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28 May 2009 @ 10:35 am
Another SeaQuest Post  
(On my lunch break, typing while eating... lol)

So, there's a subgenre of SeaQuest fanfic known as 'ELF' fics. ELF stands for either 'Evil Lucas Fan' or 'Evil Lucas Fic'. ELFers write fic that puts poor Lucas through hell, but usually with a nice happy ending when all si said and done.

My fics tend to involve a lot of Angst for Lucas Wolenczak, I torture him as much if not more than I have tortured Ryan Atwood, which is saying a lot. A lot of ELF deals with the idea that Lucas was abused by his father. It's basically fanon, because we met Lucas' father in the Season One Finale (Higher Power/Ocean On Fire), and while it was pretty clear he probably 'forgot' about his son in favor of his research a lot of times, he wasn't actually abusive, at least not delibrately or physically. Yet it's probably the single most popular type of SQ fic, I would say. And in that subgenre, there's another subgroup of fics where Captain Bridger finds out and gets himself custody of Lucas to protect him.

Two of the most phenomal SQ authors I've ever read, AT Jackson and Chance, have passed away over the years, and sadly a lot of Chance's fic is unavailable (her 'Steps' universe was amazing)... but AT Jackson's two biggest fics, 'Temporary Duty' and 'Weakest Link' are both available on a memorial page set up for her. You can find those Right Here. They're long, but so good. Lucas and Tim O'Neil are temporarily assigned to help out the 'Outriggers', a group that does dangerous operations (rescues, information retrieval, etc). They're only suppose to be there a few days, no problem. Then they find themselves deployed into the field in the rescue of a group of scientists being held hostage. The original characters (the Outriggers) are wonderfully well written, including having personality flaws like Rodriquez throwing alarm clocks when they wake him up, and Hallowell can't navigate to save his life, and Adamsen babbles sometimes... the Outriggers are hilarious, but when it comes down to it, they pull together and they consider O'Neil and Lucas to be members of the Outriggers... the sequel has poor Commander Ford winding up on temporary assignment with the Outriggers, too...

Somewhere floating around the net are my early SQ fics, too... which I know I will cringe about if I ever find them... What little I remember involves tons of plot holes... lol

Oh well, gotta finish eating and get back to work... I'll probably babble more later...
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