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23 July 2009 @ 01:08 pm
Random Things  
Behind the cut are ramblings, a fake movie poster, a couple of front covers for fanmixes I wanna make... I'm home sick for the day, feeling mostly crappy, but after a morning spent curled on the couch watchiong 'Farscape:The Peacekeeper Wars', and now my 'Worst Of American idol Seasons 1-4', and then probably I'll watch one of the Lethal Weapon movies... I wanted to check my email, put some new songs on my MP3 player (especially since I switched it to 'Low Compression' instead of 'No Compression', so I'll have room for tons more songs), and try not to sleep all day (and therefore not be able to sleep tonight). As muchas I like havign a day to lay around and do nothing, I wanna be better tomorrow so I can go to work... sitting around gets kinda boring...

Anyway, I don't know when/if any of the Mixes will actually get made, but I liked the art so I wanted to share... lol

I got this weird idea ealier... if old shows/Movie franchises (at least a 15 years old or so) were 'rebooted' (like Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek were, like the upcoming V will be...) and put on now, what changes would be made?

21 Jumpstreet:
There'd be a lot more stories that had the male cops walking around shirtless and the female cops in skimpy outfits. Instead of mental hospitals mistreating teenage patients, it would be 'boot camp' schools. At some point, one of the cops would give in an have sex with either a student at a school they were infiltrating, or a long term relationship would start with a now of age former student at a school they infiltrated. There'd be tons more graphic violence, and it would be quite possible, even likely, that at least one character would die violently, on screen, by the end of the first season.

The teenage genuis would probably be kinda punk or 'tough guy' in appearance, rather than wearing long sleeved shirts and with baseball shirts over them. Again, more reasons for the guys to be shirtless and the women in revealing clothes (like their uniforms unzipped partway). There's NO WAY the first season would have as many 'science' and 'ethics' stories, instead it would have action, adventure, violence, and did I mention action? There could very well be someone on board spying for an enemy. There'd probably be an AI with a sexy visual representation. The captain would be young and hot, not mature and gorgeous. The pair of exes would be having sex in closets by halfway through the season. Oh, and they'd probably go with what SQ fans made fanfic canon, that the teenage genuis was abused by his parents and the kindly Captain winds up adopting him. Plus the Captain and the Doctor would be getting it on, only to ahv eone of them tragically die in the season finale.

Anyone have any other older shows that they think could be interesting as a reboot?

I made this yesterday in fits and starts. It's created from 7 seperate elements (Road/Cars, Lurching Guy, Ryan, Brooke's face, Brooke's body, a torn and taped journal background texture, and a biohazard symbol texture). The story in my head is tht there's an outbreak of some sort, and in a desperate bid to keep it contained, the government blows up the bridges leading in and out of the Island of Manahattan, trapping the thousands of people who hadn't yet escaped, died, or been infected. Ryan and brooke are two of the people trapped, and while they previously had never met, they wind up teaming up to survive and find a way off the island.

I made this a while back while considering a The OC/Numb3rs Crossover where Ryan was a witness in a federal case and Don's job was to keep him alive until he could testify. This wasn't even intended to be for that idea until I had the tagline about the witness becoming the victim... lol

I have this one universe I've written like 2 snipepts for where Ryan and brooke are both students at NYU and meet and Brooke is kinda slutty at first, but they become friends... this mix cover came about while brainstorming on that fic...

Ryan/Alex! I don't have much to say about this one... I don't even have a concept behind the mix except... Ryan/Alex!

My idea here is Brooke between seasons 4 and 5, but going AU that Victoria didn't get involved in her life. Brooke is on her own in New York and making her own way and finding her own happiness and heartaches and she's figuring out how to just be 'Brooke', completely independant of her friends and family. I used a stock picture for the park, and brooke is a manip of Sophia Bush's face onto Emmy Rossum's hair and body.

The first of two mix covers using the Ryan/Brooke image I have as my header. This one is more of the sweet romance mix, kinda 'fairytale-ish', pop-ish... lots of Taylor Swift... The coloring is more bright and vibrant on this one... more alive.

The second one with the same art. This is the 'the world keeps fucking with us, so we'll fuck with it right back' kinda mix... Kill Hannah, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin... hey are both very broken people and they decide to be broken together... and maybe get a little bit of revenge on the ones who broke them...

Okay... it took me like three hours to actually write that ebcause I kept going to curl up on the couch again... so I think maybe I should push 'post' and go lay down and enjoy Lethal Weapon...
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chicletinhochicletinho on September 8th, 2009 11:53 pm (UTC)
Nice!! Have you ever got to write the "OC/Numb3rs" witness crossover story? I'd really like to read that one! ;)