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10 May 2009 @ 12:32 am
Fanmix: The OC/OTH - Ryan/Brooke - Someone Tells You They Love You  
Editted: Apparently I messed up some links last night, that'll teach me to upload/post when I'm exhausted... they should all work now and go to the right song...

Title: Someone Tells You They Love You
Warnings: Mentions of violence, cheesy-ness.
Notes: This mix tells an AU story about Brooke Davis of One Tree Hill meeting Ryan Atwood of The OC. It takes place between seasons 2 and 3 of both shows, but with some AU elements. Most obvious are the opening ficlet with Brooke's reaction to Lucas kissing her being different, the truth behind the whole M/Trey mess, and later a mention of Sophie Rose when in canon she wasn't born for 2 more years... lol... Some songs may not exactly fit the actual scene, but they still inspired the scene that accompanies the song's download link.

Oh! For some reason, my copy of 'Change' by Taylor Swift has like 2 minutes or so of silence on the MP3 following the song. I meant to try finding and downloading another copy to get one without the silence, but... I forgot and uploaded this copy... sorry for the hassle... if it's too annoying, I'll try to find another copy and upload it, replacing the link...

Full-size Front and back covers behind the cut.

Front And Back Cover Thumbnails:

white horse - taylor swift

He kissed her. Lucas kissed her. Like it would make up for everything he had done to break her heart that year, and she was suppose to just suddenly forgive him and take him back and tell him she missed him and loved him. And he chose to do it when she was getting ready to climb into a cab and go to catch her flight to California to spend an entire summer alone. Maybe to not even come home. "What the hell was that?" Brooke asked.

"I just thought..." Lucas began.

"You're an idiot," Brooke replied before grabbing her bag and turning away.


"You think you can just kiss me and make it all better, Lucas?" Brooke asked. "You cheated on me with my best friend. You said that you and I were friends. And now... what? You think you can apologize and kiss me and it's all going to be forgiven and forgotten?"

"I love you," Lucas said.

"Aw, you're such an idiot," Brooke said, throwing up the door and running down the steps, grabbing her other bag off the porch as she did.

"Brooke, just..."

"Go to hell," Brooke replied, climbing into the cab and slamming the door.

"You okay, miss?" the cab driver asked.

Brooke leaned back in her seat and nodded, smiling. "Yeah, I am," she said. It felt good telling him off. Really good. Maybe California would be okay. Maybe it would be better than okay.

i feel so - boxcar racer

Ryan tucked the headphones into his ears and turned the volume up as high as he could stand, then began to run, trying to make his feet hit the ground in time with the beats. It wasn't his usual music, he preferred more mellow stuff, but right now he was angry, so he needed the beat. He needed to feel his feet pounding the sound in time so he could feel like he was letting some of it out.

Trey was dead. Before he died, he had begged to see Ryan, and told him that it wasn't true, he hadn't tried to rape Marissa, they'd almost slept together but Marissa had said Ryan never had to know and Trey had backed off. Of course, Ryan didn't automatically believe Trey, he knew his brother could like with the best of them, so he went and asked Marissa. An outraged Marissa who tried to say it was a lie, but also tried to hide her diary. And right there, in purple ink on a white page, it confirmed Trey's version of the story in clear print.

She'd lied to everyone. She'd led him to attack his own brother. She'd killed his brother for nothing. But everyone, including the Cohens, still thought Marissa was the poor victim of horrible bad monster Trey, and Ryan wasn't about to go head to head against her poor sweet innocent Marissa image. He had a feeling that if he tried, he'd be the one taking a fall, the same as he had when he tried to go up against Oliver's good guy rep.

