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09 June 2009 @ 10:33 pm
8 Leaving Normal Related Arts  
Behind the cut are 8, count them EIGHT new manips. Most were made using Roswell pics as the base images (Because I'm on a 'Leaving Normal' kick right now), and one was made using a 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' still as the base. They can basically be considered LN pics, although two of the Ryan/Brooke ones could easily be used elsewhere... I'm not saying they're perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I really like how most of them turned out.

I put them in somewhat ascending order, the lower you go, the mroe I like the images... lol...

I made this one a while ago, and used it in my first wallpaper for Leaving Normal (It's visible in my icon!), although I delibrately used a texture and effects over it to hid the weirdness around Ryan's chin/neck. And the fact that Brooke's face is way to bright... or something... the base image is John and Cameron from 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles'. It's my least favorite of this batch of manips, but... I still kinda wanted to show it without the texture and effects hiding it... because if I could get Ryan's chin/neck to look right and Brooke's face to not be so oddly bright, I'd really like it... lol

Made very quickly, and not so well. Peyton is so the fourth Alien in 'Leaving Normal', It was her or Marissa, and I figured it would be only fair to have 2 of the Aliens be from The OC (Ryan and Summer) and 2 from OTH (Nathan and Peyton). A big clue about the characterization fo her in LN? This pic is titled 'RyanFourthAlien_CheapEvilGirl'. I used 'FourthAlien' as the identifier for the project because I was trying various pics of both Peyton and Marissa and couldn't decide. It doesn't really look that great, Ryan's head is at an odd angle, and Peyton's neck looks weird... but... yeah... still showing it.

A smaller version of another image I used in that same wallpaper as the first one. Ryan's face is a little too... I don't know, blurry, maybe? compared to the rest of the image (you can't really see this in the smaller version here, which makes me like this one better... if I make it a smaller size, it looks better! lol). The base image is Max and Liz from 'Roswell'.

And now for the three I like best... This one is made from a 'Roswell' Screencap of Max in the ep 'White Room'. Alien!Ryan has been captured by the FBI Special Unit! Cue the angst! lol... I like how this turned out, with Ryan looking seriously worried/scared... I will admit that, to me, his head looks a little too small now... but since I have the project file saved, I can slightly enlarge the layer with his head to make it look better...

I keep manipping this base picture with them, I guess because my first try turned out pretty damn good. Again, the base image is Max and Liz from 'Roswell'. I really like how this one turned out. They look really cute, and really, I could use it in graphics for other Ryan/Brooke fics.

My favorite of this batch. Once again, the base image is Max and Liz from 'Roswell'. And again, I could use it for other Ryan/Brooke stories. I really, really, like this one. It took a while to find the right head for Ryan, and then to get the shadows under his chin to look right between the base and the head layer, but I think it turned out really good.

And now, two Leaving Normal Related Banners...

Using the larger version of Manip #3 from above. Not too sure about the text, but I'm pretty sure I still ahve the project file and I may go and mess around with different text later. But I like how it turned out... nothing else to say about it, really... lol

There are exactly 3 people in the world that Alien!Ryan trusts, and this banner is them. Base image is a crop of, I believe it was, one of the DVD covers (maybe a foriegn region cover?) of Michael, Liz, and Isabel, with pics of the famouse rock outcropping from Roswell (Vasquez Rocks, I believe it's called in real life) overlaid, and then images of lightening added. Nathan and Brooke turned out awesome, but this time Summer look a bit... odd... her head is at an awkward angle, I think, like she's stretching out her neck and twisting it around... But I still like this banner. The quote ("No matter what else happens, I know I can trust you three.") will most likely actually be used in the fic during a moment when everything is going to hell.
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ocmissocmiss on June 18th, 2009 12:21 pm (UTC)
Those are really nice.
I love the wedding one ;D