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03 July 2009 @ 12:39 pm
Just added 10 new shows to my DVD Box Set List!  
I splurged at Walmart... paid like $129.45 and got 10 different shows... less really sicne I also bought a couple other things...

Well, ten different season of shows... all first seasons, too... lol...

Bones - Season One
Dark Angel - Season One
Gossip Girl - Season One
Hill Street Blues - Season One
The Magnificent Seven - Season One
St. Elsewhere - Season One
Saving Grace - Season One
The Secret Life Of The American Teenager - Season One
Tru Calling - Season One
The Younger Riders - Season One

Most of them were packaged in sets of two... so like The Magnificent Seven/The Young Riders were packaged together, Tru Calling/Dark Angel, Saving Grace/Bones, Hill Street Blues/St. Elsewhere... and then I grabbed Gossip Girl and The Secret Life, too... HSB and StE are favorites of my mom's, and I like St. Elsewhere (what little I've actually managed to see of it) and she keeps saying she thinks I'd like Hill Street Blues... and then I ADORE The Young Riders (The cast! Stephen Baldwin and Josh Brolin were there from the beginning, Don Franklin joined in Season 2, which I will have to get at some point... lol), and The Magnificent Seven has always looked like it was an interesting show (Again! The Cast! Michael Biehn, Ron Perlman, and Eric Close!)

My mom told me she'd been interested in Savign grace, but missed so much of the early eps she wasn't sure she could get into it now, so gettingt he 1st season of it is perfect... For me the same is true of The Secret Life, it looked interesting, but when it premiered there was something else I was usualy watching and I could never catch it... Everything else is pretty obvious about why I got it... I love Dark Angel and already had Season Two... I adore Eliza Dushku so Tru Calling was too good to pass up... Gossip Girl, must I really say it? And Bones I love and adore...

But yeah... I splurged... lol
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garnigalgarnigal on July 3rd, 2009 07:13 pm (UTC)
Heh. I picked two more episodes and neither of them were from you new purchases.