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19 July 2009 @ 10:37 pm
Brooke Davis Video Primer  
Well, when I posted the first part of Completely (New Ryan/Brooke fic, with added Sam for the family-type goodness! lol), I mentioned wanting to do a video Primer to Brooke. And I decided to go ahead and do it while I had it fresh in my head what clips I wanted to use.

I've grouped them by Season, and after each clip I talk about the clip and WHY I think it defines Brooke. I didn't put them in order because I added them as I found them... It ended up being a lot of Season 1 clips, a couple Season 3 clips (all from 1 ep, actually) and then a lot of Season 6 Clips.

Season One

Would you believe Brooke and Haley turned out to be such good friends that Brooke is godmom of Haley and Nathan's Son? My dear Brooke Davis can be an uber bitch when she feels like the situation calls for it (in this case, I think a big part of her behavior was because Nathan had, until very recently, been dating her Best Friend, Peyton)

These two clips take place the day after the above clip. She regrets her behavior, she wants to make it right.

I love the friendship between Brooke and Mouth. It has endured through a lot of things, including the simple fact that Brooke is the hot popular girl and Mouth is the skinny geeky guy. But they care about eachother and they are still good friends even now. The thing that gets me is, she made an effort to make friends with his friends, while he made an effort to get into the pants of her friends... hmm... telling much?

The blonde woman is Deb, Nathan's mom. Brooke's 'busted' expression and her laugh when Lucas says "Whipped cream and condoms."... I LOVE that laugh of hers. Whenever I write that Brooke 'giggled'? It's that little laugh I'm picturing. She's just so adorable right there!

Brooke's first meeting with Keith. He liked her from the start, I'm sure the coffee helped with that... lol... This was the start of the wonderfulness that was Brooke and Keith's relationship... because Lucas pretty much NEVER referred to keith as 'Uncle Keith', but Brooke pretty much ALWAYS did. I thinks he very much wished he was HER uncle because then someone in her family would care about her.

"Hi... Uncle Keith..." I love this scene because it's another case of "Would you believe...?" Brooke didn't make the best of early impressions on either Keith or Karen, but they both came to adore her and she considers them family.... and I think she was more upset that Keith, who liked her, had caught them and seemed upset than she was about being caught.

Brooke was desperate for some motherly love, and she totally got it from Karen. I think Karen realized in this scene that Brooke was a girl in need of love. It was the start of THEIR amazing relationship, with Karen being like a second, much better, mom to Brooke. Karen was, is, and always will be the mom Brooke deserves.

It turned out she wasn't pregnant, it was just a false alarm, but Brooke's emotion in this scene was just so raw... I know there are some people (::coughleytonfanscough::) that think she never thought she was pregnant and faked it all along, but... I don't buy that. I think Brooke genuinely thought she might be, and I think she might even have been a little upset to find out she wasn't. Yes, I'm willing to admit that she might have been hoping to get Lucas back if there was a baby, but I flat out refuse to believe she faked it to try.

Season Three

Brooke Kicks Ass. Period. This was a deleted scene from 3X16, but it's perfectly Brooke. The episode featured a boy going into the school with a gun and taking several kids hostage. Brooke was the only one of the lead teens that wasn't trapped inside. This is the tough Brooke that I love, the Brooke who defends what she thinks is right and doesn't hold back in telling people off.

These are some of Brooke's aired scenes from that same episode, 3X16. The scene where she goes outside to cry just tears at my heart constantly. And I find it very telling that she didn't even TRY calling her parents, she just called Karen. And the fact that she feels bad about not knowing Glenda. And god... it also includes one of Keith's last scenes. He went inside the school to find lucas, and wound up being shot and killed by his brother, Dan.

Season Six

Brooke kicks ass. Her child was in danger, and she fought like hell to protect her. That's what I love about Brooke, she will fight tooth and nail to protect the people she loves. The moment that still gets me is Sam saying "I need you, Mom" and that being what makes Brooke just knock X out instead of killing him, and then just holding Sam and comforting her. I still, despite Brooke denying it over and over again, think she was probably raped by X the night he robbed her store.

Additional Funny/Interesting Clips

Classic Brooke... who cares if she embarasses someone else, she wants to be able to have a hot, or at least warm, shower and he's using up all the hot! Except... he's not... lol... The funniest part of this is, it was BROOKE he had the dream about, not Peyton...

And as a bonus? A New Brooke Manip!

The base (body, hair, background) is Alexis Bledal in a Gilmore Girls promo image... I think for Season 4 or 5... but I could be wrong.

I may have to post a second one of these at some point because Brooke is beyond awesome and needs the love of her spread around... lol
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