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01 November 2009 @ 09:02 am
Posting from the desktop because... my laptop is acting up.

Late last night (like 1am, so technically this morning) the laptop froze. after a lot of freaking out, i got it shut down, then restarted to make sure it was okay. It started freezing almsot right away, and I shut down again. This morning, I started it up and it said it hadn't shut down properly, so I hit restart. Well, over an hour later, closing in on an hour and a half, it's still in the 'shutting down' part of restarting.

If I don't get it working correctly by tonight, then tomorrow after work I'll get in touch with Dell, since I have the warranty that covers accidental damage as well as regular stuff, so I should be covered.I'll find out what I need to do...

The worst part is? I had 540 words of NaNo written already and I was sure I could actually get it down this year, but since the desktop will randomly shut down on us sometimes, I can't reliably write on it... So unless it starts working, there goes NaNo for this year.

Update: Laptop still funky, but I got in using safe mode with network connections, so I was able to transfer my NaNo writing into a draft file in hotmail, and I have access to it on the desktop. So all is not lsot in terms of NaNo, but... withouth the laptop working properly? I kinda doubt I'll be able to do NaNo. The story is NOT gonna die though. I'm determined to get it written.

I did a system restore, and that helped, but when I went to do something relatively minor, it froze one me, so... I'll try again later, see if I can figure out what to do. If I've gotta get Dell to fix it, I will, but... here's hoping I won't.