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03 June 2009 @ 01:04 pm
I so wanna write Star Trek Fic...  
For the new movie, I mean... I don't know what kinda plot I'd use, or even which characters it would be about... but damn it, I wanna write for it! lol

It's really word because I have serious issues was Kirk in TOS and the movies, I never particularly liked him, in fact I often couldn't stand him. But Kirk from the new movie... I love. Maybe because Shatner's Kirk quite often seemed to get all thec redit and glory for the days saved, but really everyone else did the hard work, while Pine's Kirk actually did the work to deserve the credit... and you could see the twinges of doubt/regret/grief when he was done pushing Spock to get the emotional reaction about Amanda so Kirk could end up in command... he obviously did NOT like doing that to Spock, even though he and Spock hated eachother... so, yeah... I like Pine's Kirk, despite disliking/sometimes hating Shatner's Kirk.

Maybe I'll write a story about Spock!Prime helping at the new Vulcan Colony he mentioned to Spock!2. Bbecause it could make for some interesting stories, especially since I imagine he won't stay in one place forever, he'll wind up back in space at some point... I think Spock's human half is totally full of wanderlust, and he won't be able to escape it... And imagine a series of little one shots... "5 People Spock!Prime Mentored... and 1 who Spock!2 Later Served With..." or something... lol... with that one, probably half the people Spock!Prime 'mentored' would be original characters... although I might do some crossovers or something...

Also? On a different topic? Teen/Pre-Teen Boys are MORONS! I'm at the union Internet computers and there's two of them finding it HILARIOUS to sign up for a dating thing as 'Male seeking male', as an asian man... and they apparently think that if they put the birthdate 1988? It means they'll be 30! And first 1998 would be 20, and then it would be 15/16... ow... my brain/hope for humanity just died a little...

Lunch breka is running out, gotta go, will post again later, maybe with fic...
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cianconnellcianconnell on June 3rd, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
I think part of the awesomeness of the new Kirk is that old Kirk seemed awfully entitled and cocky and hadn't really earned it (they touched on some of that in the retelling), whereas this Kirk had a slew of Daddy issues, grew up in a home where his stepdad and he majorly clashed, had to get through a bit of a rebellious wild streak, and THEN found his calling at Star Fleet and beyond.

His cockiness was earned. Plus, it was awesome how he was all Ryan Atwood-ish in picking fights he was bound to lose. Hee!
dogsbody01 on July 2nd, 2009 01:18 am (UTC)
His cockiness was earned. Plus, it was awesome how he was all Ryan Atwood-ish in picking fights he was bound to lose. Hee!I've so got to see the prequel!
dogsbody01 on July 2nd, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
No if's and's or(pardon the pun)but's about it:Teen/preteen boys,really do swim in the shallow end of the genepool!What's worse,if there really was something like a stasis or a maturation chamber(similar to what the Borg, used to assimilate infants and children)it just wouldn't work.No matter, how long you left them in.