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26 October 2009 @ 09:24 pm
FIC: Beautiful World (The OC/Gossip Girl)  
I've been waiting to write it... now I have. It's a universe where Ryan Atwood is the long ago given up for adoption son of Lily Van Der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey. I'm playing with the timeline a bit, since Ryan is only, at most, 2 years older than Dan and Serena and the rest. More likely just a little more than a year older. Lily married Keith Van Der Woodsen (Serena and Eric's dad) at her mother's urging not long after giving Ryan up, and a broken hearted Rufus married Allison (Dan and Jenny's mother) soon after to try and mend said broken heart.

I kinda jump into the middle, though. Ryan's met Rufus and Lily, and he's met Dan, Serena, Eric, and Jenny. Someday I'll go back and write how those meetings went. But for now, I'm jumping into the first Upper East Side party. I can tell you now, it goes about as well as Ryan's first couple of Newport Parties.

Be prepared for a bit of a shocker at one point... ::evil laugh::

I kidna switch POV part way through... lol... it just needed to suddenly be in the different POV.

Two quick warnings:
Minor kinda spoilers for tonight's ep. Nothing specific, more if you watched the ep you'll see the reference, but if you didn't? you probably won't... still wanted to warn, though...

Also? ...it's kinda slashy.

"You look very handsome," Lily said as the elevator dinged and Ryan stepped out wearing the suit she'd sent over to his hotel for him.

"I was just getting used to not wearing suits," Ryan replied with a half smile.

"Well, if you intend to stick around, like you said you did, then you should get use to them again," Lily instructed, straightening Ryan's tie.

"Looking good, blonde brother," Jenny teased as she walked out.

"Not bad yourself, smallest sister," Ryan replied.

"They're gonna eat you alive, though," Jenny advised.

"Jenny!" Lily scolded.

"Can't be as scary as the Newpsies back in Newport Beach," Ryan said. "I don't think either Rufus or Lily would say your old enough to know about the offers I got."

"I've heard more than enough," Lily said, fleeing the room to check on Serena.

Ryan chuckled as Jenny walked over and gave him a high five.

"Very good," Jenny said. "But I wanna know about these offers."

"Private entertainment in locker rooms," Ryan said simply. "I was 15 they were at least 30 and way too botoxed even if I was desperate."

"Botox is so bourgeoisie," Eric said as he came out, nodding to himself as he saw that he and Ryan's suits matched. The elevator dinger again and he nodded again as Dan arrived, wearing another matching suit. "But apparently matching outfits isn't," he said. "Mom send that over?"

"Yeah," Dan said.

"Please god don't let Serena's dress match mine," Jenny muttered.

"Only in color," Serena said as she walked out. "Which also matches her dress color, and the guys' ties," she added. "I'm thinking she wants to create a solid 'we are one big happy family' image.

"Could be worse," Ryan said.

"Yeah," Dan said. "How?" he added after a moment.

"I don't know, but I'm sure it could," Ryan said.

"It just got worse," Jenny said, gesturing as Rufus came out, his suit also matching the boys'.

"Not my idea, guys," he said to the kids. "I swear. My idea would be skip this thing and go get pizza."

"Maybe after?" Ryan suggested, only half joking.

"I would kill for a meat feast," Jenny agreed.

"Hawaiian," Serena said.

"Please god no," Ryan said, tensing for a moment, then forcing himself to relax and hoping no one noticed.

"Alright, everyone ready?" Lily asked as she returned.

"Let's go," Jenny said. "So we can leave again," she added under her breath.

"Don't mind Jenny's personality transplant once we get there," Eric said, a twinge of bitterness in his voice. "She's the Queen of Constance Billiard, and she has to play the part in public."


"You took Blair's place perfectly," Eric said.

"I don't think I wanna know," Ryan said. "And I refuse to take sides," he added.


"Who's party is this, anyway?" Ryan asked after they'd arrived.

"Our..." Eric began, then stopped. "I don't know if he'd still be considered our stepbrother," he finally continued. "Mom was married to Barrt Bass for a couple months before he died. So for a while, Chuck was our stepbrother. He's still sort of family."

"Chuck Bass?" Ryan asked, a chill going down his spine as he realized this really was the last place he wanted to be.

