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27 May 2009 @ 04:15 pm
My First Fandom Love...  
On September 12th, 1993 (2 days after my 10th birthday!) a show called SeaQuest DSV premiered. It was my first true fandom love, and still holds a VERY special plac ein my heart (I still read and write fanfic for it!)

See, I'd watched Star Trek The Next Generation since it premiered, and loved it, but... I was really too young to fully get it. And Wesley Cruwsher just wasn't as crush worthy as I think the show intended him to be. But then SQ premiered and I was introduced to Lucas Wolenczak. He was 15, a college graduate, and his parents had dumped him on a high tech submarine set to go on a scientific mission. And I fell in love with Lucas and the show.

Why do I bring this up? Because I recently bought Season 1 of SQ off Amazon and it arrived today. At the moment, I'm watching the series premiere and falling in love all over again, even though I don't remember much of this earliest stuff in the ep, probably because none of my favs (Lucas, Commander Ford, Lt. O'Neil, Chief Ortiz, Captain Bridger, Lt. Krieg, Darwin the dolphin) have appeared yet.

I was heartbroken a few years back when I found out that Jonathan Brandis, the actor who ahd played Lucas and been my first TV crush, had committed suicide, he was only 27. And then last year, Roy Scheider, who played Captain Nathan Bridger, passed away.

After nearly 16 years, SeaQuets remains one of my favorite shows and favorite fandoms. I've written 2 webseries continuing it, first SeaQuest:Horizons, which was a follow up to Season 3 but built on a storyline from the end of Season 2. And then SeaQuest:Phoenix, which picks up a dacade after SQ:H ended and deals with a threat from within the UEO (United Earths Ocean, the government of the show).

There is NOTHING that could make me stop loving this show, even though now I recognize that it had some flaws (not the least of which is the cliche teenage genuis who has no place being there), but in general it was, and remains even in hindsight, an amazing show.
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(Anonymous) on May 28th, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)
you don't know how happy you made me mentioning the show. I use to love seaquest. I haven't thought about in a while though. Last time I watched episodes I did so online and I got in trouble for downloading too many of them while at school. I loved lucas and I loved Johnathan ever since I saw him in Stephen King's IT. Thanks for your trip down memory lane and I will have to check out your stories.
Maramissmara on May 28th, 2009 04:11 am (UTC)
Re: Joy
It's not actually on my journal, but you can find it here: SQ:Horizons & SQ:Phoenix You'll have to look through the message archive to find the eps, but the archives are available to the public, so you don't have to have a yahoo account or ID to read. I plan on making an actual website for the series sometime soon, but... I haven't yet... lol

SQ:H is a total of 24 episodes long (I have short 'seasons' for it, so it lasted 4 'seasons', with seasons being anywhere from 4 to 9 episodes long). SQ:P is 5 episodes so far, with Episode 6 planned to be the season finale.