So, he ran, trying to force out his anger and hate into the sand with every pounding footfall. It didn't really help much, not when he zoned out and got all the back along the beach to the section directly beneath the Cohen house in what seemed like no time at all. The problem was, he couldn't run hard or fast enough to escape his own thoughts, not really, and he didn't really have any more answers when he was done than he did when he started. And he wasn't any less angry, either.

you gotta be - des'ree

Morning in Newport was different from morning in Tree Hill. Brooke had never been that fond of mornings in North Carolina, with a chill to the air and the glare of the sun on the ocean. But here, it was already warm, and the ocean was on the far side from the rising sun, and the air felt crisp and clear. So, she got up, got dressed in a pair of leggings and a tank top, clipped her iPod to her waistband of her leggings and headed down the path to the beach. She still wanted to be home in Tree Hill with her friends, but she'd make the best out of her vacation, keeping in shape and making sure she looked hot when she went home, so she could rub it in Lucas' face that he didn't have her and never would again.

As she headed down the path, skipping through her playlists to find the right one to run to, she almost bumped into someone coming up the path, and looked up, meeting a pair of the bluest eyes she'd ever seen.

"Sorry," the guy said, steadying her with a quick hand on her elbow.

"No problem," Brooke replied with a smile.

"Enjoy your run," the guy said with a small and fleeting smile before releasing her elbow and continuing up the path.

Brooke pursed her lips as she turned to watch his slow progress. "Maybe this won't be so bad," she said to herself, turning back towards the beach and heading down, even though she glanced back over her shoulder twice more.

She didn't want to get involved with someone, but... maybe a summer fling was just what she needed to get love and romance and all that stupid stuff out of her system. Or maybe... maybe the guy needed a friend as much as she did. His eyes had looked so unbearably sad when they'd oh so briefly locked with hers.

She shook her head as he feet hit the sand, and she took a deep breath, then took off at a slow jog, speeding up as she went.

here for the party - gretchen wilson

She found the club her second night in town, and hung around for a while, watching the live music, dancing a couple times when guys asked, but she wasn't all that impressed with their stupidity or their constant staring at and grabbing her ass. "Touch my ass one more time and my heel goes in yours," she finally told one guy who was too dumb even for the 'frat boy' description.

"Hey, if you wear jeans like that..." the guy began.

"Chip, I think she means it," a new voice said, and the idiot, Chip, put up his hands and walked away.

Brooke turned, smiling as she recognized the newcomer as the guy from the path that morning. "Imagine seeing you here," she said.

"The girl from the path," he replied, giving her that same fleeting smile.

"I'm Brooke."


"You friends with that idiot?"

"Friend of a friend," Ryan corrected. "Even Luke was too smart for Chip, though."

"Makes me think of this guy back home," Brooke said. "Even Tim's best friend called him 'Dim'."

Ryan chuckled slightly, the smile a little more relaxed this time. "That's mean," he said. "And my four year-old sister could come up with better," he added.

"No one ever accused me and my group of friends of being Great Scholars," Brooke said. They fell into a somewhat awkward silence for a moment, both watching the band. "You like the music?" Brooke finally asked.

"Not my first choice," Ryan replied. "But my brother's a fan, and... he made me come on threat of getting his girlfriend involved. And she's way to terrifying to cross."

Brooke laughed. "I like a guy who knows when it's a good idea to be scared of a girl," she said. She glanced around, spotting a pool table. "You know how to play?" she asked, gesturing.

"I was born to play," Ryan replied, following her to the table.

vindicated - dashboard confessional

Brooke was... different, and Ryan had decided by the time they had played two full games, one a tie and one where he only just barely won, that it was a good thing. She was gorgeous, and sexy, and funny, and flirtatious, but she wasn't pushy about it, she was friendly and teasing and mocked herself a couple times. She made him laugh, and that was damn near impossible on the best of days, which he hadn't had many of in the last few days.

"So, you go running a lot?" she asked.

"Every morning," Ryan replied, lining up a shot. "It's nice to just zone out and not think for a while."

"I know that feeling," Brooke agreed. "No cheating ex-boyfriends and whore ex-best friends to worry about."

"Wow, someone's got issues," Ryan said, smiling.

