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02 August 2009 @ 10:38 pm
I had this GREAT idea wile trying to pick a crossbigbang fic idea, and I LOVE the idea because it's so delisciously AU, but... I don't know how to make it into a crossover... lol...

The basic premise is that Dawn isn't so much an alchoholic junkie as she is mentally unstable. Years ago, one of her boyfriends beat Trey so bad he wound up hospitalized, and when Dawn went to see him she was told he was 'gone', which she took to mean he'd died, and she took off, grabbing Ryan and disappearing by committing a little identity theft (yeah, Dawn's a little smarter as well as being crazy... lol)

Now, Ryan's 15, and Dawn has kept moving them everytime a boyfriends hit Ryan had enough to leave a mark because she's made a "bruise=hospital=them killing my baby" connection and she thinks she's protecting him. This means Ryan has a hell of a lot untreated injuries over the years. Anyway, Ryan knows their lifestyle is fucked up and finally steals some of Dawn's stolen credit cards and runs, heading back to the town they'd been in when trey 'died', because that's the last time he felt like someone not-crazy loved and cared about him.

I don't know how yet, but Ryan discovers that Trey is actually alive and had been a foster kid for a while, then wound up being adopted by his foster parents, the Cohens. Trey's in college now, and he's pretty well adjusted (no bad stealing attempting to rape girls Trey in this one!). This leads to Ryan being taken in by the Cohens, but, ironically, Ryan is the actual criminal brother and Trey is the one suspicious of Ryan's every move, creating some major tension on all fronts.

Ryan thinks Trey never tried to find him...

Trey thinks Ryan may be as unstable as their mother...

Kirsten and Sandy don't know what to think...

I can't think of a way to make it a crossover without pulling it away from the central story of Trey and Ryan trying to find their places in eachother's lives...

It's driving me crazy that I can't figure out a good crossover fic to use for crossbigbang... grrr...
finleefinlee on August 3rd, 2009 09:05 am (UTC)
I've come up with a few suggestions for you: Angel, Buffy or Supernatural!

Angel: Sandy can work for Wolfram and Hart (or whatever the lawfirm's name is). He can head their division that does pro bono work. The lawyers that do the "evil" work don't want to be bothered with this so they have a division for it.

And maybe, for humans that are unaware of evil and monsters - once they enter the building a "spell" is cast making them see everyone as human. If they are aware of monsters and evil - they are not affected.

Ryan could have hooked up with Angel and company. He could have a "gift" where he can sense if someone is evil or a monster/creature. He wants to help because years ago, when he saw Trey being beaten - he saw the boyfriends true form because of his gift (if they are not being "evil" at the moment, he can only sense it).

Now he wants to help Angel and the others so it's like an after school job. Before he came to the Cohen's Ryan did get in trouble with the law. Now maybe he still does but it's related to Angel, the female cop from early in the series can get Ryan out of trouble.

Trey and the Cohen's can worry about Ryan's stability (and be suspicous of his motives) especially since he comes home bruised on occassion so they know he's been getting into fights - they just don't know with whom or what.

Other options:
Buffy: Ryan goes to school with Buffy and becomes one of her group. Again the Trey and the Cohen's are unsure of his motives and suspicous of him - he's always sneaking out and coming home bruised. The training he gets from Niles and company, he finds useful and focuses his energy on something other than dwelling on his past because he's trying to help others.

Supernatural: For whatever reason, the Winchesters are settled in the same town as the Cohens. Sam is Ryan's age and Trey is Dean's age (Dean thinks Trey is a douche and a goodie goodie). With both shows, the ages actually seem to match up great - Sam and Dean can just be younger, age wise. Ryan can be one of the "special" children like Sam but maybe his ability isn't that dramatic - maybe like with Angel - he can sense evil in people.

The Winchesters can help train him and Ryan can help on some easy hunts. The Cohens and Trey don't particulary like that Ryan spends time with them because they are a strange family. People don't know what to make of them - is John abusive, but then why does he get injured too. And the Winchesters always seem to help people out around town.

The Cohen's and Trey put up with Ryan's friendship with the Winchesters because Sam is seen as a good kid and seems to have a positive affect on Ryan. Although part of the "positive affect" is Ryan finding people who know and understand what he saw when Trey was beaten years ago. Oh and Frank could have been killed when Ryan was an infant.
60schic60schic on August 3rd, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
Can't help you with the crossover thing---can it be with any show at all?

But I like your plot bunny and think you should go ahead with it.
ihearttwojacksihearttwojacks on August 3rd, 2009 03:41 pm (UTC)
How much of a crossover does it need to be? I was thinking if ryan showed up and stayed with the cohens he would have to go to school, and the Cohens/school might require him to see the school counselor, because of his situation as being a runaway. Someone else who ran away to California could also be seeing the counselor for required sessions, i.e. Jess Mariano, crazy mother+runaway bonding time!
If it needs to be earlier in the story, you could have characters pop up on Ryan's mad journey with dawn and on his way home. For example, Angel sees a troubled kid in l.a. and wants to help because this kid looks so sad, but Dawn somehow sees him beating down some guy and freaks out and runs; ryan hitchhikes with the Winchesters by hiding out in their trunk, they find him, feed him, but have to leave him when they get a call and don't want to endanger him by taking him along.
I'm not a writer and don't know the requirements of the crossbigbang, so these may be no help at all.
Either way I would love to see this story written, with or without the cross over. It is one of the more original spins on the ryan/trey story i've seen.
jujuberry136jujuberry136 on August 3rd, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Some other crossover suggestions:

Eureka: Ryan's actually the brains behind his mother's credit card schemes, has been his whole life. He gets fed up and runs away, but the FBI catches up to him thinking he's this hardened criminal and they aren't really sure what to do with a 15 year old financial fraud genius. So they pack him off the Eureka, where he lives for a summer (and for all other summer's until his probation is over) while they figure out what to do with him. When the Cohens agree to take him in, they are pretty worried-- all they know is that he's already attracted the attention of the FBI for financial fraud (BONUS: Caleb can have a legitimate excuse to be afraid Ryan's going to steal all their money)

Stargate: After Ryan runs away from his mother, he ends up helping the SG-1 crew with some alien problems. He has to sign a bunch of non-disclosure forms so he's not allowed to talk about what he did in between living with the Cohens and living with his mother. This makes the Cohens (and Trey) really suspicious.

Criminal Minds: Ryan runs away from his mother and is either attacked or witnesses a serial killer's crime. So after he's placed in the Cohen's house, he gets all these calls from the BAU (he's trying to help them, the Cohens think he's constantly being questions by the FBI for criminal activity).

Hope some of these stir the muses :D