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19 October 2009 @ 10:04 pm
I wanna challenge myself to write a whole bunch of random crossover pairings... trying to avoid any I've already done...

That means no Ryan/Jess, Ryan/Brooke, Ryan/Blair, Jess/Summer... ummm... have I done other crossover pairings? I'm kinda spacing... lol... I'm not counting Ryan/Veronica Mars because I've only done art, not fic... lol

Anyway, out of the shows I've mentioned on this journal, what crossovers couples would YOU like to see me write? Some (Most) would just be random one shots, but... who knows... the Ryan/Jess and the Ryan/Blair were both meant to be one shots and looked what happened? lol...

Who do you guys want me to try out as a couple? Any and all shows I've talked about here are open in this, both het and slash couples...

Oh! I do want to say I reserve the right to defer if a suggested couple squicks me out (Like I flat out refuse, now and forever, to write Ryan Atwood/Rodney McKay as a pairing... just... no... they are bickering brothers/coworkers/teacher and student in my head and anything else is just... bad and wrong... lol), but I doubt I'll have to do that much because in general? I don't squick much... lol... however (and this is an edit, because it occured to me after posting... lol) I will do my best to write any 'squicky' couple as a non-pairing crossover...

And if anyone comments mentioning unfinished fics? I will lock all of the one shots that result from this, so only people on my flist can see them, so... yeah. It happened a second time recently, and it pisses me off. Pressure about old fics pretty much kills my desire to work on said old fics because I'm a stubborn bitch and I don't like being pressured. Just a warning. I don't wanna have to start locking all unfinished fics to avoid that crap, but I will. A while back it was the annoying "POST AGAIN SOON!!!!!!!!!!!! POST AGAIN SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!" commenter, now this? No. Just... no.
KLlving_darkness on October 20th, 2009 11:09 am (UTC)
I'm liking the Jess/Summer thing. very cool. OHH! Nate/Rory. yeeeeah. =).
garnigalgarnigal on October 20th, 2009 01:21 pm (UTC)
How 'bout going back in time with some Ryan/Joey Potter. Though Ryan might be more of a 'save Andi' type guy...

To get back to this century - maybe Ryan in the House 'verse? I'm a big fan of Thirteen, but Ryan and Cuddy might be interesting, because it would be such a stretch.

Oooh! Ryan in the Glee universe! They are just fucked up enough for it to be another Newport! LOL!
60schic60schic on October 20th, 2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
No poking...gotcha!

I'm intrigued by your Ryan/Thirteen suggestion. Never got to see him with Alex so maybe w/ Olivia's alter ego would be interesting.
Kat: Matthew Fox Milk-Mustachekatwoman76 on October 20th, 2009 09:49 pm (UTC)
I would love a Ryan Atwood/Charlie Salinger story.
Not as a slash-pairing, rather as coworkers, friends, study-buddies.
I mean, there are enough similarities between the two. Ryan jobbed in restaurants to get some money - the Salingers own one. Both studied architecture in Berkeley, ... and so on.

Or - again not as a romantic couple - Ryan Atwood/Tom Hanson.
Maybe the McQuaid-brothers are investigating at Chino Hills. Maybe even busting Trey and somehow they find Ryan that way, maybe rescuing him along the way.

You wrote brotherly Ryan/Dean, but what about Ryan Atwood/Sam Winchester? Both are extremely smart, but both have families where perfect test scores/grades, being good at school and the likes only make them the outsider. And both have the looks/physical-fitnss to fit with the jocks just as easily as their brains would let them fit with the geeks. Both play soccer, both are the little brothers... So maybe the Winchesters stay in Chino and the boys bond.
Again, more friendship than love interest.

I don't know if you watch it - but how about Ryan joining the Glee-club? Hey, he DID musicals in Chino. ;)

Hm, sorry I don't have any love-interest pairings to offer, but I tend to be more interested in the guys of my shows and think they would fit together great. And while I don't mind slash, I'm more interested in other relationships for the boys.

dogsbody01 on October 22nd, 2009 12:05 am (UTC)
Are you familiar at all,with "The Secret Life of The American Teen"?Because I think that a Jack/Kaitlin pairing,would be kind of cool.Or a noncouple one,where Amy's little sister Ashley and Kaitlin, are friends or frenemies.Nor,would I be adverse to you pairing Ryan with Amy,Adrianne or Lauryn.Perhaps a crossover AU,where the Cohens' plus one, are Ricky's foster family.
There just some brainfarts,I now have.Since I can now, either thank or blame,my best friend's eleven year old daughter,for buying S1 of "The Secret Life" and getting both her mother,her big sister, big sister's BFF and me addicted to it.
Although,I've just had an idea,rather two of them.Perhaps pairing Ryan with Abby(NCIS) or Claudia(Party of Five)?
Wait,I've just had another.A crossover, with The O.C. and Terminator:The Sarah Conner Chornicles.Where instead, of living with the Cohen's Ryan, went to live with his Aunt Sarah and her teenage son John;and became involved with preempting the machines.With maybe,appearances in it, from Sandy,Seth,Summer and perhaps Lindsey.
They're just ideas.I hope, that there's something there,you can use.Thanks for looking them over.