"Yes, I do!" Brooke said. "Okay, get this. Last fall, I meet this guy, Lucas. I'd seen him before, but... he wasn't on my radar. Except suddenly he joined the basketball team, and in Tree Hill, Basketball is the Game Of The Gods, so..."

"You noticed."

"I noticed. Anyway, I like him, I get him to ask me out even though he's smart and I'm... head cheerleader," Brooke said. "We're dating a while, and suddenly... he breaks up with me. And I don't know why, and I pour my heart out to my best friend, Peyton. Only later, I happen to be at Lucas' house to check on him because he'd been in a car accident and I was trying to be his friend, and what do I see on his computer? Him, with Peyton, in her room."

"Ouch," Ryan said.

"Yeah," Brooke agreed. "And I was pissed at first, and hurt so much, but... I forgave them. P. Sawyer and me have been friends since forever, and... and I wanted to be friends with Lucas. So, I forgive, and things are going good. Except then, just before I leave for the airport to fly out here, Lucas comes to see me and say goodbye, and he kisses me. Not a peck on the cheek, a full on kiss. And he says he loves me, and he wants to be with me."

"Please tell me you told him to go to hell," Ryan said.

"Why?" Brooke asked, teasing again. "Are you looking to be the rebound summer fling guy?"

"I'm looking to be your friend, and in a couple hours I can tell you deserve better than that bullshit."

"I told him to go to hell," Brooke said, grinning.

"Good girl," Ryan said.

"What about you? What's your drama?"

"What's not?" Ryan replied. "Had a girlfriend, had a brother. One's a bitch, the other's dead."

"Fuck," Brooke whispered.


circus - britney spears

Later, Brooke drug Ryan out onto the dance floor, making him dance with her, and enjoying the attention they were getting as they moved together. After a moment, she noticed two girls in particular watching, one with mouth hanging open in surprise, the other with her lips pressed together in a thin line. "Don't look now, hot boy, we've got an audience," she said.

"You've had an audience all night," Ryan said, his hands on her waist as she turned to lean her back against his chest and move to the beat.

"These girls are watching you."

Ryan followed her gaze up to the balcony, and immediately his body when stiff, and not in a good way. He hurriedly let go of her and took a step back. "I... I gotta get out of here," he said.

"Why?" Brooke asked.

"That's my ex and her best friend," Ryan said. "Trust me... you don't want them getting pissed at you."

"I don't care," Brooke said, grabbing Ryan's arm and pulling him close again, placing his hand on her hip and starting to dance again. "The key word is 'ex'."


"Come on, hot boy, show me what you've got," Brooke teased.

Ryan sighed, shaking his head and pulling back again. "I can't," he said, glancing up again before leaving.

Brooke watched him go, then looked up at the girls, seeing a warning look from the brunette who'd been surprised, and a smug look from the tight lipped one. She shot them a challenging look, privately deciding that if they wanted to go to war with her, they'd be in for a surprise.

from where i'm standing - schuyler fisk

"Hey, hot boy," Brooke said when Ryan appeared at the top of the path, heading down.

"Hey," Ryan replied, offering her a small smile.

"You mind some company on your run?"

"I was actually just gonna go brood on the beach," Ryan admitted. "If I do it at home, they start worrying."

Brooke nodded. "I'm a decent listener," she offered.

Ryan nodded, and they started down the path together, at first in silence. "Everyone think's she's some poor sweet innocent victim," he finally said, kicking a loose rock. "Poor Marissa, always the victim."

"What is she really?"

"A liar," Ryan said. "We were dating, and she tried to seduce my brother. Actually, she did, they were going to have sex. But when she mentioned that I'd never have to know, he backed out, he couldn't do it to me. So what does she do? She decides to set him up, make it look like he raped her, and she plays her part well, hiding her trauma from everyone before telling her best friend, who told her boyfriend, who told me. And stupid me, when I heard, I believed it. So he and I got in a fight, and... and yeah, Trey fucked up, he made it worse... he had a gun and he actually pulled it on me. And even when he dropped it, he was seriously kicking my ass. Then... he had me on the floor, his hands were around my throat and... I think he might have killed me. But... Marissa got there, and she picked up the gun."

