get more stuff this weekend when we go out to Walmart again, just to be safe.

It also kinda annoys me because I'd been planning a fic that played out during a pandemic, starting with the early cases that just get overlooked and leading up to things getting really bad and people dying.

But now it seems insensitive to write a fic like that when, to a much lesser degree of course, it's actually happening.

Damn you real life for interfereing with fics! Damn you!

(Just to be clear, I'm joking around in that last line, obviously real life is more important than any stupid fic. I'm upset that so many people are getting sick and even dying, and right now I'm trying to go the humor route so as not to be so upset. I am serious about the fic, but... that's definitely not happening at the moment.)

It also doesn't help that I'm slightly sick at the moment... tired and my stomach is kinda weird... but the symptoms are NOT Flu Symptoms, so no worries, folks.
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