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14 June 2009 @ 09:51 am
Last year I posted about how the muses ran away from home and I had this method for getting them back that involved putting together a random list of actors and actresses and creating a cast list for a show using them... You guys rocked and gave me TONS (like 40 or so) and the method worked, my muses came back!

I think the reason this seems to work for me is that there's no pressure to have anyone be 'in character' while in a crazy situation... they're original characters, so they can act however the damn hell I want them to act... lol

Anyway, I'm trying again... I've written a few things lately, but... nothing I really liked... I'm stuck on everything and I need to get my creative juices flowing...

SO! Give me the names of some actors and actresses!

Also? While I don't want specifics, if there's a kinda storyline you'd like to see them used for (serial killer on the lose, disaster strikes, car accident, medical problems, mental illness, bad guy, etc) include it next to their names and I will try to accomadate...

Thanks in advance!
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dogsbody01 on July 2nd, 2009 01:10 am (UTC)
Minnie Driver,Eddie Izzard and the girl,who played their daghter on "The Riches".Storyline 1:Dawn and Deliah(I think that's the name of Driver's character)were sisters, who became estranged, after Dawn married Frank Atwood-A duffer:Non-traveler-and chose to stay in Cali,with Ryan and Trey;instead of returning to the family circle;after Frank went to prison.
Years pass.Then one day,a desperate Didi(that's the name of the girl, I think)and her little brother,show up on the Cohen's doorstep;desperate for their Cousin Ryan(with Sandy's help of course)to aid them in escaping, from both the Traveler culture; and the enemies their parents made,after their parents,Mister and Mrs.Malloy;stole the identities of the dead Rich's and passed themselves off as them.
Storyline #2:What if, instead of being from Louisiana, the real Doug and Monica Rich, had been from California;and the Malloy family,had ended up in Newport;in say S1 or S2 and had became the Cohen's new neighbors?
Just a couple of plotbunnies, I've had running amuck;maybe you can do something with them.