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24 September 2009 @ 02:45 pm
Today sucks.  
My laptop's estimated delivery date was today, but it's not here yet. I know, delivery estimates are jsut that, BUT, the accessories I bought at the SAME TIME arrived the day BEFORE the estimated delivery date, so I was hoping the laptop would arrive before or on. No such luck.

And I really needed the joy of getting it because today SUCKED.

First, I worked an hour later than usual because so many people have called in sick lately. No big deal, I agreed to it yesterday. But as usual, the line was nonstop from 10:30 (when we open) until about 1:45, so guess who was talking almost constantly to customers with NO chance to even get a tiny sip of water? Yup, Me! And then at about 1:15 (a halfhour before I got the chance to get my first sip of liquids in over 3 hours) this woman comes through the line. First, she guts huffy and annoyed because I rang up the next food that was on the counter, which WASN'T hers but the person AFTER hers. But she let that woman go ahead. Then, the woman come sup again, and says she has a panda bowl. I look. She has no panda bowl on the customers side of the counter with her. There's no panda bowl anywhere in sight on the worker side of the counter. So, I assume she got confused and is ordeirng at the register instead of the other end, so I politley say "Oh, you need to order at that end..." and she YELLS at me "I already ordered!" Really now? I have no panda bowls anywhere in sight. I CLEARLY am not the one tkaing the orders for the food. So how the FUCK am I suppose to know she already ordered?! Why the fuck do *I* dfeserve to be yelled at?! My coworker who WAS taking the orders and ishing out the food (one at a time because there were just the two of us up front) looked like she ahd no clue what the lady was talking about. So is said, admittedly raising my voice a bit to be heard over her really "I have no way of knowing that, ma'am, people come and place their orders at this end sometimes." then I tell her that I need to know what specifically she wants in it. My coworker hurriedly makes it.

The thing is, I think one of two things are the truth:
1. She was lying through her teeth and embarassed that she ordered form the wrong end of the line, so she got bitchy with me.
2. She DID order, but she did it while my coworker was in the middle of dishing out someone ELSE'S food, therefor not hearing ehr because she was focusing on the customer she was helping at that moment, and then said nothing when my coworker went to help the person after her.

We had a line of at LEAST 20 people. ONE person was making the food becuase there was NOT enough time between ringing up customers for me to help dish out the food. When I could, I grabbed the stuff like egg rolls, veggie rolls, and rangoons (wontons) because they were right next to the register, but in general? I DID NOT TOUCH THE FOOD until it was all boxed/plated up!

The way it works is simple. YOu go to the far end of the counter from the register. You tell the worker there how many entrees you want. Worker gets appropriate container (bowl for 1 entree/one side, and then either box or plate for the 2 entree/1 side options) and asks you what side you want. Then worker asked what entree(s) you want. Simple. Everyone else can figure it out. But apparently not this lady who couldn't be bothered to speak up and say no one made her food until she was YELLING at ME the person who DOESN'T touch the food!


I don't do well with being yelled at. I had my coworkers asking me if I needed to take a break, but we still had a HUGE line (it had expanded to more like 30 people or mroe by then) and there was still jsut me and the other girl) so it seemed like it would be unfair to her.

Anyway, I had REALLY been hoping to get my laptop today so the day would be less sucky.

Oh well. My luck really does suck just that much.
60schic60schic on September 25th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
Cut yourself some slack. Most people mean no harm but there is always that % of assholes who will make your life miserable. Just imagine them with an albatross around their necks and smile as if you are an idiot and they are the Queen/King of the world. And say "So how much do YOU make an hour to serve idiots all day?"