"She shot him?" Brooke asked.

"And then she told everyone her 'he raped me and he was killing my boyfriend!' story, and... everyone thinks she's this poor victim who saved her boyfriend's life, and it's her fault it happened in the first place!"

"How... how do you know she's lying?" Brooke asked. "I mean, if you're sure, I don't doubt it, but..."

"Trey was hurt pretty bad, and... in the hospital, before he died, he was begging to see me, so I went in. He told me what really happened. I didn't... Trey's a world class liar, so I didn't automatically believe him. But when I went to Marissa, and I told her what he said, not accusing, just like I was upset that he said that, she got defensive and started trying to keep her diary away from me. So I grabbed it away from her, and... and I read it. She admitted everything in there. That she'd wanted to have sex with him, but he rejected her, that she made up the story about the rape. That she killed him and he hadn't even done anything to her."

"So why haven't you just..."

"The only reason I live in Newport is because I was taken in by a rich couple," Ryan said. "I'm Chino Trash, and no one is gonna believe me over perfect Marissa. Even my so-called family thinks she's the poor little victim. Everyone does."

"Well, I don't," Brooke said. "I'm Team Ryan."

"Team Ryan?"

"Yeah, Team Ryan," Brooke said. "Come on, let's brood," she mocked, pulling him towards the water.

don't you (forget about me) - new found glory

"Here," Brooke said, holding out her iPod and grabbing Ryan's. "Let's swap, listen to eachother's running music for a change."

"It's not a bunch of sickening girly pop, is it?" Ryan asked, even as he put in the earbuds.

"You'll see," Brooke said, starting his music, then taking off a a sprint.

Ryan took off after her, laughing.


When they slowed to a walk by the pier, Ryan turned towards her. "Anyone who could forget about you is an idiot," he said.

"I see what song choice you chose to focus on," Brooke said.

"Breakfast Club is kind of classic," Ryan agreed. "But seriously. If we're psychoanalyzing eachother's musical tastes... your's say you want to be remembered."

"Your's say you're pissed at the world and hurting a lot," Brooke countered.

"I guess maybe music is a good barometer," Ryan acknowledged. "But... that list is a couple days old," he added, offering a small smile.

Brooke threw her arms up in a little mock cheer, making Ryan laugh. "Come on, I'm hungry," she said, tugging him towards the Crabshack.

change - taylor swift

"I say revenge is in order," Brooke said as she siddled up beside Ryan, who was watching his foster mom fawn over Marissa at a party being held at the Nichols Mansion. "If you can tell me where to find her room, I can get her diary, photocopy the important pages, and distribute."


"She deserves to be taken down off her pedestal," Brooke said. "Let everyone know who she really is."

"She'll find a way to make your life hell in return."

"I'm leaving in two months, I can handle her," Brooke replied.

"Brooke," Ryan repeated, looking over at her. "You're serious."

"She's messing with my friend, and that's unacceptable," Brooke said. "I don't go down without a fight, and she is itching to start one."

"Why are you so willing to do this for me?"

"I like seeing people get what they deserve," Brooke said. "She deserves to be found out, and you deserve to see your brother's name cleared and his murderer taken down, even if she doesn't go to jail."

"Okay, but how can I help you get even with your cheating ex?" Ryan countered.

"They say living well is the best revenge, and I am living very well," Brooke replied. "But sending a text with a picture of me with a cute guy to his best friend, who's also my very good friend and happens to be female, couldn't hurt," she added.

"Done," Ryan agreed, smiling. "Go up the stairs to the second floor, then all the way down the hall, it's on the left."

"Be right back, hot boy," Brooke said, sliding away, leaving Ryan shaking his head in amusement.


Ryan turned. "Hey, Summer."

