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13 July 2009 @ 01:30 pm
You guys may or may not remember...  
But about two and a half weeks ago, I posted a little drama that one of our two remainign cats had gotten out and we couldn't catch her, but then i edited later that night to say we got her back safe. That was on a Thursday.

The Saturday right after that, we went to meet my brother and sister-in-law and Cutenesss The Kid (AKA Liam, my nephew), and when we got back, we couldn't find Boo. She'd gotten out again. We spent two weeks worried and keeping an eye and ear out for her, and except for occasional glimpses, we didn't see it.

Well, this past Saturday, mama and I went to Cheyenne for some shopping, and when we got back we decided to try tricking Boo into coming back because she ahd been lurking around the yard form early that morning until we were getting home (She was sitting on the porch when we pulled in, but ran off!). So, we put our remaining cat, Frosty, in one of the cat carries and opened the doors, hoping that when Frosty cried becauase she hates the carrier, Boo would come check on her.

And it worked! By Saturday evening we had our Boo Brat back, and she is fine, not a mark on her, and we love her but ooh... are we still amde at her for putting us through two weeks of worry! lol Poor thing, though... she'd been crying off and on all Saturday morning and then int he afternoon until we got her inside (and then some mroe once inside), and I think she lost her 'voice'... she started having this really kinda raspy meow, like a frog was in ehr throat or something... it was better Sunday morning, but by afternoon it was raspy again because she keeps crying... makes us sad, but... at least she's home safe...
Got go, lunch break is almsot up...