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13 May 2009 @ 01:49 am
Fan Art Spam #3: Part Two (The OC, OTH, Gilmroe Girls, and Criminal Minds, Plus Crossovers)  
Behind The Cut You Will Find:
#1: The OC - Ryan And Volchak - Breath
#2: The OC - These Walls - Together... But Still Apart
#3: The OC - Ryan/Summer - Baby You Save Me
#4: The OC/Criminal Minds - Ryan and The BAU - Hostage Poster
#5: OTH/The OC/Gilmore Girls - Brooke/Ryan/Jess - Random Acts Icon

No watermarks, but if you wanna use something for some reason, just let me know and give me credit.

Oh! The 'Breathe' and 'Hostage Poster' arts are thumbnails, everything else is fullsize.

The OC - Ryan And Volchak - Breath
Requested by chrisear. Oh the angst! Meant to befor my fic 'Breath', in which Ryan goes to get the prom after party money back, and Volchak beats him almost unconscious, then proceeds to rape him as a way of saying "I'm strong and your weak" and it fucks with Ryan's head. I think the reason I haven't written any of Breath in so long, even though I really like the premise, is that I don't like where I ended up going with it. I killed Volchak by the end of the first chapter instead of keeping him around to torment Ryan! So this banner reflects an alternate route I may take by going back and rewriting. A route where Volchak doesn't die in the first chapter. One where he delibrately sets out to keep fucking with Ryan's head, and Ryan is desperate to keep everyone from figuring out what Volchak is alluding to when he keeps making comments in front of people... one where Ryan is slowly getting closer and closer to either killing himself or killing Volchak. This art is kinda unique because usually if I make an art that's rectangular, it's wider, while this one is taller. Lyrics from 'Breath' by Breaking Benjamin.

The OC - These Walls - Together... But Still Apart
Requested by chrisear. For my fic 'These Walls', where Ryan and Seth were twins, but when they were about 5, Ryan was kidnapped by the Atwoods, and even though Sandy and Kirsten paid the ransom, Ryan wasn't returned. When the boys are 15, Ryan is found, and the family has to start trying to redefine themselves, which is easier said than done since none of them can quite understand where Ryan is coming from, and he's having trouble fitting into this totally new world, even though every one treats him like he belongs there.

The OC - Ryan/Summer - Baby You Save Me
Requested by stolen_kisses87. Simple Ryan/Summer using pics from the Season 4 premiere. Anyone else ever notice that the Cohens couldn't get through to Ryan, who even climbed through a window to avoid Sandy, but Summer got him to talk to her and go with her to the presentation thing at the comic book store? Without her, the little plan never would have happened. And yet... Summer doesn't get any credit from anyone on the show for doing the hard part.

The OC/Criminal Minds - Ryan and The BAU - Hostage Poster
A random 'Movie Poster' style art. If written it would be dark and have character death. If you take note of the names missing fromt he fullsize poster, you cna probably guess who is dead by the end of the prologue... lol... The way I see it, the story would play out sort of like a CM episode... the Prologue is the set up, establishing the initial crime, which is Sandy and Seth being murdered and Ryan being kidnapped. From there, it switches to the briefing for the BAU, and we learn that it's the latest in a string of kidnappings involving family members of wealthy business people, most of the kidnappees being found dead within a week, but it's the first time anyone else has been killed. So, the BAU flies out to Newport to handle the case, and as they investigate they discover that all the people who had loved ones kidnapped were involved in some shady business dealings. Ryan seems to be the anomaly, not just because of Sandy and Seth's murders but because the targetted business man can't stand his foster-grandson, which sends the BAU scrambling to find Ryan before the kidnappers discover they kidnapped the wrong kid and killed their actual target. Joe Flannigan is also on the cast list because I'm gonna make it a SGA AU where Sheppard is a local cop involved in the investigation... but I put the name sin the order I did for a reason... IF I write it, there's gonna be tons of Ryan and Hotch, so they come first, then everyone else is alphabetical... of course, everything except the Ryan and Hotch centric part could end up being changed before/if I end up writing it... I could kill off all the Cohens by then... lol

OTH/The OC/Gilmore Girls - Brooke/Ryan/Jess - Random Acts Icon
To finish off this post, an icon I made a while back. The story of Random Acts is that the three are all in counselling following being victims of Random Acts of violence. They all kind of completely broken because of it, and therapy isn't really doing much, but because of being in group together, they start to bond and become friends, which does help them, because they don't feel so alone when they're hanging out together, because each of them gets where the others are coming from in terms of their issues, and they completely respect eachother's boundaries (Like one of them needs reassurance that they aren't alone, like with a hand on their shoulder just enough to say 'Someone's here'... another can't stand to be touched like at all, and freaks if someone tries... the third has practically become agoraphobic and doesn't want to leave the safety of their room, let alone their house) and they work around those boundaries... actually? If I was to ever write a Threesome fic? It would be these three characters, and this universe is almost asking for it... lol

Expect more arts soon, and I'm still taking requests, either post in a comment here or in the initial post located HERE and let me know what you'd like to see.
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chrisearchrisear on May 13th, 2009 10:58 am (UTC)
love them
especially the "these walls" one.
Kat: Pretty Pleasekatwoman76 on May 13th, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)
Seeing these reminded me of "These Walls".
Hope your muses will play with that one a little more soon. I would really love to see more of that story. *hopes*
indigorayneindigorayne on May 14th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
Love the idea of These Walls and Hostage - except for the killing Sandy part :( ...couldn't you kill Marissa instead? :D

fifimom on May 14th, 2009 05:43 am (UTC)
All very nice!