"What's going on?" Summer asked. "You're treating Marissa like she did something wrong..."

"She did," Ryan said. "I know she's your best friend and you won't believe me, but... she's lied to everyone."

"About what?"

"About what happened with Trey," Ryan said, watching as Summer's face hardened.

"What he did..."

"Except he didn't," Ryan said. "I know he didn't, because she admitted the real truth in her diary, and I saw it."

"She lied?" Summer asked, her expression turning confused and depressed.

"Yeah, Summer, she did."

Summer looked away, biting her lip. "I can't say I'm completely surprised," she admitted. "She once told me that she was thinking of accusing Caleb of 'touching' her so her mom would get a divorce but also a huge settlement."

"So, the girl's a gold digger as well as a whore?" Brooke said as she came back, arms wrapped around her purse.

"Brooke..." Ryan began.

"Marissa and her mom are two of a kind," Summer said. "Money is everything."

"Sounds like you're getting tired of her bullshit."

"Very," Summer said. "So what are you going to do with her diary?"

Brooke smirked. "Out her," she said. "Wanna read?"

boys - britney spears

"Hey, Hot Boy," Brooke said as she came into the pool house one evening and dropped down beside Ryan on his bed. "What's up?"

"Nothing much, neighbor girl," Ryan replied. "I'm waiting for you to enact your grand plan for getting revenge on my behalf so I can deal with the fallout."

"It won't be traced back to you," Brooke said with a grin.

"Why does that scare me worse than anything?"

"Summer recruited these two little idiots, the Ward Twins, to distribute the pages around every teen hangout in town, and she's scanning them to put online as we speak," Brooke said with a grin. "I like that girl. She's hot and devious."

"Summer's... Her and Marissa have been close as long as I've known them, but... you know, Summer was the only person who gave me a hug and said they were sorry about Trey. No one else ever acknowledged that my brother died."

"Did I?" Brooke asked.

"No, but it's okay," Ryan said. "You've made it a lot better, Brooke. Doesn't hurt so bad."

"Yeah, well, time to repay the favor," Brooke said, holding up her phone.

Ryan laughed. "Okay," he said.

Brooke moved into position, leaning back against his chest, and smiled as he automatically wrapped his arm around her waist. "Nice touch," she said.

"I try," Ryan agreed. He waited until she had the phone in position to take the picture, then turned and pressed a kiss to jawline just as she did.

"Even nicer touch," Brooke said, turning her head to look at him.

"I try," Ryan repeated.

dance, dance, - fallout boy

"So, you were a cheerleader," Ryan said one afternoon as they walked along the beach following their run.

"Hey, I was Head Cheerleader," Brooke corrected, pointing at him dramatically.

"Deepest apologies," Ryan said, grinning.

"We never won the competitions, but I won for choreography last time."

"Way to go, Neighbor Girl," Ryan said.

"Thank you, thank you," Brooke replied. "And that was with a last minute night before the competition fill in cheerleader who had never cheered a day in her life."

"Wow," Ryan said. "I have no idea how easy or hard that would be."

"Hard, very hard," Brooke said, nodding. "But Hales did good." She smiled and looked over at him, and when she turned away again, she squealed. "Well, look what's here!" she said, running over to the piece of paper taped to one of the legs of the pier. "Someone's not such an angel, huh?"

Ryan walked over, offering a sad smile. "I don't really like sinking this low," he admitted.

"She deserves it," Brooke replied. "And you didn't sink, I did. And trust me? I can sink lower when neccesary."

"Good to know," Ryan said, a little skeptical.

"We are both such huge messes," Brooke said.

"Yeah, we are," Ryan agreed. "But we're getting better. I think."

"You think."

"I think."

"Good to know," Brooke said, echoing his earlier tone.

"Okay, that's it," Ryan said, suddenly turning and grabbing Brooke to carry her, laughing and screaming, to the water and threatening to drop her in.

"Put me down or you're in big trouble!" Brooke said, still laughing.

