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02 October 2009 @ 08:05 pm
Musings On Genuis!Ryan  
So... I've made vague mentions in the various Genuis!Ryan stories that there's something 'special' about Ryan...

In The Universe At His Feet (the fanmix that gave an outline of Ryan's travel with The Doctor, Rose, and Jack) I stated that Ryan could "almost feel something coursing through his blood" and felt "like he belongs in a way he never had before". Later, there's a mention of how "the Tardis and that distant crystaline City liked him so much". It talks about how he eventually realized he was meant to be out among the stars, surrounded by them. And at the very end, it mentions how "the moment he set foot on the Tardis, the moment he felt it's soft purr beneath his fingers, he knew he was home".

In The Flying Time Travelling Blue Police Box, the doctor says this about the Ancients: "They were quite insistant on wanting to keep Ryan and Jack, but I told them that they couldn't". Later, about Ryan: "The Tardis likes you, Ryan. Always gives us a smoother ride when you're around" and "Alteran and Timelord technology both like Ryan very much".

Initially, The Doctor's line in Police Box was meant to be a throw away line, just a vague thing said in passing. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn't a throw away line. There is something special about Ryan, he was unique and something... special. The Doctor doesn't entirely understand it, he doesn't know who/what Ryan is, but he does know it's someone/something good. Ryan's not a danger to the universe, he doesn't threaten to unravel it like Jack's existance does. Ryan was not an accident caused by a human girl wqith power trying desperately to save her friend. Ryan is completely natural in existance, he's just... special.

I had this random idea tonight. It's been established in Genuis!Ryan that Alteran and Timelord technology both like Ryan, they work for him, and they work very well.

What if Ryan was capable of controlling the technology? After all, how did AR-5 manage to dial back to Atlantis when they were trapped in the time dialtion field in 5 Surprising Gate Returns Made By AR-5: #4 Slow? It would have taken at LEAST as long for them to dial the gate as it took for them to get from DHD to Gate, and we know it took long enough for Weir to be ready to shut down the gate and dial back in to send a rescue team. So how did they do it?

Cadman said in Slow that their minds were moving at the correct speed, they just couldn't make their bodies move normally. What if, when he realized it was taking too long to dial, Ryan automatically pictured how fast it should be moving, and did that thing that people do when their car starts to stall on them ("Come on, come on...") like a prayer... or an order. He told the gate to move faster, to dial Atlantis, and it did. He doesn't even realize that he did it, but he did.

Now, how could this come in useful? Or dangerous? While watching the 2nd half of Stargate:Universe (missed the first half because of Flashforward), the idea occured to me that in the G!R universe, Atlantis is still/back in Pegasus, not in San Fransisco Bay, and Ryan had been leaving on a mission with the rest of AR-5 not too long after word had reached Atlantis about what happened to the SGU characters. Ryan is thinking about them, maybe he knows Rush or Eli, maybe he knows the Senator and his Daughter from them once visiting Eureka, and as he goes through the gate, he thinks something about wishing he was there to help them. And guess what? When AR-5 arrives on the other side of the gate, Ryan isn't with them. He has disappeared.

And then the gate on the Destiny comes to life and Ryan walks through, mid sentence from the conversation he was having with Cadman as they walked through the gate. He doesn't know how he got there. He doesn't know where the rest of AR-5 is. The military on Destiny are suspicious of him. Maybe the civilians are, too.

Just randomness. I know return to less randomness. Maybe.
jujuberry136jujuberry136 on October 3rd, 2009 04:09 am (UTC)
Huh, interesting thoughts. No clue who Eli or Rush are (I'm not planning on ever watching SG:U) but it seems like you're tying together some cool loose ends in your 'verse :D
indigorayneindigorayne on October 3rd, 2009 02:56 pm (UTC)
Very interesting insights! Of course Ryan is special, just got to get the others to see it. ;)

Love GeniusRyan!