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18 June 2009 @ 11:25 pm
Fic: I'm sure our odds of survival just went through the roof. (SG-1/SGA/The OC)  
Remember the universe where Jack O'Neill is travelling with a mute Ryan Atwood towards Stargate Command and Ryan is kinda crazy as well as mute, and O'Neill flat out refuses to refer to the walking, rotting, dead as 'zombies' because this isn't some bad horror movie or even good Romero horror? Yeah, this continues that universe.

Stories In The 'Verse:
He Refused To Call Them Zombies. - An experiment at writing humorous Apocafic. I think it turned out well. In which O'Neill has stupidly spent weeks travelling with a mute teenager who's name he never bothered to find out, and Ryan practices his grafitti technique.
Been Getting A Little Too Evil Overlord For Our Tastes. - Continues the story with Ryan and O'Neill arriving at Cheyenne Mountain, and Ryan shows a slightly crazy side with Woolsey and his guards, while O'Neill calls him a stray dog.

"Oh! General O'Neill!" Vala said as they walked in, and she practically threw herself at him, arms wrapping around his neck and legs kicking up into the air.

"You barely know him, Vala," Carter said.

"Well, yes, but I do know of him, and he's alive, and the way all of you speak of him, I'm sure our odds of survival just went through the roof," Vala ordered, stepping back with a smile on her face. "Oh, who are you?" she asked, spotting Ryan.

"Ryan, Vala, Vala, Ryan," O'Neill introduced. "Ryan doesn't talk, so don't expect him to answer verbally. It's all in the looks."

"Vala Mal Doran," Vala introduced herself. "They are all insane and I don't know why I stayed with them on this planet after the forced bond with Daniel was ended, but... there's no one I would rather spend the end of all human life with than these people."

"She's a real ray of sunshine, I know," O'Neill said to Ryan, who was giving her a slightly disturbed look for sounding so... peppy... when talking about humanity dying out. "Come on, food. Not out of cans. At least not within our sight."

"Here," Daniel said as he came in and handed Ryan a pad of paper and a couple pencils, pens, and even markers. "So you don't have to rely on Jack's somewhat dubious 'translations'."

Ryan smirked and quickly wrote. He's pretty close usually. Except he never seems to get my 'you're a complete idiot' look right. He turned the pad around to show Daniel, who snorted.

"He usually doesn't," Daniel agreed.

"I need these filled out," Dr. Carson Beckett said as he came in, looking a little harried and handing clipboards to O'Neill and Ryan. "As soon as possible so I can add it to the database."

"Sit down," O'Neill said. "I wanna know whatever you know about this thing."

"Not much, especially since, from what Dr. Jackson told me when he radioed for me to come up here, my theory about contact with ancient tech has been proved wrong, so I'll need to start over."

"That could still be part of it," Elizabeth said. "Maybe the gene is another part, maybe there's some other factor. We did find that the ones who... changed.. were those that either didn't have the gene to begin with or the gene therapy failed. The fatalities don't make sense with that model, though."

"I'll need to take a blood sample from you, lad, test for the gene," Carson told Ryan, who made a face, but nodded, intent on reading the form.

After a moment, Ryan grabbed his pack, hauled it onto the bench beside him and dug around for a moment before pulling a file and dropping it on the table. Grabbed med. records before left home. Most of it's in there, he wrote, showing Carson the note and pushing the file across the table. Not much new since then. Some bruises, maybe a concussion.

"That's good thinking," O'Neill said.

Figured if Government survived, docs might need med history on survivors, Ryan replied.

"Gimme the status on Atlantis," O'Neill said, watching out of the corner of his eye as Carson started reading the file, and making a note to grab it later so he could see why the doctor was frowning so deeply. "And Pegasus. Has it spread?"

"There's been a few outbreaks, but we found out early enough that only 2 teams went off world, and the people they encountered were advanced enough to properly fight back againsted the limited number of infected population," Elizabeth explained. "There seems to be a natural immunity among the Pegasus natives, very few get sick initially, but they remain as susceptible to secondary infection through bites as everyone else is."

"But we think that contact infection, from splattered blood and... other fluids... is unlikely," Sheppard added. "A lot of us have gotten covered in it and nothing happened. The one person who became infected had a large open wound that the blood got into."

"Then regs need to say we avoid contact at all costs, if there's no choice but engagement, take them out as quickly as possible, with them as far away as possible," O'Neill said. "I'm sure it's already being done, but I want it to be in regs."

"My people know they'll pay if they fuck up," Sheppard said. "I'll put them on guard duty in the labs, it's a cross between babysitting and being guinea pigs, they'll never go against orders again."

"Put that in regs, too," O'Neill said. "Stick 'em on McKay duty."