Ryan set her down on her feet, but a moment later he was flat in his back in the water, Brooke on top of him, laughing, as she splashed the water into his face.

"This is war," Ryan declared, rolling them so she was the one getting hit by all the little waves.

i'd lie - taylor swift

Brooke wasn't sure how it happened, exactly, but she found herself liking Ryan. Really liking Ryan. There were a dozen reasons not to let herself fall for him, but there were a million reasons why it was impossible not to.

Like the way that he insisted love wasn't for him because everytime he tried he got screwed over, but he still loved everyone esle with his whole heart. Like how he was with his little sister, reading her stories and balancing her on his hip while he looked for a snack for her. Like how his eyes were so kind and gentle, so much like the man he idolized as a father figure. Like how he felt bad for hurting Marissa by revealing the truth about her lies, and how he kept insisting his family didn't need to apologize for scolding him about giving Marissa the cold shoulder.

"You should wear the green," she told him as she found him in the poolhouse, getting dressed.

"You should knock," Ryan said, even as he grabbed a green t-shirt.

"But then I wouldn't get to see you half naked!" Brooke protested.

Ryan chuckled, yanking his shirt on and running his hands through his hair. "What do you want, Brooke?"

"You need to get out, meet a girl..."

"I'm not dating again," Ryan said, turning away and running his hands through his hair again. "Ever."


"Everytime I try, something goes wrong, and I just end up feeling like... like I gave everything and I got nothing."

"You deserve to be loved," Brooke said.

"Not in the stars," Ryan replied, shrugging. "Trying just makes it hurt all the worse when I inevitably fail. Again."


"I've got friends, that's enough," Ryan said. "I've got you."

"Yeah, you've got me," Brooke agreed.

life is a highway - rascall flatts

"Road trip!" Brooke declared as she burst into the poolhouse.

"What?" Ryan asked, sitting up in bed.

"You are way too broody, hot boy, you need to have some fun, and that means it's time for a road trip."

"To where?" Ryan asked.

"Thataway!" Brooke said, pointing.

"That's the pacific," Ryan said, laughing.

"Then that way!" Brooke corrected herself. "We're gonna fill up the tank on my car, and drive until we run out of gas."


"You know you wanna," Brooke said.

"Don't peer pressure me," Ryan said.

"Then agree."

"The Cohens..."

"Are all wrapped up in their own stuff," Brooke said. "Did they notice when you were at my house all night?"

"No," Ryan agreed. "But your parents..."

"Didn't know I had a boy in my room all night," Brooke said. "No one will notice."

Ryan sighed, but got up. "Okay, road trip," he agreed.

Brooke clapped then threw her arms up in a cheer and did a little dance, making him laugh again. "Get packing, hot boy."

"What brought this one?"

"I'm leaving in 2 weeks, and I wanna have an adventure with my best friend."

Ryan paused, glancing over at her. "Your best friend?" he asked.

"Yeah," Brooke said, nodding. "You beat P. Sawyer for that title, hands down." Then she shook her head. 'No melancholy! Back so we can go!"

"Right," Ryan said. "Crazy girl," he added under his breath, though he glanced over with a grin as he said it.

"You love me for it," she said.

"Yeah, I kinda do," Ryan agreed.

dance like this - wyclef jean claudette ortiz

"Come on, Ry, dance with me," Brooke said, pulling Ryan out onto the dance floor.

"You don't know this kinda dancing," Ryan replied, even as he started to get the rythym, catching the attention of several of the latina girls in the club, and the glares from their boyfriends.

"Then teach me," Brooke replied, grinning.

Ryan laughed. "Watch the girls, copy what they do," he said. 'But then put a little 'Brooke' into it, because that's what's gonna make it good."

It took a few minutes, but they started moving together, Brooke catching on and recognizing when Ryan was about to change things up slightly, laughing as he finally managed to surprise her with a sudden low dip, then yanked her back up, their faces inches apart as the song ended and there was a momentary pause between songs.

