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10 September 2009 @ 11:38 pm
I wanna write Southland Apocafic... lol... or apocafic in general... or I wanna read new apocafic from you guys... or something...

I'm thinking of starting a little comment fic comm. The idea is, every week or two, I'd put up a 'theme', and then people post comments to the Theme post with prompts. Anyone who wants to write a comment fic response to a prompt can, even if it's already been answered once (or more times).

Like if the theme was 'Apocalypse', then someone could prompt: 'The OC, Ryan, Supplies' or 'One Tree Hill, Brooke, Zombies', and then anyone who wanted to would write a comment fic (though if it sparked longer fics? YAY!)

People could also go back and respond to old themes if they wanted to.

Would anyone be interested if I started a comm like that? I'd probably, at least to start with, limit the fandoms included (maybe 6-10 fandoms), but add more if they were requested.

Editted because HOW could I forget to change my icon to my wonderful Zombies Icon?