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29 October 2009 @ 02:21 pm
Just watched the Nicholas Cage movie 'Knowing'. My review in summary?

2 Hour Logic Fail.

I like Cage as an actor. I like MOST of his movies. But this one... it had some interesting moments, and some great ideas behind it. But it seemed like they made 4 movies with the same actors, then editted them together. Or as my mom put it, it felt like they took a really long novel, made a movie of it, but cut out the portions that made everything make sense...

We're big fans of this kinda movie, we usually love this type despite minor flaws. But this goes far beyond minor flaws.

It's a 2 Hour Logic Fail!

And WTF was with the music choices? A frickin' waltz while he drove through crowds of rioting people?! If it had been a quiet sad tune, it would have worked. But there was a little too much energy to it for the scene. If it had been an angry tune, it would have worked. But it was a little to soft and cheerful. It pulled us from the scene and had us making snarky comments! On the special features, while talking about the rioting scene, there was a GREAT tense and jarring (in the right way) piece of music playing in the background. Why not hsave that in the movie?!

My mom and I NEVER talk over movies, even in our own home, to make snarky comments! We may talk about specific ideas brought up while the movie is still on, but snark is saved for after it's over. We wait to bitch until we see if it makes sense later. But this was such a collasal Logic Fail that we snarked through the whole second half.

I'm really glad we got it through Netflix, so it come sout to only paying probably less than a buck for it. I think i wpould ahve been kinda pissed if I'd spent more to see this.
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