"That was great," Ryan said, just loud enough to be heard over the surprised murmurs of the crowd. "You did great."


"We should..." Ryan said, tilting his head towards the door.

"Yeah," Brooke agreed, nodding.

"Before the guys start trying to steal your heart."

"And the girl's yours."

"Mine's locked up under my bed," Ryan said, taking a step back and starting for the door.

As they got outside, Brooke caught Ryan's arm. "Ry..."

"I think I wanna go home," Ryan said, nodding.

Brooke nodded back. "Okay."

penny & me - hanson

Ryan sighed as he drove Brooke's car back towards Newport. She was curled up in the passenger seat, asleep beneath his jacket, and he couldn't help glancing over at her every so often, trying to figure out how he felt right now.

He liked her. Really liked her. And he thought she might like him, too, but... he didn't want to lose Brooke his friend because she could be Brooke his girlfriend. The possibility wasn't worth losing what he had. He needed Brooke his friend, he needed her more than he wanted to, but he wasn't sure what he'd do if he lost her.

"Hey, no brooding," Brooke said, slowly sitting up. "Where are we?"

"Almost back," Ryan replied, gesturing at the 'Welcome To Newport Beach' sign. "Brooke..."

"What?" Brooke replied.

"I don't know what I would have done without you this summer."

"Been miserable and broody," Brooke said, smiling. "Instead, you have gotten to smile, and laugh, and be seen around town with a very hot girl."

"All good things," Ryan agreed. "Will you... I've gotta give a deposition about what happened at Trey's that night. Will you... will you come with me? Just be there when I'm done?"

"I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else," Brooke promised.

things i'll never say - avril lavigne

Brooke looked at the pictures in her lip, first the ones of her and Lucas, and then prints of the ones of her and Ryan.

"Hey, you called?" Ryan said, tapping his knuckles on the door before coming in. "What's up?"

"Lucas keeps e-mailing me," Brooke said. "He wants to get back together when I go home ina couple weeks."

"Oh," Ryan said. "What'd you tell him?"

"Nothing," brooke said. "I... I don't know if I want to open myself up to that much hurt again. Because I don't know if I trust him."

Ryan sighed and sat down beside her on her bed. "Love's a leap of faith," he said. "Sometimes, you gotta take that chance, and see if maybe it's worth it. Maybe the risk is worth it if it's something, someone, you really want."

"What if I end up getting my heart ripped out again?" Brooke said. "Maybe I don't want to ever be in love again."

"Brooke..." Ryan said. "Just because it hurts, doesn't mean it's never worth it. You shouldn't give up."

"You did," Brooke pointed out.

"I can't even be loved by my parents, Brooke," Ryan said. "What are the chances some girl is ever gonna want me?"

Brooke didn't respond for a long moment, just lifted her head to look at him. Then, not evening thinking about why it was such a bad idea, she leaned in and kissed him.

i believe in you - amanda marshall

Ryan walked out of the judge's chamber, running his hands through his hair, and when he brought his arms down it was to wrap them around Brooke, who had slid in to wrap her arms around his chest. "Hey," he whispered.

"Hey," Brooke repleid. "How'd it go? How bad?"

"Her lawyer was in there, and he kept scoffing," Ryan said. "Asshole."

"But you stayed calm?" Brooke asked, looking up.

"Except when I told the judge about when I read the diary, at which point I slipped and called her a bitch who destroyed the one good thing about my family, and then killed him."

"I hope you mean her killing Trey and not you killed the lawyer," Brooke said, smiling as Ryan chuckled and leaned his head down to press his forehead against hers.

"Thanks for being here," he said.

"No where else I'd be," Brooke promised. "I'm proud of you."

"Thanks," Ryan said.

stolen - dashboard confessional

"What are you up to?" Ryan asked as Brooke came running over to him and pulled him towards the area of the Cohen yard being used for dancing.

"I can do this," she said as the song from the club they'd gone to on their road trip came on.