"Yeah, you've heard of him?"

"You could say that," Ryan said as he caught sight of Chuck, who seemed to sense the gaze and turned, raising a surprised eyebrow then twisting the corner of his mouth up into a smile and starting over.

"There he is," Eric said. "Chuck, this is..."

"Ryan Atwood," Chuck replied. "The question is, what are you doing here? I thought you were quiet comfortable in Newport?"

"And I thought for a while that you were actually a human being," Ryan replied, though he said it with a chuckle and a small smile.

"Wait, you guys know eachother?" Eric asked as the rest of the Van Der Woodsen-Humphrey family came over.

"How?" Dan asked. "Cause I'm doubting same social circles."

"My father was friend's with Ryan's foster mother's father," Chuck said. "How do you know him?" he added.

"Ryan's the new found shared sibling," Serena explained. "You seriously know eachother?" she added.

"Where was it we met?" Chuck said. "The yacht club after that botoxed monstrosity and her husband tried to convince you to have a locker room threesome?"

"Yeah, I was trying to avoid corrupting my newfound younger sibligns with that news," Ryan said. "Plus, you know, my newfound parents."

"Wait, seriously?" Jenny asked. "You jsut said locker room hook ups!"

"Offers of!" Ryan corrected sharply, a blush creeping up hgis neck and face as he saw the horrified look on Lily's face. "And I refused every time!"

"Well, not..." Chuck began, only to have Ryan's hand snap up to cover his mouth.

"Say it and regret it," Ryan warned.

Chuck smirked, taking advantage of the position to lightly place a kiss on the palm of Ryan's hand. He saw the flash of surprise in Ryan's eyes, but didn't see any anger or annoyance, at least not anymore than there had been before the kiss. "Why would I do that?" he asked as he stepped back, still smirking.

"Because you're a masochist?" Dan suggested. "Or a sadist."

"Sadomasochist," Ryan agreed. "Loves messing with people, but can't help loving when they mess with him right back."

"Well, 'messing with' is not the word I'd use to describe it," Chuck said. "It really was a pleasure seeing you again, Ryan. But I must attend to my other guests," he said with a nod to the Van Der Woodsen-Humphreys and another smirk for Ryan.

"What was that all about?" Rufus asked.

"Long story," Ryan replied, watching Chuck walk away.


"You're an asshole, Bass," Ryan said later, when the other man interrupted him while he was hiding in the bathroom.

"You've always known that," Chuck replied, walking over and placing his hand on Ryan's hip. "Didn't stop you before."

"You're a complete slut, too," Ryan added, even as Chuck slowly pushed him towards one of the spacious stalls.

"You've always known that, too," Chuck said closing the door of the stall and pressing his lips to Ryan's, even as he slid his hands under the jacket and tugged Ryan's shirt out of his pants so he could get at skin.

"I'm sure that girl, Blair, that Serena mentioned you dating would love this," Ryan said sarcastically when Chuck temporarily broke the kiss.

"Blair reignited my thoughts of you by manipulating me into kissing a man so she could get what she wanted," Chuck said. "And I'm sure she's dying to find out who the other man I've kissed is. It could all work out quite well." He smirked, fingers slowly moving over the bumps of Ryan's spine. "You could get a good threesome," he added.

Ryan couldn't help laughing, then leaning in to continue the kiss. Chuck was good for a little no strings hook up, that was for damn sure.

The End...?

I hope my voices for the Gossip Girl characters weren't horribly far off... especially Chuck's voice... lol... I was watching tonight's ep and sorta got inspired... especially in the 'previously' section when I was reminded of Chuck's line about having kissed guys before... lol

Oh! Before I forget! Title comes from the song 'Beautiful World' by Coldplay. Somehow, it just seemed to fit a bit.

I need a Chuck icon.
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Now you'll never be king.: You coy bastardxoxrelientkxox on October 27th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Um. I think I love this.

I've always wanted to read a Gossip Girl/OC crossover!

It was awesome and yes I think your Chuck was spot on. I also liked your Ryan. Hopefully there will be more between these 2 in the future y/y?

Anyways, great job!
jujuberry136jujuberry136 on October 28th, 2009 12:00 am (UTC)
Love all the teasing about the locker room in Newport ;)

Thanks for sharing!