Sheppard flinched. "McKay doesn't really go near the main labs anymore," he said. "We had one major incident, lost half our science staff because of it. Kavanaugh, for some reason, got it into his head that instead of putting down an infected, he should contain it and run tests. He used a marine that we lost within the first few days, and he kept him hidden for almost 2 weeks before the guy broke out of containment and went a little bite happy. Within a half hour, we had 15 more infected wandering around, and McKay was trapped in his lab with a bunch of them banging on the doors for nearly 2 days before it was under control and we got him out. He's boycotting the lab right now, working from Control or his quarters, with a stockpile of food within arm's reach at all times."

"Can't say I blame him," O'Neill said. "But we'll need him back in the labs soon."

"What are you thinking?" Sheppard asked.

"I hate to abandon Earth, abandon the Milky Way, but if everywhere is infected as bad as the US is? We're better off getting the hell out of dodge while we still can," O'Neill said. "What about the Daedelus and the Odyssey?"

"They're in Lantian orbit," Elizabeth said. "We were contemplating bringing them back to stock up on supplies and make more rescues, but it's hard to differentiate between Survivors and Infected on our scanners. Ancient life signs detectors work well, but... only from a distance of a mile at the most."

"In other words, we've gotta put people on the ground to find survivors," O'Neill guessed. He felt an elbow nudged his and looked at the pad of paper Ryan had moved closer to him. "It'll take forever," he added to the others before reaidng Ryan's note.

Small population = Smaller number infected. Greater chance of finding other survivors. Group has better chance than individual.

"Still makes me nervous," Sheppard said after O'Neill read the note aloud.

O'Neill shook his head. "If a 16 year-old kid can handle being alone in god damn Reno, you can handle exploring small towns with a squad of soldiers."

"15," Carson corrected. "As of last month."

"You'll have a party for 16," O'Neill said with a grin as he patted Ryan on the shoulder. Then he turned back to the others. "I want contigency plans, both with large numbers of evacuees, and with us being it. I want plans for well organized and supplied, and plans for quick rushes." He paused. "I want both ships at the outer edge of the system ASAP."

"I might be able to get the Asgard or the Tok'ra to help us evacuate people, if we can identify survivors," Daniel said. "And if I can get in contact with that."

"Woolsey's ruling the gate with an iron fist," Sheppard said.

"That changes now," O'Neill said. "I didn't come to stage a coup, but... this is bullshit."

"Why don't you two eat and get some rest?" Elizabeth suggested. "Carson can do your physicals in the morning, and by then everyone will have their reports for you, Jack. We can figure things out from there."

I vote she's in charge, Ryan wrote in tiny letters, showing O'Neill before scribbling over it. O'neill nodded in agreement, then nudged Ryan's side to get the teenager to eat.

The End

I like this 'verse... I like the relationship I've established between o'Neill and Ryan in this 'verse...

Ryan is clever, if traumatized. O'Neill and Weir are taking charge and O'Neill WILL take control from Woolsey. I will explain more about Ryan's background in this universe at some point. He didn't just randomly happen to have access to his medical file when the apocalypse came... I will say now, in this AU, he never met the Cohens.

Oh! I jsut realized i have an excuse to use my "Apocalypse - Zombies" icon! lol
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Kat: Bruiseskatwoman76 on June 19th, 2009 06:15 am (UTC)
Hehe, I still waiting for him to shock them all be speaking for real. ;)
garnigalgarnigal on June 19th, 2009 01:22 pm (UTC)
I like this verse too.

I'm on pins and needles to find more about Ryan's background and to find out what's going to happen next at SG-1.

jujuberry136jujuberry136 on June 19th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)

I love this 'verse. O'Neill and Ryan are too cute for words- and I love that O'Neill's mostly gotten Ryan's various looks down (and clearly he would ignore the "you're a complete idiot" look). Poor McKay, that sounds horrific.

I love a good zombie apocalypse fic and this 'verse just keeps making me happy. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for the update :D Can't wait to see everyone die of shock the first time Ryan speaks :D
fifimom on June 21st, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)
nice to read you again, love the update. thanks.
ocmissocmiss on June 21st, 2009 10:18 am (UTC)
Oh I'm really liking the relationship of O'neil and Ryan, it's cute.
This verse is pretty cool too but why didn't they go or use Atlantis technology to help control the infection ?
Maramissmara on June 21st, 2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
Well, it's suppose to still be early enough that they are trying to keep hope of saving Earth, so they haven't evacuated. And Woolsey ordered the Atlantis command staff back to Earth for meetings regarding the situation.

There was nothing Atlantis technology could do to control the infection, even the city's containment systems didn't seem to recognize the infection and lock down those infected.
dogsbody01 on July 2nd, 2009 12:47 am (UTC)
Great chappy.Will there be another one soon?
scarletamethystscarletamethyst on July 23rd, 2009 01:10 am (UTC)
Very happy to see more from this universe, especially Ryan's interaction with O'Neill. Considering his age, does this mean he was never arrested and sent to juvie?
KLlving_darkness on August 16th, 2009 03:48 am (UTC)
i love the (not)zombies! and i love mute!ryan. and O'Neill, and everyone. I'm sad though that Cam is infected. Make Cameron better, please. I need his quirks. =).
Cant wait to read more about the (non)zombies.