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20 August 2009 @ 03:05 pm
A New Art!  
I saved it in both .png and .jpg format because the .jpg cases the red of the text to go slightly blurred or something, but not everyone can see .png files. So. Both formats so everyone can see it, but hopefully most people can see it looking the way I meant it to...

Warning: Minor Ryan/M content. But the picture is from a R/M scene that I'm sure M-Haters remember fondly... lol

I saw a wallpaper for a different fandom that used the 'boxes' fromat (although they didn't fill every box and there were fancy textures) and I decided to give it a shot... and I really like how it turned out, even if I originally intended it to be something different.

I see a story here... It's all mixed up in the art, but... Basically, it's the story of Ryan's angsty, turmultous life... or rather an AU version of it branching off after Season 3. His uncertainty upon first moving in with the Cohens, but they became his home and his family, there for him whenever he neded them, especially Sandy and Kirsten (there's pictures of Ryan getting hugged/comforted by each of them!). He had it good for a while, but then Marissa died and his world fell apart.

He hooked up with Taylor on pretty much a casual sex relationship, and Taylor got pregnant. he thought they could be a family, but the further along Taylor got, the mroe of an ice queen she became, and after baby Lily was born, Taylor admitted she didn't want to be a mom. So Ryan ended up raiosing his baby girl alone. Until he ran into Alex Kelly by chance, and they ended up striking up a friendship, and despite protests of not wanting anything to do with kids, Alex actually kind of falls in love with Lily. And she and Ryan have their moments of clashing, but their good friends, and maybe more.

I really like how this all ended up looking...

The original story I intended it to tell, which is noted by the project file name (TheOC_DaddyRyan_Boxes), was about Ryan and his child and how he went from being an uncertain kid to being an adult who was really happy with his life...

Oh! The two images of the baby and the man holding the baby are Max and Baby Zan from Roswell. They just worked really well for the composition of the art... lol
indigorayneindigorayne on August 20th, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
That looks really cool :D
chrisearchrisear on August 21st, 2009 11:56 am (UTC)
great idea
where is the first picture from where all 3 cohens are looking up and smiling at sth, presumably ryan? is it where ryan and dawn say goodbye?
Maramissmara on August 21st, 2009 03:47 pm (UTC)
I believe so... I know it's from ep 3x25 at least...