"Brooke..." Ryan began, trying not to laugh.

Brooke just grinned, starting to move to the song. After a moment, Ryan took her hands and they started dancing a salsa, much to the surprise of everyone gathered. The party was more relaxed than most Newport parties, more friends than business contacts, and the only people looking on disapprovingly where Caleb, Julie, and Brooke's parents. Brooke knew her mother hadn't even noticed anything Brooke had done that summer, and the complete dismay at their dancing was evidence that her mother couldn't even be happy that she was happy.

Ryan dipped her low, then snapped her back up, spinning her around then pulling her close, the two of them in perfect rythym to the music. As the song died down, they stood still and Ryan gave her a soft kiss. "I love you," he whispered.

Brooke was speechless for a moment, then smiled. "I love you, too," she said, laughing as several guests began to clap and Ryan truend bright red with embarrassment. "You are so cute when you're shy," she teased.

"Do not mock me about this, Neighbor Girl," Ryan said, still smiling.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Hot Boy," Brooke replied.

here's to the night - eve 6

"I don't wanna leave you," Brooke whispered a few days later as they sat side by side on the beach, trying to enjoy their last night together before Brooke went home to Tree Hill.

"You know you need to go home," Ryan replied. "Tree Hill is your home, with your friends."

"I don't mind leaivng Newport," Brooke said firmly. "It's leaving you."

"We'll call, we'll... email," Ryan said. "I mean... unless..."


"Are you gonna get back together with Lucas?"

"No," Brooke said. "I kinda know how it should feel now, and it's not anything like it was with him."

"Then we... we don't have to make this just be... over," Ryan said. "I mean, I don't expect you not to date anyone else, you deserve a date to your prom and all that, but... we can still... casual."

"Non-exclusive," Brooke said. "And friends."

"Always friends," Ryan agreed. "First and foremost, above this whole other... thing. We're Brooke and Ryan, and... and we're friends first."

"Right," Brooke said. "Friends."

"So... non-exclusive, we can date other people," Ryan said. "Just... if you get serious about... just tell me, okay? Don't wait until you're sending a wedding invitation."

"You do the same for me," Brooke said. "And for the record? If I ever manage to get roped into marriage? You won't find out via an invitation, you will find out when I call my best friend to tell him."

Ryan smiled. "Same here," Ryan said, kissing her temple. "We should probably head back."

"Let's stay a little longer," Brooke said, feeling the tears beginning to finally fal and leaning against him, feeling warm and love din his arms. "I don't wanna let go yet."

"Longer sounds good," Ryan agreed.

breathe- taylor swift

When Ryan realized Brooke's parents expected her to take a cab to the airport, he paid the driver for his trouble and drove her himself, walking her as far as he could, then taking her hands in his right before they had to split up so she could get ready to board. "I love you," he whispered. "Okay? As a friend and as... whatever else we are. I love you. Nothing is going to change that."

"I'll probably come back next year, after I graduate," Brooke said. "We can figure out longer term stuff then."

"Sounds good," Ryan agreed. "Call when you land?"

"Yeah," Brooke promised as they called boarding, barely holding abck her tears. "Don't let those Newport bitches hurt you, Ryan, you deserve everything in the world that you want."

"So do you," Ryan agreed, kissing her.


"You gotta go," Ryan said, nodding. "Enjoy being a senior Brooke, show them all what Brooke Pennelope Davis can do when she sets her mind to it."

"I'm so gonna prove they made the right choice," Brooke agreed as they released hands and she turned to go through the gate. Just before she disappeared, she turned and gave him a little wave, which he echoed.

Ryan waited untilt he plane had taken off, then slowly headed out to get the rover from the lot and head home.


Brooke grabbed her iPod out of her carryon and frowned when she found a note taped to it.

don't you (forget about me)

She smiled and put in her earbuds before starting up the newest playlist, leaning back as she listened to the story of her summer, played out in song.

The End

I may make a sequel mix at some point... but I like how this turned out...
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