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08 July 2009 @ 07:42 pm
The joy of rediscovering old favorites...  
So... I added the first seaosn of 'Road To Avonlea' to out Netflix and got the 1st disc today... I sjut finished watching the pilot episode "The Journey Begins" and I had forgotten so many things... like that Hetty was a raging bitch, but still loveable... and Felicity was so stuck up, even as she called Sarah stuck up... and Sarah was kind of annoying, but Sarah Polley, who played her, is absolutely awesome because you still wanna love Sarah and hug her... lol

But Felicity always was and always will be my favporite... I can't wait till I get to all the good Felicity/Gus stuff, because I ADORED them! They are HistoricalEpic!Love! lol

I'm crazy though, because I've got this hilarious mental image of a The OC/OTH historical AU using the plot of Road To Avonlea... Ryan as Gus (the poor vagabond of sorts who's charming, but a bit of a troublemaker), Brooke as Felicity (snotty at times, but still loveable), Marissa as Sarah (stuck up rich girl who doesn't want to be in the simply little village)...

Yeah, told you, crazy... but it's a fleeting idea, because I'm completely deep in my new fic, which probably won't be posted until I finish it due to the way the story is told... lol